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Blackawton, Devon, England


Where my bell-founder ancestor, William Bartlett Hambling, lived and worked.

Small location : Latitude: 50.3458094, Longitude: -3.6814015


Middle Wadstray Farm
Middle Wadstray Farm
Farm buildings and farmhouse; the latter looks like it has evolved from an old longhouse.

William Bartlett Hambling's appointment as sub-postmaster
William Bartlett Hambling's appointment as sub-postmaster

Wills (transcripts)
The will of James Baker (c 1754 - 1837)
The will of James Baker (c 1754 - 1837)
(a 5 x great grandfather of mine)
The will of James Hambling (c. 1762 - 1837)
The will of James Hambling (c. 1762 - 1837)
(a 5 x great grandfather of mine)
The will of Walter Wotton (1631 - 1691)
The will of Walter Wotton (1631 - 1691)
Walter Wotton is a 9 x great grandfather of mine

For a living
Account of his work as a bell founder
Account of his work as a bell founder

William Bartlett Hambling, bellfounder

A description of William's work as a bellfounder, and the bells made by him, together with links to more information about the craft of bellfounding.
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Matches 1 to 168 of 168

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?  Apr 1843Blackawton, Devon, England I866
2 ALLERY, Mary  Abt 1782Blackawton, Devon, England I10168
3 BAKER, Elizabeth  Abt 1794Blackawton, Devon, England I41
4 BAKER, Grace  1786Blackawton, Devon, England I903
5 BAKER, Grace  1788Blackawton, Devon, England I780
6 BAKER, William Robert  Abt 1851Blackawton, Devon, England I10183
7 BARTLETT, Anne  Abt 1724Blackawton, Devon, England I47
8 BARTLETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1716Blackawton, Devon, England I5151
9 BARTLETT, John  Abt 1722Blackawton, Devon, England I5149
10 BARTLETT, John  Abt 1738Blackawton, Devon, England I5166
11 BARTLETT, William  Abt 1693Blackawton, Devon, England I5147
12 BARTLETT, William  Abt 1719Blackawton, Devon, England I5150
13 BELLETT, Alice  Abt 1849Blackawton, Devon, England I1360
14 BELLETT, Ann  Abt 1809Blackawton, Devon, England I9420
15 BELLETT, Anne  Abt 1735Blackawton, Devon, England I1418
16 BELLETT, Charles Frederick  Mar Q 1864Blackawton, Devon, England I2770
17 BELLETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1718Blackawton, Devon, England I1415
18 BELLETT, Hugh  Abt 1720Blackawton, Devon, England I1414
19 BELLETT, Johanna  Abt 1851Blackawton, Devon, England I2778
20 BELLETT, John  Abt 1716Blackawton, Devon, England I89
21 BELLETT, John  Abt 1819Blackawton, Devon, England I1353
22 BELLETT, John  1850Blackawton, Devon, England I1356
23 BELLETT, Mary  Blackawton, Devon, England I9422
24 BELLETT, Mary  Abt 1732Blackawton, Devon, England I1417
25 BELLETT, Mary Ann  Abt 1849Blackawton, Devon, England I1355
26 BELLETT, Peternell  Abt 1738Blackawton, Devon, England I1419
27 BELLETT, Richard Hayne  Mar Q 1866Blackawton, Devon, England I2771
28 BELLETT, Susanna  Abt 1804Blackawton, Devon, England I9424
29 BELLETT, Thomas  Abt 1781Blackawton, Devon, England I1351
30 BELLETT, Thomas  Abt 1812Blackawton, Devon, England I1357
31 BELLETT, Thomas  Abt 1854Blackawton, Devon, England I2767
32 BELLETT, William  Abt 1852Blackawton, Devon, England I2766
33 BOWHAY, William George  Abt 1841Blackawton, Devon, England I12915
34 BURGING, Joan  4 Mar 1708/09Blackawton, Devon, England I262
35 BURGOIN, William  Abt 1722Blackawton, Devon, England I45
36 BURGOYNE, Caroline  Abt 1849Blackawton, Devon, England I9979
37 BURGOYNE, Charles  Abt 1822Blackawton, Devon, England I12125
38 BURGOYNE, Ellen  Abt 1857Blackawton, Devon, England I9981
39 BURGOYNE, John Mumford  Abt 1848Blackawton, Devon, England I9978
40 BURGOYNE, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1845Blackawton, Devon, England I9977
41 BURGOYNE, William  Abt 1825Blackawton, Devon, England I9950
42 BURGOYNE, William Henry  Abt 1852Blackawton, Devon, England I9980
43 CAME, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1831Blackawton, Devon, England I906
44 CAME, Sarah Ellen  Blackawton, Devon, England I9848
45 COMBE, Millicent  Abt 1624Blackawton, Devon, England I15549
46 CREW, Henry  1809Blackawton, Devon, England I269
47 CROBIERD, Chrispin  26 Mar 1663Blackawton, Devon, England I14192
48 CROBIERD, Grace  Mar 1681Blackawton, Devon, England I92
49 CROBIERD, Nicholas  Abt 1632Blackawton, Devon, England I14190
50 CROBIERD, Nicholas  25 Apr 1658Blackawton, Devon, England I1604
51 DENNIS, Elizabeth Northmore  Sep Q 1843Blackawton, Devon, England I9982
52 DINNIS, Ann Holditch  Abt 1828Blackawton, Devon, England I5286
53 DINNIS, Elizabeth Sarah  Abt 1825Blackawton, Devon, England I5285
54 DINNIS, Grace Baker  Abt 1818Blackawton, Devon, England I5284
55 DINNIS, Reuben  Abt 1815Blackawton, Devon, England I5282
56 DINNISS, James Baker  Abt 1810Blackawton, Devon, England I5079
57 DINNISS, John  Abt 1812Blackawton, Devon, England I1182
58 DINNISS, Mary  Abt 1816Blackawton, Devon, England I5283
59 DUNNING, Robert  Abt 1810Blackawton, Devon, England I25007
60 ELLIOTT, Charles Robert  Mar Q 1846Blackawton, Devon, England I9985
61 ELLIS, Charlotte Hellens  Mar Q 1884Blackawton, Devon, England I16594
62 FERRIS, Mary  Abt 1844Blackawton, Devon, England I9963
63 GOODYEAR, William  23 Mar 1844Blackawton, Devon, England I16534
64 HAMBLING, Anne  1760Blackawton, Devon, England I223
65 HAMBLING, Caroline  1835Blackawton, Devon, England I254
66 HAMBLING, Charles George  1820Blackawton, Devon, England I228
67 HAMBLING, Elizabeth  1749Blackawton, Devon, England I256
68 HAMBLING, Elizabeth Baker  1825Blackawton, Devon, England I231
69 HAMBLING, Henry  1823Blackawton, Devon, England I230
70 HAMBLING, Henry Baker  17 Dec 1851Blackawton, Devon, England I250
71 HAMBLING, Hiram Bartlett  1822Blackawton, Devon, England I229
72 HAMBLING, Honour  Abt 1799Blackawton, Devon, England I5119
73 HAMBLING, James  Abt 1761Blackawton, Devon, England I42
74 HAMBLING, James  1814Blackawton, Devon, England I38
75 HAMBLING, Joanna  1751Blackawton, Devon, England I255
76 HAMBLING, John  1815Blackawton, Devon, England I227
77 HAMBLING, Mary  Abt 1790Blackawton, Devon, England I240
78 HAMBLING, Mary  1793Blackawton, Devon, England I5118
79 HAMBLING, Mary  1818Blackawton, Devon, England I226
80 HAMBLING, Nancy  Abt 1783Blackawton, Devon, England I224
81 HAMBLING, Reuben  1833Blackawton, Devon, England I253
82 HAMBLING, Robert  Abt 1791Blackawton, Devon, England I5122
83 HAMBLING, Robert  1800Blackawton, Devon, England I5123
84 HAMBLING, Sarah Ann  Abt 1827Blackawton, Devon, England I251
85 HAMBLING, Selina  1829Blackawton, Devon, England I252
86 HAMBLING, William Baker  Abt 1812Blackawton, Devon, England I225
87 HAMBLING, Clerk William Bartlett  1787Blackawton, Devon, England I40
88 HANNAFORD, John  Abt 1832Blackawton, Devon, England I10136
89 HANNAFORD, John Jackson  Abt 1831Blackawton, Devon, England I9850
90 HANNAFORD, Robert Henry  Jun Q 1894Blackawton, Devon, England I16601
91 HODGE, Mary H.  Abt 1810Blackawton, Devon, England I242
92 HYNE, Charles Frederick  8 Mar 1843Blackawton, Devon, England I5525
93 HYNE, Charlotte Alice  Abt 1840Blackawton, Devon, England I2768
94 HYNE, Grace Victoria Pitts ("Victoria")  31 Aug 1837Blackawton, Devon, England I5520
95 HYNE, John  Abt 1839Blackawton, Devon, England I2750
96 HYNE, William Pitts  Dec 1844Blackawton, Devon, England I5526
97 LAMBERT, John  Abt 1830Blackawton, Devon, England I2697
98 LANDS, Charles Albert Pitts  18 Mar 1848Blackawton, Devon, England I5527
99 LANDS, Matthew  Abt 1801Blackawton, Devon, England I5521
100 LANGWORTHY, Richard  Abt 1847Blackawton, Devon, England I5128
101 LAVERS, Bartholomew  1775Blackawton, Devon, England I5084
102 LAVERS, Elias  1764Blackawton, Devon, England I5085
103 LAVERS, Elias  1768Blackawton, Devon, England I5087
104 LAVERS, Elizabeth Laskey  Abt 1800Blackawton, Devon, England I5099
105 LAVERS, George  Abt 1762Blackawton, Devon, England I5086
106 LAVERS, George  Abt 1784Blackawton, Devon, England I5108
107 LAVERS, George  Abt 1794Blackawton, Devon, England I5100
108 LAVERS, John  Abt 1781Blackawton, Devon, England I5112
109 LAVERS, John  1789Blackawton, Devon, England I5101
110 LAVERS, Mary Laskey  Abt 1807Blackawton, Devon, England I5102
111 LAVERS, Richard  Abt 1766Blackawton, Devon, England I5089
112 LAVERS, Richard  Abt 1790Blackawton, Devon, England I5104
113 LAVERS, Richard  Abt 1791Blackawton, Devon, England I5105
114 LAVERS, Robert  Abt 1792Blackawton, Devon, England I5106
115 LAVERS, Robert  Abt 1796Blackawton, Devon, England I5096
116 LAVERS, Robert  Abt 1803Blackawton, Devon, England I5094
117 LAVERS, Robert  Abt 1809Blackawton, Devon, England I5115
118 LAVERS, Roger  Abt 1773Blackawton, Devon, England I5091
119 LAVERS, Sarah  1757Blackawton, Devon, England I49
120 LAVERS, Susan  Abt 1790Blackawton, Devon, England I5109
121 LAVERS, William  Abt 1771Blackawton, Devon, England I5092
122 LAVERS, William  Abt 1792Blackawton, Devon, England I5097
123 LAVERS, William  Abt 1797Blackawton, Devon, England I5103
124 LAVERS, William  Abt 1803Blackawton, Devon, England I5110
125 LUCKRAFT, Elizabeth  Abt 1784Blackawton, Devon, England I30833
126 LUCKRIFT, Jane Tucker  Abt 1791Blackawton, Devon, England I30817
127 LUSCOMBE, Sarah Rebecca  Abt 1820Blackawton, Devon, England I30843
128 PADDON, Grace  Est 1660Blackawton, Devon, England I1605
129 PADDON, John  Abt 1619Blackawton, Devon, England I15548
130 PERING, Sarah  Abt 1792Blackawton, Devon, England I10132
131 PITTS, Betsy  Abt 1788Blackawton, Devon, England I5060
132 PITTS, Edwin  Dec Q 1846Blackawton, Devon, England I9989
133 PITTS, Ellen  4 Apr 1844Blackawton, Devon, England I9988
134 PITTS, Louisa  Blackawton, Devon, England I5043
135 PITTS, Susan Jane  Abt 1821Blackawton, Devon, England I5056
136 PITTS, Thomas  Abt 1824Blackawton, Devon, England I5041
137 PITTS, William  Abt 1811Blackawton, Devon, England I11721
138 PROUT, Christopher  Blackawton, Devon, England I10053
139 PYNE, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1847Blackawton, Devon, England I9957
140 PYNE, Ellen  Abt 1844Blackawton, Devon, England I9959
141 PYNE, George  Abt 1842Blackawton, Devon, England I9958
142 PYNE, James  1850Blackawton, Devon, England I9960
143 PYNE, Richard  Abt 1857Blackawton, Devon, England I9961
144 PYNE, William  Abt 1814Blackawton, Devon, England I5522
145 RENDLE, George  Abt 1841Blackawton, Devon, England I5136
146 ROPER, John  Abt 1827Blackawton, Devon, England I25008
147 SEAGGLE, Mary Ann  Abt 1780Blackawton, Devon, England I1352
148 STABB, Annie  25 Jan 1852Blackawton, Devon, England I9747
149 STABB, Elizabeth  Mar Q 1859Blackawton, Devon, England I9749
150 STABB, Ellen Jackson  1 Jan 1869Blackawton, Devon, England I9995
151 STABB, Grace Dammarell  1 Jan 1869Blackawton, Devon, England I9996
152 STABB, John  12 Jan 1854Blackawton, Devon, England I9748
153 STABB, Thomas Hingston  Abt 1827Blackawton, Devon, England I2869
154 SULLOCK, Alice  Abt 1607Blackawton, Devon, England I20798
155 SWEETLAND, John  22 Sep 1654Blackawton, Devon, England I15988
156 SWEETLAND, Mary  Abt 1683Blackawton, Devon, England I36
157 SWEETLAND, Samson  27 Nov 1658Blackawton, Devon, England I15989
158 SWEETLAND, William  19 Jan 1654/55Blackawton, Devon, England I15984
159 SYMONS, Dorothy  10 Mar 1717/18Blackawton, Devon, England I841
160 SYMONS, John  Abt 1674Blackawton, Devon, England I20792
161 SYMONS, Nicholas  Abt 1651Blackawton, Devon, England I20794
162 TRANT, Dorothy Mary  25 Feb 1907Blackawton, Devon, England I18016
163 TROUT, Richard  Mar Q 1901Blackawton, Devon, England I16614
164 TUCKER, William  Abt 1825Blackawton, Devon, England I27480
165 TUCKERMAN, Sisley  Abt Feb 1590/91Blackawton, Devon, England I14200
166 WATTS, Sally Trible  Abt 1815Blackawton, Devon, England I9953
167 WOTTON, English  Abt 1672Blackawton, Devon, England I14242
168 WOTTON, Susana  20 Feb 1659/60Blackawton, Devon, England I14262


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 STABB, Ellen Jackson  28 Feb 1869Blackawton, Devon, England I9995


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Richord  Nov 1741Blackawton, Devon, England I20793
2 Sisley  Sep 1615Blackawton, Devon, England I15612
3 Wilmot  Mar 1762Blackawton, Devon, England I18614
4 BAKER, Elizabeth  1 Nov 1880Blackawton, Devon, England I41
5 BARTLETT, Anne  Jan 1777Blackawton, Devon, England I47
6 BARTLETT, William  Abt Apr 1775Blackawton, Devon, England I5147
7 BELLAMY, John  Apr 1752Blackawton, Devon, England I18578
8 BELLAMY, Mary  Bef 1782Blackawton, Devon, England I44
9 BELLETT, Hugh  Jan 1728/29Blackawton, Devon, England I91
10 BURGING, John  Apr 1752Blackawton, Devon, England I257
11 BURGOIN, Ann  1836Blackawton, Devon, England I43
12 COMBE, Millicent  Jan 1682/83Blackawton, Devon, England I15549
13 CROBIERD, Grace  Jan 1722/23Blackawton, Devon, England I92
14 CROBIERD, Nicholas  Apr 1666Blackawton, Devon, England I14190
15 CROBIERD, Ralfe  Apr 1662Blackawton, Devon, England I14199
16 HAMBLING, Caroline  20 Feb 1868Blackawton, Devon, England I2897
17 HAMBLING, James  Mar 1787Blackawton, Devon, England I46
18 HAMBLING, James  14 Jul 1837Blackawton, Devon, England I42
19 HAMBLING, Robert  11 Apr 1846Blackawton, Devon, England I5116
20 HAMBLING, Clerk William Bartlett  24 Feb 1864Blackawton, Devon, England I40
21 LAVERS, John  Jan 1781Blackawton, Devon, England I50
22 LAWRY, Emmeline  19 May 1889Blackawton, Devon, England I904
23 PADDON, Grace  Oct 1712Blackawton, Devon, England I1605
24 PADDON, John  Mar 1683Blackawton, Devon, England I15548
25 PEARSE, Mary  May 1698Blackawton, Devon, England I15985
26 PEEKE, Jane  Abt Sep 1685Blackawton, Devon, England I14251
27 PERRING, Dorothy  May 1677Blackawton, Devon, England I20795
28 PITTS, Caroline Baker  Blackawton, Devon, England I5061
29 STABB, John  30 Sep 1871Blackawton, Devon, England I9738
30 STEWARD, Elizabeth Naramore  16 Aug 1875Blackawton, Devon, England I249
31 SULLOCK, Alice  Feb 1670/71Blackawton, Devon, England I20798
32 SULLOCK, William  1611Blackawton, Devon, England I23734
33 SYMONS, John  Oct 1670Blackawton, Devon, England I20797
34 SYMONS, John  Jun 1751Blackawton, Devon, England I20792
35 TUCKERMAN, Robert  Mar 1590Blackawton, Devon, England I15610
36 TUCKERMAN, William  May 1617Blackawton, Devon, England I15604
37 WOOD, Elizabeth  Oct 1743Blackawton, Devon, England I5148
38 WOTTON, English  Nov 1712Blackawton, Devon, England I14242
39 WOTTON, Walter  Abt 9 Nov 1690Blackawton, Devon, England I14250
40 WOTTON, William  Jun 1670Blackawton, Devon, England I14258


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprentice    Person ID 
1 CREW, Henry  1818Blackawton, Devon, England I269


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprenticeship    Person ID 
1 ISSELL, John  1767Blackawton, Devon, England I79

Chancery Court dispute

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Chancery Court dispute    Person ID 
1 KNOWLING, Stephen  1652Blackawton, Devon, England I15783
2 WOTTON, William  1652Blackawton, Devon, England I14258

Civic duty

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civic duty    Person ID 
1 ELLIS, Nathaniel John  1886Blackawton, Devon, England I9827


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 BURGOYNE, Caroline  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9979
2 BURGOYNE, Ellen  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9981
3 BURGOYNE, John Mumford  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9978
4 BURGOYNE, Mary Elizabeth  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I9977
5 BURGOYNE, William Henry  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9980
6 HAMBLING, Henry Baker  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I250
7 PYNE, Elizabeth Ann  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9957
8 PYNE, Ellen  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I9959
9 PYNE, George  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I9958
10 PYNE, James  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9960
11 PYNE, Richard  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9961
12 PYNE, William  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I9956
13 STABB, Annie  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9747
14 STABB, Elizabeth  1871Blackawton, Devon, England I9749
15 STABB, John  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I9748

Militia Assessment

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Militia Assessment    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Richard  1715Blackawton, Devon, England I14241
2 KNOWLING, George  1715Blackawton, Devon, England I15781


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 STABB, Thomas Hingston  1884Blackawton, Devon, England I2869
2 STABB, Thomas Hingston  30 Apr 1893Blackawton, Devon, England I2869


Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, The Revd. John B.A.  13 Oct 1688 to 10 Mar 1732/33Blackawton, Devon, England I16794
2 ADAMS, The Revd. Stephen Lewis M.A.  From 6 Apr 1803 to 18 Jan 1834Blackawton, Devon, England I16796
3 ADAMS, The Rev. Thomas M.A.  From 13 Aug 1752Blackawton, Devon, England I16795
4 BAKER, Elizabeth  From 1864 to 1880Blackawton, Devon, England I41
5 BAKER, James  Blackawton, Devon, England I889
6 BAKER, James  Blackawton, Devon, England I48
7 BAKER, James  1779Blackawton, Devon, England I48
8 BAKER, Richard  Blackawton, Devon, England I9434
9 BAKER, Richard  1841Blackawton, Devon, England I10117
10 BARTLETT, Richard  1700Blackawton, Devon, England I14241
11 BARTLETT, William  1741Blackawton, Devon, England I5147
12 BELLAMY, John  From 1772 to 1783Blackawton, Devon, England I18581
13 BELLAMY, Matthew  1782Blackawton, Devon, England I18579
14 BELLETT, John  Blackawton, Devon, England I2607
15 BELLETT, Thomas  From 1749 to 1752Blackawton, Devon, England I1413
16 BELLETT, Thomas  From 1841 to 1851Blackawton, Devon, England I1351
17 BELLETT, Thomas  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I1351
18 BURGOYNE, William  From 1851 to 1901Blackawton, Devon, England I9950
19 BURGOYNE, William Henry  1891Blackawton, Devon, England I9980
20 CHING, William  Blackawton, Devon, England I18595
21 COOMBS, John  1841Blackawton, Devon, England I5120
22 CROBERT, Nicholas  Blackawton, Devon, England I14212
23 CROBIERD, Chrispin  1701Blackawton, Devon, England I14192
24 ELLIS, Owen Cocker  Blackawton, Devon, England I15565
25 HAMBLING, Caroline  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I254
26 HAMBLING, Henry  Blackawton, Devon, England I230
27 HAMBLING, Henry  From 1847 to 1891Blackawton, Devon, England I230
28 HAMBLING, Henry  From 1851 to 1861Blackawton, Devon, England I230
29 HAMBLING, Henry Baker  1871Blackawton, Devon, England I250
30 HAMBLING, James  Blackawton, Devon, England I42
31 HAMBLING, James  1760Blackawton, Devon, England I46
32 HAMBLING, John  1754Blackawton, Devon, England I9712
33 HAMBLING, Robert  1790Blackawton, Devon, England I5116
34 HAMBLING, Robert  1841Blackawton, Devon, England I5116
35 HAMBLING, Sarah Ann  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I251
36 HAMBLING, Clerk William Bartlett  From 1814 to 1864Blackawton, Devon, England I40
37 HAMBLING, Clerk William Bartlett  From 1821 to 1852Blackawton, Devon, England I40
38 HAMBLING, Clerk William Bartlett  From 1829 to 1864Blackawton, Devon, England I40
39 HAMBLING, Clerk William Bartlett  From 1846 to 1864Blackawton, Devon, England I40
40 HYNE, William  1841Blackawton, Devon, England I5519
41 LANDS, Matthew  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I5521
42 LAVERS, John  From 1752 to 1758Blackawton, Devon, England I50
43 LAVERS, Richard  1788Blackawton, Devon, England I5089
44 LAVERS, Robert  1780Blackawton, Devon, England I5090
45 LETHBRIDGE, Walter  Blackawton, Devon, England I12632
46 MORTIMORE, Nicholas  From 1744 to 1750Blackawton, Devon, England I16094
47 MORTIMORE, Robert  Blackawton, Devon, England I16097
48 PITTS, John  From 1871 to 1881Blackawton, Devon, England I9952
49 PITTS, Sampson  1780Blackawton, Devon, England I5047
50 PYNE, James  1871Blackawton, Devon, England I9960
51 PYNE, William  From 1837 to 1891Blackawton, Devon, England I5522
52 ROOPE, John  1770Blackawton, Devon, England I18593
53 STABB, Annie  1871Blackawton, Devon, England I9747
54 STABB, Elizabeth  1891Blackawton, Devon, England I9749
55 STABB, John  From 1819 to 1827Blackawton, Devon, England I9738
56 STABB, John  1871Blackawton, Devon, England I9748
57 STABB, Thomas Hingston  From 1851 to 1871Blackawton, Devon, England I2869
58 STABB, Thomas Hingston  1861Blackawton, Devon, England I2869
59 SWEETLAND, Samson  1723Blackawton, Devon, England I15989

Protestation oath

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Protestation oath    Person ID 
1 WOTTON, Solomon  From 1641 to 1642Blackawton, Devon, England I15729


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HAMBLING, Reuben  1851Blackawton, Devon, England I253
2 HAMBLING, Sarah Ann  From 1851 to 1881Blackawton, Devon, England I251
3 PROUT, Christopher  1877Blackawton, Devon, England I17068

Tithe Apportionments

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tithe Apportionments    Person ID 
1 HAMBLING, Clerk William Bartlett  1839Blackawton, Devon, England I40