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Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England



Torcross is a newish place; it celebrated 400 years of existence in 2002, an event marked at the time by an exhibition in the Chapel, and permanently by a book "400 Years in Torcross: 1602 - 2002, A Pictorial History" by Robin Rose-Price and Clare Pawley, (ISBN 1 898964 52 1). In 2009 I bought a copy in the shop in Torcross where it may still be available (£12.95).

It is in the parish of Stokenham; many, probably most inhabitants will have been baptised, married and buried at the Parish Church there. I believe also that some of those recorded as being born in "Stokenham" were born in Torcross, i.e. in the Parish rather than the village of Stokenham.

There are a few notes and photos on Stokenham Parish Council website.

Small location : Latitude: 50.2662773, Longitude: -3.6534406


Mary, Susan and Kezia Pike
Mary, Susan and Kezia Pike
The three sisters were included in this drawing of 1835 by W. H. Way (Royal Academy artist) who used to stay in the village.
I think they must be Kezia (born 1829 i.e. aged about 6) sitting, on the left, Susan (born 1821 - aged about 14) standing and Mary (born 1816, aged about 19) kneeling on the right.

(This picture is in "400 Years in Torcross: 1602-2002, A Pictorial History" by Robin Rose-Price and Clare Pawley - see Torcross page for more information) …

The grave of William and Mary Pike - a close-up
The grave of William and Mary Pike - a close-up
The grave of 2 of my 5xgreat grandparents:
William Pike, fisherman of Torcross (c1760 - 1837)
Mary Pike, nee Rider, (c1767 - 1854)

Wills (transcripts)
The Will of William Pike (c.1761 - 1837)
The Will of William Pike (c.1761 - 1837)
(a 5 x great grandfather of mine)


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PEPPERELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1804Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I19472
2 PEPPERELL, Emily  Jun Q 1854Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16453
3 PEPPERELL, George  Abt 1823Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I9829
4 PEPPERELL, George  Dec Q 1838Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16414
5 PEPPERELL, John  Sep Q 1848Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16445
6 PEPPERELL, Laura  Jun Q 1858Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16454
7 PEPPERELL, Mary Jane  Jun Q 1850Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16446
8 PEPPERELL, Robert  Abt 1822Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I4712
9 PIKE, Sarah ("Sally")  1790Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I74
10 WEEKS, Mary Jane  Abt 1866Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16609


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BASTARD, Joseph  10 Dec 1826Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I880
2 KELLOND, Mary  Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I8410
3 PIKE, John  8 Oct 1874Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I536
4 PIKE, William  23 Apr 1837Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I75
5 RIDER, Mary  24 May 1854Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I76


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 PIKE, Kathleen Neill  Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I2734
2 STOWER, William  23 Feb 1980Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I5695


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 PIKE, Susan  1871Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I763


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BASTARD, Edward  1816Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I5670
2 BASTARD, Joseph  From 1814 to 1826Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I5668
3 COLE, Elizabeth  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16449
4 DIAMOND, James  From 1827 to 1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16406
5 HOLLETT, George  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16287
6 MCCLEMENTS, David  1873Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I11941
7 MCMAHON, Morty  From 1835 to 1838Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16346
8 PEDRICK, Emma  1871Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I11935
9 PEPPERELL, Elizabeth A.  1861Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16417
10 PEPPERELL, Hannah  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16288
11 PEPPERELL, Hannah  1861Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16288
12 PEPPERELL, Joanna  1861Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16225
13 PEPPERELL, John  Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16157
14 PEPPERELL, John  1816Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16322
15 PEPPERELL, John  1841Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16322
16 PEPPERELL, Philip  From 1850 to 1870Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16447
17 PEPPERELL, Samuel  From 1819 to 1841Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16217
18 PEPPERELL, Samuel  1850Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16290
19 PEPPERELL, Samuel  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16290
20 PEPPERELL, William  1841Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16350
21 PEPPERELL, William  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16350
22 PIKE, John  From 1816 to 1833Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I536
23 PIKE, John  From 1841 to 1870Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I536
24 PIKE, John  From 1854 to 1874Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I536
25 PIKE, John Henry  Aft 1907Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I762
26 PIKE, Kezia  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I760
27 PIKE, Mary  1841Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I538
28 PIKE, William  Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I75
29 PIKE, William Henry  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I702
30 PIKE, William Henry  1871Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I702
31 PIKE, William Henry  1 Aug 1874Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I702
32 STABB, John  1819Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I6108
33 WEEKS, John  1861Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16460
34 WEEKS, Robert  1866Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16607
35 WEEKS, Samuel  Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16455
36 WEEKS, Thomas  1819Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16605


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 GARDENER, John  1847Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16470
2 GARDNER, Wilmot  1819Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I2627
3 HALE, Henry  Bef 1874Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I10029
4 MCMAHON, Mary  1841Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16435
5 MCMAHON, Michael  From 1835 to 1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16433
6 PEPPERELL, Hannah  From 1841 to 1861Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16288
7 PEPPERELL, Joanna  1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16225
8 PEPPERELL, Robert  1823Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I4712
9 PEPPERELL, Samuel  From 1814 to 1829Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I16217
10 PIKE, John  From 1816 to 1871Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I536
11 PIKE, Louisa  From 1833 to 1851Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I541
12 PIKE, Mary  From 1816 to 1842Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I538


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 PIKE, John Henry  1948Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, England I762