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What's New (past 60 days)

Date of Last GEDCOM Import: 29 Aug 2023 16:40:05

Recently researched

Additions / changes to my tree and photos and other media attached to it are shown below. See comments (posts) on my recent research here.

About this page:

n.b. Only the most recent 150 items in each category are shown, if more than 150 have been added / changed in the past 60 days.

In time this should more accurately show what is genuinely new to this site.

At present the usefulness of this page is reduced at times by the amount of tidying up I am doing - e.g.

if I change place names to a consistent format (county, not showing

England etc.) a person will show on this page the same as if they were

totally new to my tree. Similarly if I change the description, even

slightly, e.g. to correct punctuation, that accompanies a photo, that photo will appear here as new!