(Robert Morgan is one of my 13 x great grandfathers)

I have aimed to show line breaks, spelling, punctuation and capitals as in the register copy. [ ] show additions – mostly to show modern place name spellings or modern terminology, also to show omitted letters. { } indicates superscript.

The Will

In the name of god Amen the xvth daye of Julye in the yeare of our Lord god
a thousand fyve hundrethe threescore and seven and in the Nynthe yere of the raynge of our soveraynge lady
Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of England France and Irelond Defendor of thfayth &c I Roberte
Morgayne of Map[er]ton in the Counti of Dors[et] esquier sicke in boddy and p[er]fecte in Mynde prayse be gyve[n]
unto all mghtie god make my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge That ys to saye Fyrst I gyve
and bequethe my soule unto all myghtie god my body to be buryed in the p[ar]ishe churche withe in wch p[ar]ishe
it shall please god to take me unto his mercy Also I gyve and bequethe unto every of my dawghters Anne
Morgan Elizabethe Morgan Margery Morgan and Phillipe Morgan one hundrethe poundes a pece of
good and laufull monny of England And yf they or any one or moe of them do refuse to be ordered and ruled
in her or ther maryage by thadvise of her or ther frendes that ys to saye by Mary my wyfe their mother
and Edward Morgan my brother and ther unkell or by the survivor of them or ther Assignes Or yf it hapen
any one or moe of my said Dawghters to dye before she or they come to thage of xxiti yeres Then I will that the
said some or somes so to her or them gyven that shall refuse to be ruler in ther Mariage or shall happen
to dye before her or ther full age of xxiti yeres shalbe Equally Devided amonge the residew of my Dawghtes
then Lyvinge or survivinge and whiche shalbe ruled and Ordred in ther Mariage as is aforesaid And I
will and Devise that Mary my wyfe shall yerly and from time to time receve p[er]ceve and take therly rentes and revenus
issues and Profyttes rysinge cominnge and growinge of all my landes and Ten[emen]tes in Wantishley and in the Mannor
of Brodewynsor [Broadwindsor] in the said Countie of Dors and of all my farme and Demayne landes and customarie
landes and ten[emen]tes of myne in the Manor of Map[er]ton and of all my landes and tentes in Nethersturtell [Lower Sturthill, in Shipton Gorge parish]
and of all my landes and ten[emen]tes in Netherbury Athlington [Allington] and Uploder[s] in the saide Countie of Dors
And of the Moitie of my Manor of Wytherstone in the said countie of dors wch I have leased unto
my Brother ^ {Edward} Morgan for the terme of Fowrescore and Nytene yeres for that purpos and Other
Consideracons in the said devise mencioned untell the some of Sixe hundred poundes be therof levied and
Taken That is to saye fowre hundred poundes For the satisfaction of my said dawghters For ther
porcions and Other two hundrethe poundes towrades the payment of my debtes and other legaces
And also after the sume of Sixe hundred poundes be levyed of the landes and Ten[emen]tes aforesaid I will and Devise by this
my last will and Testament to Christofer Morgan my sonne all my Mes[uag]es landes tene[men]tes rentes rev[er]sions s[er]vices
and hereditamentes with thapp[ur]tenances what so ever they be sett lyinge and beinge in Wantishley [1] & brodwinsor
aforesaid To have and to hould the aid Mes[uag]es landes ten[emen]tes rentes, revrsions s[er]vices and hereditamentes withe
thappertenances in Waintesley and Winsor aforesaid unto the said Christofer Morgan and to his assignes For
terme of his naturall lyffe And yf it happen my sonne John Morgan and heir apparant or any other
p[er]son or p[er]sons who shall be my heires Do any acte or actes thing or thinges whatsoever wherby my said
ferme Demayne landes and Copihould landes or ten[emen]tes in Map[er]ton Nethersturtell Netherbury Ablington [Allington]
and Uplodre aforesaid shall not or may not remayne and be to the p[er]foremances of my last Will and
Testament in Mann[er] and forme aforesaid Or yf it happen my said sonne John or any other p[er]sone
or p[er]sons who shalbe my heires Do troble or Disquiet my sonne George or his Assigne or assignes of
their occupacon of the stite and Demayne landes of the Manor of Cumbarton [Comberton] in the Countie of Worcestor
or of any p[ar]te or p[ar]cell therof For terme of Threscore and tenne yeres after the Deathe of me and
Marye my wyfe yf it happen the said George so longe to lyve accordinge to the true intent and mening
of a lease ^ {therof} made by me and my said wyfe to the sayde George my sonne Or yf it shall happen my said sonne
John or any p[er]son or p[er]sons who shall herafter be my heires to do any acte or actes thinge or thinges
wherby or by occasion wherof Nicholas Rose [2] or George Sidenham [3] gentt or the survivors of them
or thexecutors administrators or assignes of the survivors of them shall not or may not p[er]ceive
receve and have therly p[ro]fittes comodities and Occupacons of my Mansion ferme house and
Demay[n]es of South Map[er]ton in the said Countie of Dors and of one watermyll called mythe
myll [4] and of one dowehouse and Other houses edifices Buildinges landes medowes fedinges pastuers
com[m]ons and heredytamemtes whiche ar now belonginge to the said Mansion and farme howse
of Sowthe Map[er]ton aforesaid For suche terme and estat as I have made to them alredy
Or yf it happen my said sonne John or any Other p[er]son or p[er]sons who shalbe my heires to Molest
or Dissquiet my said Wyfe of her Quite possesion or occupacion of all the landes ten[emen]tes whiche
I have or shall assuer appoynte lymyte or assigne to her for her Joynture or Other pr[e]ferme[n]t
or any p[ar]te or p[ar]cell therof Then I Will and Devise that my said Landes ten[emen]tes and
Hereditamentes in wantishley aforesaid after the sev[er]all estates therin before by this my p[re]sent laste will and
Testament appoynted shalbe and remayne to my thirde sonne George and to his heires For ever And also I will
that yf my said sonne John or any other p[er]son or p[er]sonns whiche shall happen to be my heyres do not p[er]mitte and suffer
all my said Landes tene[men]tes and heredyta[me]ntes to remayne and be to suche p[er]sone and p[er]sonnes for suche estate and estates
as ys aforesaid That then my sonne John nor any other p[er]sone or p[er]sonnes that shalbe my heires shall not have
or clayme any legacy or gyfte by reson color or vertue of this my last wyll and Testament Also I will and devise
to my saide wyffe my lease and interest for yeres it to come in the p[ar]sonage of Southe Map[er]ton aforesaid and towardes
the bringinge uppe of my Children I gyve and bequethe to my said wyffe all my goodes and Cattelles Moveable
and unmoveable whatsoever they be Except and alwayes res[er]ved to my heires all my plate table bordes formes
stoles cowbordes bedstedes and all the vessell belonginge to the bruhouse the Iron bares rackes and the hokes of
the kitchin and all suche Iron stuffe as belongethe to pottes & pannes & halfe suche pottes & panes to the said
to the said kytchin belonginge whiche I will shall remayne forever as heire lomes to my heires yf he they
and every of them Do well and trulye permytte and suffer the true intent and meaninge of me mensioned in
this my laste will and Testamente to take effecte accordinge to the same Also I gyve and bequethe unto Mary
my wyffe the vicaridge of Porestocke [Powerstock] wtall emolumentes comodyties tythes duties oblacons obvencions [5] and
other Com[m]odities whatsoev[er] to the same vicaredge in my wyfe belonginge duringe the terme of Syxe yeres
fullye to be complete & ended And also I gyve and bequethe in this my laste wyll and testament all
my land of wantishley in the Manor of Brodewynsor unto Christofer and Willm my sonnes Joyntely and
severally Duringe ther naturall lyves so that nether of them sell or make it away and yf they so do then
I will that yt remayne unto my heyre And the residew of all my goodes not it bequethed I gyve & bequethe
to Mary my said wyfe whome I make my sole Executrix of this my last will & testament. And I make my
Overseers of the same Thomas Morton Christofer Cheverell esquiers & thaforesaid Edward Morgan gent
My Brother whome I desire for the love of Christ to see this my last will & Testament obs[er]ved
and p[er]formed Thes beinge witnesses Mr John Crokhorne John Crokhorne Junior Hambridge / Thomas
Rainsford / John Game Thomas herne / Edward Symes / John Rop[er] / Robert Morgan . ./

The Probate Statement

Probatum fuit suprascriptum test[ament]um Coram Mag[ist]ro Waltero Haddon Legum doctore Curie Prerogat[ive]
Cant[uariensis] custo[di]s sive Comissario Apud London vicessimo Quinto Septembris Anno Domi Millimo Quingestesimo
Sexagesimo septimo ./: Juramento Mag[ist]ro Johannis Clarke No[ta]rii Publici Procuratoris Marie Relic[te] et
Execut[rici] Cui Comissa fuit Adminstrac[i]o omni[um] et singulor[um] bonor[um] juriu[m] et Creditor[um] / De bene et c
Necnon de plano et vero Comp[u]to reddend Ad sancta Dei Evangelia Jurate

Translation of the Probate Statement

[The above written will was proved before Master Walter Haddon Doctor of Laws Keeper
or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at London on the twenty fifth of September in the year of Our Lord one thousand five hundred
and sixty seven ./. by the oath of Master John Clark Public Notary procurator for Mary Relict and
Executrix To whom was committed administration of all and singuler the goods rights and credits ./. Well etc.
And indeed to render a plain and true account, having been sworn on God’s Holy Gospels]


[1] Wantishley, Waintesley – described near the end of the will as in the Manor of Broadwindsor, I have yet to work out just where

[2] probably his wife’s half brother

[3] his son Christopher was to marry Anne Bampfield in the 1580s; Ann was the daughter of Elizabeth Sidnam (or Sidenham); this reference to a George Sidenham suggests an earlier contact between the two families. It is possibly from the marriage of Robert’s mother-in-law Agnes’s sister Dorothy to a John Sidenham. At present I know little about them, but could George be a son of theirs and so a 1st cousin by marriage of Robert?

[4] Mythe Hill is in the South West corner of Mapperton parish; presumably the mill was somewhere in this area.

[5] This seems to be the money that should have gone to the church, siphoned off by the corrupt system whereby people who ‘owned’ the living (advowson), i.e. the right to choose who was appointed Vicar or Rector, took it! I’m not sure if the 6 terms used all refer to different things or there is some overlap, maybe to ensure that nothing was omitted (which could have led to a dispute afterwards).

  • Emoluments – ‘Profit or gain arising from station, office, or employment; dues; reward’ (from OED)
  • Comodyties [commodities] – probably in sense 2c in the OED, ‘Advantage, benefit, profit, interest’ (OED)
  • Tythes [tithes]
  • Duties – payment for the services of the church (OED, meaning 3b)
  • Oblacons [oblations] – money, goods etc. given to the church, though I can’t think people would be freely giving to the church only for the money to pass straight to gentry, so I guess this must be money in some way due, as were tithes; possibly from past gifts before the advowson passed to private hands (see OED)
  • Obvencions [obventions] – ‘An incoming fee or revenue, esp. one of an occasional or incidental character’ (from OED)

TNA ref: PROB 11/49/271


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