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Slapton, Devon, England


Small location : Latitude: 50.293212041300805, Longitude: -3.655925989151001


Wills (transcripts)
The will of John Kellond (1747 - 1829)
The will of John Kellond (1747 - 1829)
(the will of this 5 x gt grandfather of mine)
The will of Robert Kellond (c. 1796 - 1863)
The will of Robert Kellond (c. 1796 - 1863)
(a 4 x great grandfather of mine)
A very routine will in terms of the contents of bequests - no interesting details, but interesting in terms of bequests to daughters, but asks rather than answers questions - especially why did he omit Hannah?


Matches 1 to 144 of 144

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1777Slapton, Devon, England I10100
2 BAKER, James  Abt 1753Slapton, Devon, England I48
3 BELLETT, Dorothy  Abt 1774Slapton, Devon, England I1412
4 BELLETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Slapton, Devon, England I1411
5 BELLETT, Grace  1751Slapton, Devon, England I31
6 BELLETT, Hugh  Abt 1748Slapton, Devon, England I1409
7 BELLETT, Thomas  Abt 1745Slapton, Devon, England I1408
8 BURGIN, Dorothy  Abt 1716Slapton, Devon, England I90
9 BURGOYNE, Frank  Abt 1888Slapton, Devon, England I9993
10 BURGOYNE, Ida Mary  Abt 1882Slapton, Devon, England I9991
11 BURGOYNE, Mary  Abt 1880Slapton, Devon, England I12115
12 BURGOYNE, William Henry  Jun Q 1881Slapton, Devon, England I9990
13 CAWSE, George  Mar Q 1844Slapton, Devon, England I5173
14 CAWSE, James  Mar Q 1847Slapton, Devon, England I5174
15 CAWSE, John  Abt 1836Slapton, Devon, England I5169
16 CAWSE, Richard  Abt 1834Slapton, Devon, England I5168
17 CAWSE, Richard Henry  Sep Q 1857Slapton, Devon, England I5177
18 CAWSE, Robert Hiram  Jun Q 1851Slapton, Devon, England I5176
19 CAWSE, Rosa Anna  Dec Q 1840Slapton, Devon, England I5171
20 CAWSE, Susan  Jun Q 1848Slapton, Devon, England I5175
21 CAWSE, Thomas  Dec Q 1838Slapton, Devon, England I5170
22 CAWSE, William  Abt 1830Slapton, Devon, England I5167
23 CAWSE, William  Dec Q 1842Slapton, Devon, England I5172
24 CHAMPERNOUN, Catherine  Abt 1689Slapton, Devon, England I16045
25 CHAMPERNOUN, John  Abt 1660Slapton, Devon, England I16047
26 CHAMPERNOUN, Michaell  9 Aug 1658Slapton, Devon, England I17006
27 COLE, Elizabeth  Abt 1812Slapton, Devon, England I16449
28 EDWARDS, Richard  Between 1776 and 1778Slapton, Devon, England I5234
29 ELLIOT, Sarah ("Sally")  Abt 1785Slapton, Devon, England I16165
30 FOGWILL, Alan Kellond  Abt 1851Slapton, Devon, England I4702
31 FOGWILL, Albert William  Abt 1846Slapton, Devon, England I4700
32 FOGWILL, Anna Maria  Dec Q 1858Slapton, Devon, England I9519
33 FOGWILL, Edward  Abt 1801Slapton, Devon, England I4693
34 FOGWILL, Edward  1835Slapton, Devon, England I4697
35 FOGWILL, Edward  Abt 1853Slapton, Devon, England I4703
36 FOGWILL, Eliza  Abt 1837Slapton, Devon, England I4698
37 FOGWILL, Elizabeth  Dec Q 1860Slapton, Devon, England I9520
38 FOGWILL, Ellen  Abt 1845Slapton, Devon, England I5228
39 FOGWILL, George  1785Slapton, Devon, England I5230
40 FOGWILL, Grace  1848Slapton, Devon, England I5229
41 FOGWILL, Hannah Maria  Abt 1848Slapton, Devon, England I4701
42 FOGWILL, Hannah Theresa  Dec Q 1857Slapton, Devon, England I4705
43 FOGWILL, Hiram Kellond  Dec Q 1859Slapton, Devon, England I4706
44 FOGWILL, James Lewis  Dec Q 1864Slapton, Devon, England I4708
45 FOGWILL, Joanna  Abt 1816Slapton, Devon, England I5223
46 FOGWILL, John Kellond  22 Jun 1855Slapton, Devon, England I4704
47 FOGWILL, Maria  1798Slapton, Devon, England I1313
48 FOGWILL, Maria  1819Slapton, Devon, England I5225
49 FOGWILL, Maria  1840Slapton, Devon, England I4699
50 FOGWILL, Mary  1827Slapton, Devon, England I5227
51 FOGWILL, Mary Ann  1792Slapton, Devon, England I5224
52 FOGWILL, Mary Grace  Abt 1824Slapton, Devon, England I5226
53 FOGWILL, Mary Grace  Sep Q 1857Slapton, Devon, England I5164
54 FOGWILL, Richard  1789Slapton, Devon, England I1273
55 FOGWILL, Richard  1843Slapton, Devon, England I5231
56 FOGWILL, Richard  Jun Q 1865Slapton, Devon, England I9521
57 FOGWILL, Richard Edwards  Abt 1802Slapton, Devon, England I5236
58 FOGWILL, Richard Henry  Sep Q 1862Slapton, Devon, England I4707
59 FOGWILL, Sarah  1825Slapton, Devon, England I5232
60 FOGWILL, Sarah  Abt 1829Slapton, Devon, England I4695
61 FOGWILL, Susan  Abt 1829Slapton, Devon, England I5162
62 FOGWILL, Susan  Abt 1832Slapton, Devon, England I4696
63 FOGWILL, William  Abt 1823Slapton, Devon, England I4692
64 GOODYEAR, William  Abt 1811Slapton, Devon, England I16220
65 GRIDGER, Sarah  Abt 1803Slapton, Devon, England I4741
66 HARRIES, Benedict  1621Slapton, Devon, England I27495
67 HARRIES, Honour  2 Sep 1660Slapton, Devon, England I27490
68 HARRIES, Joane  25 Jan 1654/55Slapton, Devon, England I27497
69 HEWITT, Clara Louisa  25 Sep 1910Slapton, Devon, England I25480
70 HINGSTON, Jane  Abt 1800Slapton, Devon, England I11951
71 HODGE, William  Abt 1783Slapton, Devon, England I241
72 HYNE, Joan  Est 1697Slapton, Devon, England I1702
73 ISSELL, Nicholas Tucker  Mar Q 1843Slapton, Devon, England I731
74 ISSELL, Robert Albert  Dec Q 1849Slapton, Devon, England I733
75 ISSELL, Thomas  Jun Q 1845Slapton, Devon, England I732
76 JARVIS, Catherine Issell  Jun Q 1856Slapton, Devon, England I5775
77 KELLOND, Alan Orlando  1835Slapton, Devon, England I1217
78 KELLOND, Albert Javan  1840Slapton, Devon, England I1219
79 KELLOND, John  1716Slapton, Devon, England I34
80 KELLOND, John  Abt 1746Slapton, Devon, England I32
81 KELLOND, Melinda  1837Slapton, Devon, England I1218
82 KELLOND, Robert  1796Slapton, Devon, England I12
83 KELLOND, Robert  1822Slapton, Devon, England I1213
84 KELLOND, Sarah Theresa  Abt 1833Slapton, Devon, England I1184
85 KELLOND, Tryphena  1823Slapton, Devon, England I10
86 KELLOND, William  7 May 1806Slapton, Devon, England I1685
87 LAMBERT, John  Mar Q 1863Slapton, Devon, England I30612
88 LAVERS, John  Abt 1724Slapton, Devon, England I50
89 LAVERS, Richard  Abt 1686Slapton, Devon, England I12629
90 MORTIMORE, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1658/59Slapton, Devon, England I16048
91 MORTIMORE, John  23 Sep 1654Slapton, Devon, England I16051
92 NICHOALS, Aeneas  1794Slapton, Devon, England I1304
93 NICHOALS, Anna  1811Slapton, Devon, England I1305
94 NICHOALS, Anna  Abt 1832Slapton, Devon, England I1295
95 NICHOALS, Benjamin  1837Slapton, Devon, England I1333
96 NICHOALS, Dennis  1840Slapton, Devon, England I1334
97 NICHOALS, Elizabeth Foale  1826Slapton, Devon, England I1310
98 NICHOALS, Henry  1819Slapton, Devon, England I1325
99 NICHOALS, Henry Edwards  1802Slapton, Devon, England I1293
100 NICHOALS, James  1837Slapton, Devon, England I1312
101 NICHOALS, John  Abt 1843Slapton, Devon, England I4746
102 NICHOALS, Jubal Richard  1827Slapton, Devon, England I1335
103 NICHOALS, Ketura  1824Slapton, Devon, England I1336
104 NICHOALS, Lavinia Betsey  1818Slapton, Devon, England I1337
105 NICHOALS, Lydia  1838Slapton, Devon, England I1298
106 NICHOALS, William Henry  1828Slapton, Devon, England I2006
107 NORRIS, Mary Jane  Abt 1840Slapton, Devon, England I8387
108 PEPPERALL, Betsy  Aug 1847Slapton, Devon, England I864
109 PEPPERELL, Edith Esther  Sep Q 1867Slapton, Devon, England I4748
110 PEPPERELL, Elizabeth Watts  4 Dec 1844Slapton, Devon, England I4747
111 PEPPERELL, Emily  Abt 1834Slapton, Devon, England I10007
112 PEPPERELL, John  Abt 1840Slapton, Devon, England I16462
113 PEPPERELL, John  Abt 1845Slapton, Devon, England I10013
114 PEPPERELL, Lydia  Abt 1764Slapton, Devon, England I13
115 PEPPERELL, Mary Caroline  Sep Q 1841Slapton, Devon, England I9080
116 PEPPERELL, Philip  1796Slapton, Devon, England I16199
117 PEPPERELL, Samuel  Abt 1698Slapton, Devon, England I18
118 PEPPERELL, Samuel  Abt 1734Slapton, Devon, England I16
119 PEPPERELL, Samuel  Abt 1840Slapton, Devon, England I10012
120 PEPPERELL, Simon  Abt 1824Slapton, Devon, England I10010
121 PEPPERELL, Tabitha Ann  Abt 1835Slapton, Devon, England I10011
122 PEPPERELL, William  Abt 1664Slapton, Devon, England I22
123 PITTS, Caroline  Abt 1833Slapton, Devon, England I27735
124 PITTS, Charles  Jun Q 1843Slapton, Devon, England I27739
125 PITTS, Edward  Sep Q 1850Slapton, Devon, England I27740
126 PITTS, Ellen Petronel  Jun Q 1841Slapton, Devon, England I27738
127 PITTS, Louisa  Abt 1837Slapton, Devon, England I8379
128 PITTS, Louisa  Sep Q 1837Slapton, Devon, England I27737
129 PITTS, William  Abt 1835Slapton, Devon, England I27736
130 POPPLESTONE, Cyril Arthur John  Sep Q 1888Slapton, Devon, England I9399
131 POPPLESTONE, Ethel Marion  Abt Apr 1890Slapton, Devon, England I9400
132 POPPLESTONE, Hedley Issell  28 Jun 1885Slapton, Devon, England I5779
133 POPPLESTONE, Thomas Henry Norman (“Harry”)  Dec Q 1892Slapton, Devon, England I9401
134 PROUT, Christopher  Abt 1691Slapton, Devon, England I16044
135 PROUT, Sarah  Abt 1723Slapton, Devon, England I51
136 RIDER, Joan  Abt 1686Slapton, Devon, England I27486
137 SOPER, Mary Ann  Abt 1819Slapton, Devon, England I4713
138 STABB, John  Abt 1789Slapton, Devon, England I9738
139 STANCOMBE, Elizabeth  Abt 1794Slapton, Devon, England I1331
140 TRANT, Caroline  Mar Q 1844Slapton, Devon, England I5023
141 TRANT, William  Sep Q 1842Slapton, Devon, England I12006
142 TUCKER, Rose Ann  Abt 1859Slapton, Devon, England I18005
143 WEEKS, Lydia Nichols  6 Dec 1818Slapton, Devon, England I5300
144 WISE, Ann Kezia ("Annie")  Abt 1846Slapton, Devon, England I8368


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 NICHOALS, Anna Maria  21 Dec 1830Slapton, Devon, England I1317
2 PEPPERELL, Elizabeth Watts  7 Dec 1844Slapton, Devon, England I4747
3 PEPPERELL, John  24 Jun 1790Slapton, Devon, England I10024
4 PEPPERELL, Samuel Hyne  5 May 1793Slapton, Devon, England I10008


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alse  Apr 1669Slapton, Devon, England I17025
2 Catherine  Mar 1761Slapton, Devon, England I33
3 Grace  Abt Mar 1782Slapton, Devon, England I9433
4 Susanna  Aug 1728Slapton, Devon, England I16061
5 BAKER, James  Sep 1789Slapton, Devon, England I9432
6 BELLETT, Grace  6 Nov 1804Slapton, Devon, England I31
7 BELLETT, John  Apr 1795Slapton, Devon, England I89
8 BOARD, Johan  Jan 1671/72Slapton, Devon, England I17027
9 BURGIN, Dorothy  Jun 1773Slapton, Devon, England I90
10 CHAMPERNOUN, Catherine  Dec 1751Slapton, Devon, England I16045
11 CHAMPERNOUN, John  Abt Apr 1721Slapton, Devon, England I16047
12 CHAMPERNOUN, Michael  Abt May 1673Slapton, Devon, England I17004
13 GARLAND, Mary  Oct 1762Slapton, Devon, England I30
14 GAY, Honour  Jan 1662/63Slapton, Devon, England I17008
15 GOODYEAR, Maria Ribeth  26 Jan 1907Slapton, Devon, England I5163
16 HARVEY, Elizabeth  1682Slapton, Devon, England I23
17 HENNING, Ann  Aug 1733Slapton, Devon, England I16993
18 HYNE, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1740Slapton, Devon, England I12630
19 ISSELL, Elizabeth  7 Feb 1853Slapton, Devon, England I757
20 ISSELL, Robert  6 Jul 1853Slapton, Devon, England I723
21 ISSELL, Thomas Efford  6 Jun 1874Slapton, Devon, England I704
22 KELLOND, John  May 1743Slapton, Devon, England I35
23 KELLOND, John  Jun 1779Slapton, Devon, England I34
24 KELLOND, John  12 Jan 1829Slapton, Devon, England I32
25 KELLOND, Robert  22 May 1822Slapton, Devon, England I1211
26 KELLOND, Robert  25 Apr 1823Slapton, Devon, England I1213
27 KELLOND, Robert  21 Sep 1863Slapton, Devon, England I12
28 KELLOND, William  30 Sep 1876Slapton, Devon, England I1685
29 LAVERS, Richard  Jan 1718/19Slapton, Devon, England I16060
30 LUCKRAFT, Elizabeth Winsor  31 Aug 1884Slapton, Devon, England I1727
31 PEPPERELL, Elizabeth Watts  28 Feb 1862Slapton, Devon, England I4747
32 PEPPERELL, John  Nov 1669Slapton, Devon, England I24
33 PEPPERELL, Lydia  27 Jan 1836Slapton, Devon, England I13
34 PEPPERELL, Samuel  Apr 1768Slapton, Devon, England I18
35 PEPPERELL, Samuel  May 1820Slapton, Devon, England I16
36 PEPPERELL, William  Apr 1720Slapton, Devon, England I22
37 PHILLIPS, Katherine  Oct 1681Slapton, Devon, England I17005
38 PIKE, Robert  11 Jul 1887Slapton, Devon, England I759
39 PROUT, Christopher  Sep 1774Slapton, Devon, England I16044
40 PROUT, Richard  Jan 1659/60Slapton, Devon, England I17026
41 PROUT, Richard  May 1690Slapton, Devon, England I17024
42 PROUT, Richard  Jun 1722Slapton, Devon, England I16992
43 SYMONS, Alice (“Ally”) Bastard  Jun 1807Slapton, Devon, England I15


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court    Person ID 
1 KELLOND, John  11 Jan 1868Slapton, Devon, England I1724
2 KELLOND, Robert Henry  11 Jan 1868Slapton, Devon, England I1706


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 CAWSE, John  1851Slapton, Devon, England I5169
2 CAWSE, Richard Henry  1871Slapton, Devon, England I5177
3 CAWSE, Robert Hiram  1861Slapton, Devon, England I5176
4 CAWSE, Rosa Anna  1851Slapton, Devon, England I5171
5 CAWSE, Susan  1861Slapton, Devon, England I5175
6 CAWSE, Thomas  1851Slapton, Devon, England I5170
7 ISSELL, Robert Albert  1861Slapton, Devon, England I733
8 PEPPERELL, Edith Esther  1881Slapton, Devon, England I4748
9 PEPPERELL, Samuel  1851Slapton, Devon, England I10012
10 PEPPERELL, Tabitha Ann  1851Slapton, Devon, England I10011


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Manorial    Person ID 
1 CHAMPERNOUN, Michael  Between 1667 and 1670Slapton, Devon, England I17004


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, The Revd. Stephen Lewis M.A.  From 1787Slapton, Devon, England I16796
2 FARLEIGH, William  1773Slapton, Devon, England I15600
3 FOGWILL, Maria  1851Slapton, Devon, England I4699
4 FOGWILL, Mary Grace  From 1851 to 1901Slapton, Devon, England I5164
5 GOODYEAR, Maria Ribeth  From 1851 to 1891Slapton, Devon, England I5163
6 HAMBLING, George  1759Slapton, Devon, England I4714
7 HAMBLING, George  1771Slapton, Devon, England I4714
8 HAMBLING, George  1783Slapton, Devon, England I4714
9 HODGE, William  Slapton, Devon, England I241
10 ISSELL, Nicholas Tucker  1861Slapton, Devon, England I731
11 ISSELL, Robert  From 1845 to 1853Slapton, Devon, England I723
12 ISSELL, Robert Albert  1871Slapton, Devon, England I733
13 ISSELL, Thomas Efford  From 1850 to 1851Slapton, Devon, England I704
14 ISSELL, Thomas Efford  1861Slapton, Devon, England I704
15 ISSELL, William Patey  From 1841 to 1851Slapton, Devon, England I2651
16 KELLOND, Edwin  1898Slapton, Devon, England I1684
17 KELLOND, John  Slapton, Devon, England I32
18 KELLOND, John  1767Slapton, Devon, England I34
19 LAMBERT, John  From 1871 to 1891Slapton, Devon, England I2697
20 LAPTHORNE, Charles William  1893Slapton, Devon, England I5257
21 NICHOALS, Henry Edwards  From 1841 to 1851Slapton, Devon, England I1293
22 NICHOALS, Henry Edwards  1861Slapton, Devon, England I1293
23 NICHOALS, John  Slapton, Devon, England I14
24 NICHOALS, John  1861Slapton, Devon, England I4746
25 PEPPERELL, Edmund  1763Slapton, Devon, England I9093
26 PEPPERELL, John Elliott  1848Slapton, Devon, England I16198
27 PEPPERELL, Philip  1861Slapton, Devon, England I16199
28 PEPPERELL, Philip  1871Slapton, Devon, England I16199
29 PEPPERELL, Robert  From 1841 to 1871Slapton, Devon, England I4712
30 PEPPERELL, Simon  1851Slapton, Devon, England I10010
31 POPPLESTONE, Hedley Issell  1901Slapton, Devon, England I5779
32 POPPLESTONE, Henry  1891Slapton, Devon, England I5738
33 STABB, Robert Henry  From 1841 to 1851Slapton, Devon, England I5076
34 TUCKER, Jane  1861Slapton, Devon, England I730

Protestation oath

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Protestation oath    Person ID 
1 HARRIES, Benedict  Abt 1641Slapton, Devon, England I27495


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ISSELL, Emma Elizabeth Hillman  From 1871 to 1891Slapton, Devon, England I755
2 STRANGER, Margaret Jane  1860Slapton, Devon, England I30819