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Bredgar, Kent, England



Small location : Latitude: 51.3107484, Longitude: 0.6955905


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann E.  Abt 1856Bredgar, Kent, England I22190
2 Susannah  Abt 1774Bredgar, Kent, England I8006
3 AYLETT, Amy  30 Apr 1859Bredgar, Kent, England I2158
4 AYLETT, Brian  14 Mar 1890Bredgar, Kent, England I15265
5 AYLETT, Constance Lolo  Sep Q 1888Bredgar, Kent, England I15258
6 AYLETT, Dorothy  13 Dec 1896Bredgar, Kent, England I15283
7 AYLETT, Drusilla  16 Jan 1909Bredgar, Kent, England I15285
8 AYLETT, Edward John Thomas  11 Aug 1884Bredgar, Kent, England I15254
9 AYLETT, Elsie  Mar Q 1886Bredgar, Kent, England I15263
10 AYLETT, Ernest George  1 Aug 1867Bredgar, Kent, England I2161
11 AYLETT, George  Jun Q 1847Bredgar, Kent, England I2163
12 AYLETT, Henry  Sep Q 1857Bredgar, Kent, England I2157
13 AYLETT, Leslie  5 Dec 1910Bredgar, Kent, England I15286
14 AYLETT, Malcolm Anthony  9 Feb 1892Bredgar, Kent, England I15272
15 AYLETT, Nora  22 Oct 1898Bredgar, Kent, England I15288
16 AYLETT, Norman  6 Jun 1888Bredgar, Kent, England I15264
17 AYLETT, Sarah  25 Jul 1871Bredgar, Kent, England I2162
18 AYLETT, Sarah  4 Sep 1900Bredgar, Kent, England I15284
19 AYLETT, Sydney  15 May 1894Bredgar, Kent, England I15273
20 BARNARD, Mildred  11 May 1872Bredgar, Kent, England I1789
21 BARTON, Christopher  Sep Q 1888Bredgar, Kent, England I2914
22 BARTON, Ernest George  Sep Q 1886Bredgar, Kent, England I2146
23 BARTON, Evelyn Primrose  Jun Q 1899Bredgar, Kent, England I2917
24 BARTON, Lewis Edward  Dec Q 1882Bredgar, Kent, England I1048
25 BARTON, Marjorie  Abt 1892Bredgar, Kent, England I2915
26 BARTON, Marjorie D.  25 May 1915Bredgar, Kent, England I2920
27 BARTON, Owen  12 Aug 1894Bredgar, Kent, England I2916
28 BARTON, Raymond  Sep Q 1903Bredgar, Kent, England I2918
29 BARTON, Rowland Henry  Sep Q 1884Bredgar, Kent, England I1200
30 BRIDGES, Mary  Abt 1822Bredgar, Kent, England I6047
31 BRIDGES, Mary  Abt 1822Bredgar, Kent, England I9602
32 BRIDGES, Mary Ann  Bredgar, Kent, England I9606
33 BRIDGES, Stephen  Abt 1798Bredgar, Kent, England I8003
34 CLINCH, Jane  Abt 1799Bredgar, Kent, England I30109
35 CLINCH, Mary Ann  Dec Q 1849Bredgar, Kent, England I21941
36 CORNWELL, Mary Ann  Sep Q 1868Bredgar, Kent, England I3773
37 CORNWELL, Thomas  Sep Q 1867Bredgar, Kent, England I22187
38 EAGLESTONE, Emma Matilda  Bredgar, Kent, England I22810
39 FEATHERSTONE, Laura Ethell  9 Jun 1913Bredgar, Kent, England I26154
40 FRIDD, Sarah Anne  Abt 1865Bredgar, Kent, England I5590
41 GILLINGHAM, George  Jun Q 1865Bredgar, Kent, England I480
42 GOATHAM, Albert Amos  28 Jul 1909Bredgar, Kent, England I1136
43 GOATHAM, Albert George  10 Oct 1881Bredgar, Kent, England I534
44 GOATHAM, Amos  Abt 1832Bredgar, Kent, England I457
45 GOATHAM, Amos  Jun Q 1874Bredgar, Kent, England I488
46 GOATHAM, Arthur Charles  Sep Q 1862Bredgar, Kent, England I475
47 GOATHAM, Augustus  15 Jun 1880Bredgar, Kent, England I482
48 GOATHAM, Caroline  1803Bredgar, Kent, England I375
49 GOATHAM, Caroline  4 Dec 1833Bredgar, Kent, England I441
50 GOATHAM, Caroline  Dec Q 1853Bredgar, Kent, England I450
51 GOATHAM, Charles  Abt 1805Bredgar, Kent, England I164
52 GOATHAM, Charles  1822Bredgar, Kent, England I1496
53 GOATHAM, Charles  1841Bredgar, Kent, England I485
54 GOATHAM, Charlotte  Abt 1799Bredgar, Kent, England I374
55 GOATHAM, Charlotte  1828Bredgar, Kent, England I440
56 GOATHAM, Charlotte  Abt Mar 1848Bredgar, Kent, England I5995
57 GOATHAM, Charlotte  Mar Q 1857Bredgar, Kent, England I452
58 GOATHAM, Dorothy Edna  10 Jul 1902Bredgar, Kent, England I4405
59 GOATHAM, Dorothy May  11 Jan 1916Bredgar, Kent, England I3804
60 GOATHAM, Edith Irene  29 Sep 1895Bredgar, Kent, England I520
61 GOATHAM, Edwin (“Edward”)  Dec Q 1842Bredgar, Kent, England I486
62 GOATHAM, Eliza  Abt 1821Bredgar, Kent, England I1781
63 GOATHAM, Eliza Jane  9 Oct 1863Bredgar, Kent, England I2270
64 GOATHAM, Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1843Bredgar, Kent, England I5994
65 GOATHAM, Elizabeth Jane  Jun Q 1852Bredgar, Kent, England I449
66 GOATHAM, Ellen  1830Bredgar, Kent, England I456
67 GOATHAM, Emma  Abt 1834Bredgar, Kent, England I458
68 GOATHAM, Emma  Mar Q 1845Bredgar, Kent, England I487
69 GOATHAM, Frances  Sep Q 1846Bredgar, Kent, England I483
70 GOATHAM, George  1797Bredgar, Kent, England I435
71 GOATHAM, George  1800Bredgar, Kent, England I402
72 GOATHAM, George  Abt 1823Bredgar, Kent, England I5992
73 GOATHAM, George  Abt 1828Bredgar, Kent, England I455
74 GOATHAM, George  Abt 1828Bredgar, Kent, England I464
75 GOATHAM, George  Dec Q 1839Bredgar, Kent, England I443
76 GOATHAM, Harriet  Abt 1825Bredgar, Kent, England I5997
77 GOATHAM, Harry  Dec Q 1863Bredgar, Kent, England I1899
78 GOATHAM, Harry Edward  22 Sep 1914Bredgar, Kent, England I3803
79 GOATHAM, Henrietta  Jul 1865Bredgar, Kent, England I476
80 GOATHAM, Henry  Abt 1822Bredgar, Kent, England I1901
81 GOATHAM, Henry Campany  Mar Q 1866Bredgar, Kent, England I489
82 GOATHAM, Hilda Mary  16 Jul 1904Bredgar, Kent, England I4406
83 GOATHAM, Horace  21 May 1869Bredgar, Kent, England I508
84 GOATHAM, Isabell  Abt 1837Bredgar, Kent, England I442
85 GOATHAM, Jill Margaret  30 Jul 1939Bredgar, Kent, England I14873
86 GOATHAM, Joseph  1840Bredgar, Kent, England I460
87 GOATHAM, Lucy Leeds  Mar Q 1860Bredgar, Kent, England I1780
88 GOATHAM, Maisie  16 Jan 1900Bredgar, Kent, England I522
89 GOATHAM, Maria  Abt 1803Bredgar, Kent, England I1623
90 GOATHAM, Maria  Abt 1818Bredgar, Kent, England I379
91 GOATHAM, Maria  Abt 1821Bredgar, Kent, England I3136
92 GOATHAM, Maria  Sep Q 1867Bredgar, Kent, England I509
93 GOATHAM, Maria Ann  Jun Q 1857Bredgar, Kent, England I470
94 GOATHAM, Mary  Abt 1786Bredgar, Kent, England I1624
95 GOATHAM, Mary  Abt 1826Bredgar, Kent, England I5998
96 GOATHAM, Mary  1838Bredgar, Kent, England I467
97 GOATHAM, Mary  Sep Q 1850Bredgar, Kent, England I448
98 GOATHAM, Mary  19 Nov 1875Bredgar, Kent, England I510
99 GOATHAM, Michael  1790Bredgar, Kent, England I434
100 GOATHAM, Michael  1814Bredgar, Kent, England I378
101 GOATHAM, Michael  1831Bredgar, Kent, England I1497
102 GOATHAM, Michael  Abt 1834Bredgar, Kent, England I466
103 GOATHAM, Michael  Sep Q 1842Bredgar, Kent, England I444
104 GOATHAM, Nellie  Jun Q 1872Bredgar, Kent, England I505
105 GOATHAM, Norman  15 Jun 1880Bredgar, Kent, England I490
106 GOATHAM, Olive  24 Aug 1872Bredgar, Kent, England I512
107 GOATHAM, Osborne  Abt Feb 1859Bredgar, Kent, England I5996
108 GOATHAM, Percy Hubert  11 Oct 1904Bredgar, Kent, England I3710
109 GOATHAM, Percy John  Dec Q 1877Bredgar, Kent, England I491
110 GOATHAM, Rayfield  Dec Q 1855Bredgar, Kent, England I1451
111 GOATHAM, Rebecca  Abt 1843Bredgar, Kent, England I468
112 GOATHAM, Rhoda  Abt 1843Bredgar, Kent, England I484
113 GOATHAM, Rose Winifred  18 Sep 1911Bredgar, Kent, England I3797
114 GOATHAM, Sarah  1788Bredgar, Kent, England I432
115 GOATHAM, Sarah  Abt 1826Bredgar, Kent, England I5999
116 GOATHAM, Sarah (“Sally”)  Jun Q 1855Bredgar, Kent, England I451
117 GOATHAM, Sidney Howard  28 Oct 1897Bredgar, Kent, England I521
118 GOATHAM, Susan  Abt 1808Bredgar, Kent, England I376
119 GOATHAM, Susan  Abt 1825Bredgar, Kent, England I439
120 GOATHAM, Thomas  Abt 1831Bredgar, Kent, England I465
121 GOATHAM, Thomas  Mar 1874Bredgar, Kent, England I5990
122 GOATHAM, Thomas Edward  25 Nov 1867Bredgar, Kent, England I494
123 GOATHAM, Walter  Mar Q 1870Bredgar, Kent, England I493
124 GOATHAM, William  1799Bredgar, Kent, England I433
125 GOATHAM, William  1810Bredgar, Kent, England I377
126 GOATHAM, William  Abt 1819Bredgar, Kent, England I1445
127 GOATHAM, William  Abt 1838Bredgar, Kent, England I506
128 GOATHAM, William  Jun Q 1846Bredgar, Kent, England I447
129 GOATHAM, William  Jun Q 1853Bredgar, Kent, England I1905
130 GOATHAM, William  1 Dec 1875Bredgar, Kent, England I495
131 GOODHEW, Albert  Sep Q 1868Bredgar, Kent, England I9123
132 GOODHEW, Amos  Sep Q 1844Bredgar, Kent, England I2254
133 GOODHEW, Amos Reginald  Dec Q 1881Bredgar, Kent, England I9124
134 GOODHEW, Archibald Herbert  Sep Q 1877Bredgar, Kent, England I2265
135 GOODHEW, Caroline  Mar Q 1845Bredgar, Kent, England I22189
136 GOODHEW, Caroline  Dec Q 1858Bredgar, Kent, England I2259
137 GOODHEW, Edith Ann  Sep Q 1875Bredgar, Kent, England I2264
138 GOODHEW, Edwin  6 Jun 1847Bredgar, Kent, England I2255
139 GOODHEW, Elizabeth Jane  Mar Q 1850Bredgar, Kent, England I2256
140 GOODHEW, Eva Annie  Sep Q 1887Bredgar, Kent, England I9126
141 GOODHEW, Florence Louise  Mar Q 1884Bredgar, Kent, England I9119
142 GOODHEW, George  Abt 1821Bredgar, Kent, England I21934
143 GOODHEW, Horace  Sep Q 1858Bredgar, Kent, England I21933
144 GOODHEW, James  Abt 1815Bredgar, Kent, England I2253
145 GOODHEW, James  Sep Q 1856Bredgar, Kent, England I2258
146 GOODHEW, James Stanley  Sep Q 1879Bredgar, Kent, England I2266
147 GOODHEW, Jesse Henry  Dec Q 1888Bredgar, Kent, England I9121
148 GOODHEW, Maria Watts  11 Jun 1865Bredgar, Kent, England I2260
149 GOODHEW, Norman William  Mar Q 1886Bredgar, Kent, England I9120
150 GOODHEW, Sidney  Abt 1881Bredgar, Kent, England I9118
151 GOODHEW, Susanne  Jun Q 1854Bredgar, Kent, England I2257
152 GOODHEW, William Edwin  Jun Q 1883Bredgar, Kent, England I9125
153 GOODWIN, Eliza  Jun Q 1855Bredgar, Kent, England I28935
154 GOODWIN, Frances Matilda  Sep Q 1857Bredgar, Kent, England I28936
155 GOODWIN, Mary Ann  Sep Q 1851Bredgar, Kent, England I28934
156 GRAY, Mary Ann  Abt 1851Bredgar, Kent, England I22539
157 HADLOW, Jemima  Abt 1821Bredgar, Kent, England I24332
158 HICKMOTT, Eliza  14 Jul 1865Bredgar, Kent, England I22799
159 HODGES, Caroline  Abt 1836Bredgar, Kent, England I21961
160 HODGES, Charles  Abt 1847Bredgar, Kent, England I21967
161 HODGES, Elizabeth  Abt 1817Bredgar, Kent, England I20708
162 HODGES, George  Abt 1845Bredgar, Kent, England I21966
163 HODGES, Joseph  Abt 1842Bredgar, Kent, England I21965
164 HODGES, Joseph Gilbert  Abt 1807Bredgar, Kent, England I21960
165 HODGES, Mary Ann  Abt 1849Bredgar, Kent, England I21968
166 HODGES, William  Apr 1841Bredgar, Kent, England I21962
167 HUNT, Alfred  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I1782
168 HUNT, Amos  1856Bredgar, Kent, England I1784
169 HUNT, Ann Maria  1854Bredgar, Kent, England I1783
170 HUNT, Bertha  Bredgar, Kent, England I640
171 HUNT, Charles  Jun Q 1862Bredgar, Kent, England I2330
172 HUNT, Edward  1807Bredgar, Kent, England I575
173 HUNT, Elizabeth  1796Bredgar, Kent, England I580
174 HUNT, Emma  1849Bredgar, Kent, England I630
175 HUNT, Ernest Charles  13 Aug 1876Bredgar, Kent, England I1934
176 HUNT, Frederick  18 Apr 1867Bredgar, Kent, England I1933
177 HUNT, Harriet  6 Jun 1873Bredgar, Kent, England I1964
178 HUNT, Horace James  Bredgar, Kent, England I4169
179 HUNT, John  Abt 1809Bredgar, Kent, England I2316
180 HUNT, Mary  1803Bredgar, Kent, England I573
181 HUNT, Mary Ann  1860Bredgar, Kent, England I1785
182 HUNT, Sarah  1805Bredgar, Kent, England I574
183 HUNT, Stanley  Abt Nov 1877Bredgar, Kent, England I1965
184 HUNT, Violet Amelia  Abt 1888Bredgar, Kent, England I1936
185 JOHNSON, Charles ("Charlie")  Abt 1861Bredgar, Kent, England I6035
186 JOHNSON, Elizabeth Amy  Abt 1863Bredgar, Kent, England I6036
187 JOHNSON, Ernest  Abt 1869Bredgar, Kent, England I6037
188 KEMSLEY, Edith Rosa Ruth  Dec Q 1889Bredgar, Kent, England I31463
189 KEMSLEY, Mary Ann  Mar Q 1839Bredgar, Kent, England I1430
190 LAMBKIN, Mable Alice  5 May 1910Bredgar, Kent, England I19675
191 LAMBKIN, Olive Mary  17 May 1908Bredgar, Kent, England I6161
192 LAW, Thomas  1880Bredgar, Kent, England I5602
193 LIPPENWELL, Mary Ann  Mar Q 1849Bredgar, Kent, England I6137
194 LIPPINGWELL, James  Abt 1824Bredgar, Kent, England I6136
195 MANKTELOW, Herbert George  Sep Q 1902Bredgar, Kent, England I18417
196 MILLINGTON, James  Abt 1841Bredgar, Kent, England I24137
197 MOSS, Alfred Ernest  5 Apr 1905Bredgar, Kent, England I15278
198 MOSS, Gilbert George  5 Jul 1903Bredgar, Kent, England I15277
199 PRIOR, Ann  Abt 1781Bredgar, Kent, England I545
200 PRIOR, Elizabeth  Abt 1777Bredgar, Kent, England I373
201 PRIOR, Elizabeth  Abt 1818Bredgar, Kent, England I561
202 PRIOR, Fanny  Abt 1809Bredgar, Kent, England I7952
203 PRIOR, Frances  Abt 1785Bredgar, Kent, England I547
204 PRIOR, Frances  Abt 1813Bredgar, Kent, England I559
205 PRIOR, George  Abt 1817Bredgar, Kent, England I560
206 PRIOR, John  Abt 1800Bredgar, Kent, England I554
207 PRIOR, John  Abt 1803Bredgar, Kent, England I555
208 PRIOR, Mary  Abt 1811Bredgar, Kent, England I558
209 PRIOR, Mary Ann  Abt 1809Bredgar, Kent, England I557
210 PRIOR, Richard  Abt 1807Bredgar, Kent, England I556
211 PRIOR, William  Abt 1784Bredgar, Kent, England I546
212 QUAIFE, John  Abt 1789Bredgar, Kent, England I8078
213 RAYFIELD, Frances  1803Bredgar, Kent, England I438
214 RAYFIELD, Rebecca  1 Aug 1852Bredgar, Kent, England I15255
215 RAYFIELD, Sarah  Abt 1801Bredgar, Kent, England I453
216 READ, Thurza Lavinia  Abt 1859Bredgar, Kent, England I3499
217 SAYWELL, Alice  Dec Q 1871Bredgar, Kent, England I4165
218 SAYWELL, Charles  6 Feb 1832Bredgar, Kent, England I501
219 SAYWELL, Charlotte Quaife  13 Jan 1837Bredgar, Kent, England I2399
220 SAYWELL, Elizabeth Amy  1 May 1827Bredgar, Kent, England I498
221 SAYWELL, George  6 Jul 1828Bredgar, Kent, England I499
222 SAYWELL, Henrietta  13 Feb 1839Bredgar, Kent, England I2400
223 SAYWELL, Maria  2 Aug 1834Bredgar, Kent, England I502
224 SAYWELL, Richard  Mar Q 1873Bredgar, Kent, England I29476
225 SAYWELL, Thomas Robert  13 Mar 1833Bredgar, Kent, England I2398
226 SAYWELL, William  21 Jun 1830Bredgar, Kent, England I500
227 SIMMONDS, Charles  1868Bredgar, Kent, England I6631
228 SIMMONDS, Charles ("Charlie")  Abt 1822Bredgar, Kent, England I6623
229 SIMMONDS, Elizabeth  1850Bredgar, Kent, England I6625
230 SIMMONDS, Frederick  1860Bredgar, Kent, England I6628
231 SIMMONDS, Henry  1857Bredgar, Kent, England I6627
232 SIMMONDS, Jane  1862Bredgar, Kent, England I6629
233 SIMMONDS, Sarah  1866Bredgar, Kent, England I6630
234 SIMMONDS, William  1853Bredgar, Kent, England I6626
235 SNELLING, Joseph  Dec Q 1863Bredgar, Kent, England I403
236 TIPPETT, Alice  Abt 1881Bredgar, Kent, England I15257
237 TIPPETT, John  Abt 1870Bredgar, Kent, England I6062
238 TIPPETT, Mary E.  Abt 1866Bredgar, Kent, England I15256
239 WELLS, Mary  Abt 1816Bredgar, Kent, England I6041
240 WHITEHEAD, Florence Ann Elizabeth  Dec Q 1882Bredgar, Kent, England I6054
241 WHITEHEAD, Frank  Abt 1828Bredgar, Kent, England I4773
242 WHITEHEAD, Frederick  Abt 1852Bredgar, Kent, England I6046
243 WHITEHEAD, Gordon  15 Jul 1893Bredgar, Kent, England I4188
244 WHITEHEAD, Herbert William  Abt 1829Bredgar, Kent, England I4774
245 WHITEHEAD, Horace  Mar Q 1886Bredgar, Kent, England I4184
246 WHITEHEAD, Horace William  Abt 1853Bredgar, Kent, England I5942
247 WHITEHEAD, Jabez  Sep Q 1859Bredgar, Kent, England I6052
248 WHITEHEAD, Leonard  Sep Q 1887Bredgar, Kent, England I4185
249 WHITEHEAD, Lewis  Abt 1831Bredgar, Kent, England I4775
250 WHITEHEAD, Loftus Wilfrid  Sep Q 1896Bredgar, Kent, England I4189

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Susan  6 Mar 1808Bredgar, Kent, England I376
2 GOATHAM, William  9 Sep 1810Bredgar, Kent, England I377
3 RAYFIELD, Mary Anne  6 Sep 1807Bredgar, Kent, England I19787
4 WHITEHEAD, Mary Anne  8 Mar 1807Bredgar, Kent, England I5940
5 WHITEHEAD, Stewart Frank  26 Sep 1891Bredgar, Kent, England I4187


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAREY, Hannah  Abt 25 Jul 1827Bredgar, Kent, England I8004
2 CHAPPELL, Frances  1796Bredgar, Kent, England I572
3 GOATHAM, Charlotte  Aug 1848Bredgar, Kent, England I5995
4 GOATHAM, Charlotte  23 Sep 1864Bredgar, Kent, England I374
5 GOATHAM, Elizabeth  Dec 1846Bredgar, Kent, England I5994
6 GOATHAM, Emma  17 Mar 1857Bredgar, Kent, England I458
7 GOATHAM, Frances  Jan 1858Bredgar, Kent, England I483
8 GOATHAM, George  Nov 1823Bredgar, Kent, England I5992
9 GOATHAM, George  15 May 1872Bredgar, Kent, England I443
10 GOATHAM, John  1 Nov 1854Bredgar, Kent, England I370
11 GOATHAM, Maria  Jan 1868Bredgar, Kent, England I1623
12 GOATHAM, Michael  Jul 1832Bredgar, Kent, England I1497
13 GOATHAM, Norman  13 Mar 1882Bredgar, Kent, England I490
14 GOATHAM, Osborne  Jan 1860Bredgar, Kent, England I5996
15 GOATHAM, Sarah  Mar 1829Bredgar, Kent, England I5999
16 GOATHAM, William  12 Mar 1840Bredgar, Kent, England I430
17 HADLOW, Edward John  21 Oct 1920Bredgar, Kent, England I24135
18 HUNT, Springfield  1808Bredgar, Kent, England I5985
19 HUNT, William  1771Bredgar, Kent, England I613
20 KEMSLEY, Nathaniel  11 May 1880Bredgar, Kent, England I20707
21 KEMSLEY, Nathaniel  19 Nov 1925Bredgar, Kent, England I20715
22 PRIOR, Ann  Abt 25 Dec 1847Bredgar, Kent, England I545
23 PRIOR, Elizabeth  3 Jan 1848Bredgar, Kent, England I373
24 PRIOR, John  Jan 1815Bredgar, Kent, England I543
25 RANDALL, Rebecca  Dec 1835Bredgar, Kent, England I431
26 RAYFIELD, Sarah  7 Mar 1871Bredgar, Kent, England I453
27 REYNOLDS, Amy  Abt Dec 1819Bredgar, Kent, England I544
28 SAYWELL, Elizabeth Amy  29 Aug 1827Bredgar, Kent, England I498
29 SAYWELL, George  13 Mar 1832Bredgar, Kent, England I499
30 SWAN, William  11 Oct 1926Bredgar, Kent, England I28493
31 WHITEHEAD, Richard  Oct 1800Bredgar, Kent, England I5959
32 WHITEHEAD, Thomas  3 Sep 1873Bredgar, Kent, England I5913
33 WHITEHEAD, William  Dec 1842Bredgar, Kent, England I5905
34 WHITEHEAD, William John  Mar 1837Bredgar, Kent, England I6042
35 WOOD, George  17 Jul 1877Bredgar, Kent, England I8080


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, John  6 Jun 1841Bredgar, Kent, England I370
2 PRIOR, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1841Bredgar, Kent, England I373


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 GARRETT, Alice Susanna  1861Bredgar, Kent, England I6051
2 GOATHAM, Maria Ann  1871Bredgar, Kent, England I470
3 JOHNSON, Charles ("Charlie")  1871Bredgar, Kent, England I6035
4 JOHNSON, Elizabeth Amy  1871Bredgar, Kent, England I6036
5 WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth Ann  1861Bredgar, Kent, England I6050
6 WHITEHEAD, Horace  1891Bredgar, Kent, England I4184


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Susannah  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I8006
2 AYLETT, Brian  From 1911 to 1941Bredgar, Kent, England I15265
3 AYLETT, Ernest George  From 1901 to 1911Bredgar, Kent, England I2161
4 AYLETT, Thomas  From 1857 to 1881Bredgar, Kent, England I2156
5 AYLETT, Thomas William Fryer  From 1906 to 1907Bredgar, Kent, England I15268
6 BARTON, Edward John  From 1881 to 1888Bredgar, Kent, England I933
7 BOWELL, John  1628Bredgar, Kent, England I20944
8 BRIDGES, Mary  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I9602
9 BRIDGES, Stephen  1822Bredgar, Kent, England I8003
10 GOATHAM, Albert George  From 1909 to 1916Bredgar, Kent, England I534
11 GOATHAM, Amos  From 1881 to 1901Bredgar, Kent, England I457
12 GOATHAM, Amos  1911Bredgar, Kent, England I488
13 GOATHAM, George  From 1843 to 1851Bredgar, Kent, England I435
14 GOATHAM, John  From 1799 to 1803Bredgar, Kent, England I370
15 GOATHAM, John  From 1814 to 1854Bredgar, Kent, England I370
16 GOATHAM, John  From 1841 to 1844Bredgar, Kent, England I370
17 GOATHAM, Joseph  From 1871 to 1894Bredgar, Kent, England I460
18 GOATHAM, Joseph  1887Bredgar, Kent, England I460
19 GOATHAM, Joseph  1901Bredgar, Kent, England I460
20 GOATHAM, Joseph  1911Bredgar, Kent, England I460
21 GOATHAM, Maria Ann  From 1881 to 1891Bredgar, Kent, England I470
22 GOATHAM, Walter  1904Bredgar, Kent, England I493
23 GOODHEW, James  1841Bredgar, Kent, England I2253
24 GOODHEW, James  1847Bredgar, Kent, England I2253
25 GOODHEW, James  1850Bredgar, Kent, England I2253
26 GOODHEW, James  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I2253
27 GOODHEW, James  From 1861 to 1881Bredgar, Kent, England I2253
28 GOODHEW, William Thomas  1853Bredgar, Kent, England I24488
29 GRIGSBY, James  1801Bredgar, Kent, England I6509
30 HADLOW, Sarah Edith  Bef 1894Bredgar, Kent, England I519
31 JOHNSON, Owen Peter  1871Bredgar, Kent, England I6034
32 KEMSLEY, Nathaniel  From 1841 to 1861Bredgar, Kent, England I20707
33 LAMBKIN, Amos Thomas  1911Bredgar, Kent, England I19667
34 LIPPINGWELL, John  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I7962
35 PRIOR, John  From 1813 to 1818Bredgar, Kent, England I548
36 QUAIFE, John  1818Bredgar, Kent, England I8078
37 QUAIFE, John  1841Bredgar, Kent, England I8078
38 QUAIFE, John  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I8078
39 SAYWELL, George  From 1827 to 1840Bredgar, Kent, England I497
40 SAYWELL, George  1901Bredgar, Kent, England I1961
41 TIPPETT, Henry  1891Bredgar, Kent, England I6061
42 WHITEHEAD, Herbert William  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I4774
43 WHITEHEAD, Springfield  1853Bredgar, Kent, England I5933
44 WHITEHEAD, William  1841Bredgar, Kent, England I5905
45 WHITEHEAD, William  1851Bredgar, Kent, England I5932
46 WHITEHEAD, William  1861Bredgar, Kent, England I5932
47 WHITEHEAD, William George  From 1871 to 1891Bredgar, Kent, England I463
48 WHITEHEAD, William George  1881Bredgar, Kent, England I463
49 WHITEHEAD, William George  From 1901 to 1911Bredgar, Kent, England I463
50 WHITEHEAD, William John  From 1828 to 1833Bredgar, Kent, England I4772
51 WHITEHEAD, William John  1858Bredgar, Kent, England I4772
52 WHITEHEAD, William John  From 1871 to 1881Bredgar, Kent, England I4772


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AYLETT, Brian  1911Bredgar, Kent, England I15265
2 COOK, Francis (“Frank”)  1844Bredgar, Kent, England I22591
3 GOATHAM, Walter  From 1895 to 1900Bredgar, Kent, England I493
4 HUNT, Frederick  1861Bredgar, Kent, England I3775
5 KEMSLEY, Nathaniel  1841Bredgar, Kent, England I20707
6 RAYFIELD, Joseph  From 1793Bredgar, Kent, England I454
7 SHOESMITH, Susan Eliza  1881Bredgar, Kent, England I32278