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Where my ancestors were from

A scattered English ancestry.
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The purpose of this website is to ease the sharing of my family history and tree information with others with common interests. As well as the basic tree, I am gradually adding pictures relating to it – people, places, graves and a Family prayer book and Bible, etc.

I am very happy for others to use the information and pictures etc. (where permission is mine to give) for their family trees (n.b. non-commercial use only) – I would be interested to hear if you are using info. or images, please do let me know.

No guarantee of accuracy – I’m sure I have made transcription errors, trusted others research too much, made my own faulty assumptions etc. along the line, although I try to get it right. If you take info. it’s on this understanding. And I’d really like to put right any errors so would be grateful if you ‘d contact me if you see any.

To be added, tidied or fixed

At present I have uploaded the basic tree, as created by the family tree software I’ve been using for a few years. I have a little info. I have not yet added to this, plus a lot of sources to add. In addition, there are some “fixes” needed due to moving data from one place to another – alternative names don’t come across well – I will add these in time. I’m also not sure all “living” flags are correct; to protect privacy I am therefore taking “living” to be all those with no birthdate or a birthdate within about the past 97 years and no death or burial date. Many people from much further back lack both dates – some are currently marked as living! (If this is stopping you seeing someone you’re interested in please do let me know and I’ll fix the particular individual). I think the software has also made the ‘wrong’ assumption about what I meant when entering OS / NS dates at some point so pre 1752 Jan – March dates may be a year out!

These additions / fixes take time, and I have limited time available for this, so the site may be slow to improve / have material added.

You on the tree

To protect privacy by default I don’t show the living. But I can also show your details if you wish – I have to pretend you are dead – your details will have a “died” line but I will set this to show ‘No’, (it’s what I do for myself). If you are related and would like to be present but just as “living” and aren’t currently let me know. (Being present in either way has the advantage of making it easy to check your relationship to anyone on the tree.)

First attempt

I started a site at www.teresastree.co.uk; I will discontinue that in time (probably keep the name and point it here) but at present there are a few links to photos, wills etc. on it that are not yet on this site.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.