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Plymouth, Devon, England


Town / City : Latitude: 50.3703805, Longitude: -4.142653


Stories from Wartime Plymouth
Stories from Wartime Plymouth
I only came across my mother's memories after she died. Though I had heard her speak of some of this I didn't know about the tin of marbles, which sadly we don't now have.
I knew of her friend who was killed - my mother always remembered her and was pleased to go to a special service at St. Andrew's Church in Plymouth, I think in the 1990s, to remember the war victims.
My mother and grandmother were unscathed, and only lost some sheets that were at a laundry in the bombing of…


Matches 1 to 221 of 221

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Abt 1824Plymouth, Devon, England I15547
2 BAULCH, Frederick George Bootyman  Sep Q 1872Plymouth, Devon, England I32010
3 BEER, Alfred William  Abt 1862Plymouth, Devon, England I305201
4 BEER, Alice Louisa  Dec Q 1867Plymouth, Devon, England I305205
5 BEER, Edith Ann  Mar Q 1865Plymouth, Devon, England I305204
6 BEER, Eliza Maria  Jun Q 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I305206
7 BEHENNA, Ethel  Sep Q 1881Plymouth, Devon, England I29182
8 BISCOMBE, Alfred William Northmore  13 Aug 1905Plymouth, Devon, England I18186
9 BISCOMBE, Ena Kate  Sep Q 1907Plymouth, Devon, England I18187
10 BISCOMBE, Irene Constance  Sep Q 1910Plymouth, Devon, England I18188
11 BRADFORD, George Albert  Jun Q 1867Plymouth, Devon, England I13179
12 BURLEY, Eli George  18 Apr 1900Plymouth, Devon, England I305031
13 BURLEY, Florence Maud  14 Sep 1903Plymouth, Devon, England I305033
14 BURLEY, Gladys Louisa  11 Oct 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I305032
15 BURLEY, Isaac  13 Sep 1867Plymouth, Devon, England I303458
16 BURLEY, Isaac Wilfred John  28 Oct 1898Plymouth, Devon, England I300476
17 BURROWS, Thomas  Abt 1800Plymouth, Devon, England I18333
18 CANN, Rose Phillips  21 Dec 1889Plymouth, Devon, England I303760
19 CLEVERTON, Honoria Philippa Gifford  Abt 1812Plymouth, Devon, England I12701
20 COLE, Fanny Maria  Mar Q 1838Plymouth, Devon, England I9795
21 COLE, Laura Augusta Grace  Jun Q 1854Plymouth, Devon, England I9798
22 CUNDY, Richard Broad  Abt 1828Plymouth, Devon, England I3215
23 CURTIS, Lilian Florence  30 Jun 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I302608
24 CURTIS, Silas  Abt 1827Plymouth, Devon, England I304379
25 CURTIS, Violet Louise  Sep Q 1898Plymouth, Devon, England I302606
26 CURTIS, William Henry Silas  Mar Q 1857Plymouth, Devon, England I302604
27 CURTIS, Winifred Amelia  19 Mar 1904Plymouth, Devon, England I302609
28 DAWE, Elizabeth Hawkins  Abt 1822Plymouth, Devon, England I10752
29 DICKER, Jane  Abt 1824Plymouth, Devon, England I13667
30 DOUGLAS, Ellen Mary  Sep Q 1910Plymouth, Devon, England I302306
31 DOUGLAS, Reginald  Jun Q 1906Plymouth, Devon, England I302305
32 EDWARDS, Mary Ann  Abt 1853Plymouth, Devon, England I30749
33 ELLIOTT, Maria  Abt 1846Plymouth, Devon, England I11575
34 ENDACOTT, Harriet Elizabeth  Jun Q 1869Plymouth, Devon, England I19122
35 FINCH, Eliabeth Henrietta (“Henrietta”)  10 Aug 1875Plymouth, Devon, England I305259
36 FINCH, John Edward  Jun Q 1873Plymouth, Devon, England I305258
37 FINCH, Thomas James  28 Jul 1882Plymouth, Devon, England I305260
38 FINCH, William Henry  Mar Q 1847Plymouth, Devon, England I303464
39 FINCH, William Henry  26 Dec 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I305257
40 FOGWELL, Nicholas  29 Jul 1809Plymouth, Devon, England I17855
41 FOGWELL, Richard  18 Feb 1816Plymouth, Devon, England I13806
42 FORD, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1856Plymouth, Devon, England I302918
43 GOMMO, Samuel K.  Abt 1868Plymouth, Devon, England I13564
44 GOMMO, William L.  Abt Oct 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I13565
45 GOODYEAR, Maria Ribeth  Abt 1822Plymouth, Devon, England I5163
46 GOTHAM, Alice Eliza  Dec Q 1892Plymouth, Devon, England I300500
47 GOTHAM, Edward James  31 May 1902Plymouth, Devon, England I300047
48 GOTHAM, Ethel Maud  6 Jul 1900Plymouth, Devon, England I300502
49 GOTHAM, Frederick Charles  16 Mar 1899Plymouth, Devon, England I300501
50 HARRIS, Bessie  Abt 1904Plymouth, Devon, England I10814
51 HARRIS, Catherine  Abt 1899Plymouth, Devon, England I10812
52 HARRIS, William  Abt 1907Plymouth, Devon, England I10815
53 HASLETT, Robert  Abt 1842Plymouth, Devon, England I305197
54 HASLETT, Susan E.  Abt 1847Plymouth, Devon, England I305199
55 HENNINGS, Albert George  Abt 1889Plymouth, Devon, England I300097
56 HENNINGS, Frederick Thomas  Sep Q 1891Plymouth, Devon, England I302605
57 HENWOOD, Maria  12 Apr 1822Plymouth, Devon, England I29145
58 HICKS, Charles Henry  6 Aug 1896Plymouth, Devon, England I303339
59 HUNTER, Annie Light  Mar Q 1891Plymouth, Devon, England I26870
60 HUNTER, James Parsons  Dec Q 1850Plymouth, Devon, England I26869
61 JEFFERY, Maria  Abt 1861Plymouth, Devon, England I27180
62 JONES, Emily  Abt 1869Plymouth, Devon, England I18323
63 JORDAN, Eliza Ann  Abt 1874Plymouth, Devon, England I5649
64 JOSLIN, Louisa Ann (“Lucy”)  4 Jul 1873Plymouth, Devon, England I303471
65 JURY, Ethel  Abt 1880Plymouth, Devon, England I1006
66 JURY, Richard  Abt 1877Plymouth, Devon, England I1005
67 JUSTHAM, John William  11 Oct 1866Plymouth, Devon, England I1139
68 LANGLER, Maria  25 May 1819Plymouth, Devon, England I12536
69 LAPIDGE, Elizabeth Ann  Sep Q 1847Plymouth, Devon, England I303465
70 LAPIDGE, John Edward  Abt 1816Plymouth, Devon, England I305256
71 MABEN, Eliza Jane  Sep Q 1846Plymouth, Devon, England I13180
72 MARTIN, Bessie Matilda  Abt 1869Plymouth, Devon, England I13663
73 MATTHEW, Alice Louise  31 Oct 1890Plymouth, Devon, England I303361
74 MATTHEW, Daisy Dorothy  30 Jul 1894Plymouth, Devon, England I303362
75 MATTHEW, Ernest Albert  Mar Q 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I303365
76 MATTHEW, Jessie Selina  30 Sep 1895Plymouth, Devon, England I303363
77 MATTHEW, John Henry  Jun Q 1897Plymouth, Devon, England I303364
78 MELBOURNE, Helen Louisa  Abt 1858Plymouth, Devon, England I14012
79 MOSES, Ethel Lucy  6 Jun 1897Plymouth, Devon, England I305254
80 MOSES, Harry  Jun Q 1896Plymouth, Devon, England I300507
81 MOSES, Henry Thomas  14 Jan 1869Plymouth, Devon, England I303470
82 MOSES, Wilfred  Sep Q 1904Plymouth, Devon, England I305255
83 NICHOLLS, John H. C.  Abt 1875Plymouth, Devon, England I5222
84 NORTHMORE, Alice May  Jun Q 1895Plymouth, Devon, England I19125
85 NORTHMORE, Amelia Frances  Sep Q 1869Plymouth, Devon, England I19109
86 NORTHMORE, Annie Elizabeth  Jun Q 1868Plymouth, Devon, England I19108
87 NORTHMORE, Anthony  10 Aug 1852Plymouth, Devon, England I29148
88 NORTHMORE, Catherine Jane  Jun Q 1855Plymouth, Devon, England I18318
89 NORTHMORE, Charles  Abt 1894Plymouth, Devon, England I19115
90 NORTHMORE, Eliza Ann  Jun Q 1845Plymouth, Devon, England I29146
91 NORTHMORE, Emily  Mar Q 1856Plymouth, Devon, England I26067
92 NORTHMORE, Ernest Robert  Dec Q 1861Plymouth, Devon, England I18320
93 NORTHMORE, Florence Ada  Mar Q 1881Plymouth, Devon, England I19113
94 NORTHMORE, Florence Sophia  Sep Q 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I19175
95 NORTHMORE, Frederick  Abt 1873Plymouth, Devon, England I19112
96 NORTHMORE, George Joseph  Mar Q 1847Plymouth, Devon, England I29152
97 NORTHMORE, George Sydney  Dec Q 1864Plymouth, Devon, England I18321
98 NORTHMORE, James  Mar Q 1869Plymouth, Devon, England I19174
99 NORTHMORE, Joseph  Mar Q 1851Plymouth, Devon, England I14408
100 NORTHMORE, Laura Rexford  Jun Q 1873Plymouth, Devon, England I19176
101 NORTHMORE, Lavinia  Abt 1843Plymouth, Devon, England I15479
102 NORTHMORE, Lola Emma  Dec Q 1888Plymouth, Devon, England I12406
103 NORTHMORE, Louisa  19 Oct 1849Plymouth, Devon, England I29147
104 NORTHMORE, Margaret Damerell  Sep Q 1857Plymouth, Devon, England I18319
105 NORTHMORE, Margarett  Mar Q 1850Plymouth, Devon, England I15482
106 NORTHMORE, Mark  Sep Q 1891Plymouth, Devon, England I19124
107 NORTHMORE, Mark Thomas  Jun Q 1868Plymouth, Devon, England I18322
108 NORTHMORE, Mary Coleman  Jun Q 1846Plymouth, Devon, England I15481
109 NORTHMORE, Mary Jane  Dec Q 1838Plymouth, Devon, England I15473
110 NORTHMORE, Matilda  Sep Q 1842Plymouth, Devon, England I15475
111 NORTHMORE, Reginald John  Jun Q 1885Plymouth, Devon, England I12400
112 NORTHMORE, Richard Coleman  Mar Q 1882Plymouth, Devon, England I19114
113 NORTHMORE, Ruth  Dec Q 1841Plymouth, Devon, England I18337
114 NORTHMORE, Samuel James  Sep Q 1841Plymouth, Devon, England I14406
115 NORTHMORE, Sarah Ann  Sep Q 1838Plymouth, Devon, England I14405
116 NORTHMORE, Sarah Ann  Mar Q 1848Plymouth, Devon, England I15477
117 NORTHMORE, Solomon  Mar Q 1844Plymouth, Devon, England I15476
118 NORTHMORE, Solomon  Mar Q 1879Plymouth, Devon, England I19111
119 NORTHMORE, Stephen  8 Apr 1840Plymouth, Devon, England I15474
120 NORTHMORE, Stephen  Abt 1871Plymouth, Devon, England I19110
121 NORTHMORE, William  Dec Q 1844Plymouth, Devon, England I15480
122 NORTHMORE, William Francis  Sep Q 1887Plymouth, Devon, England I19123
123 NORTHMORE, William George  Sep Q 1846Plymouth, Devon, England I14407
124 NORTHMORE, William Henry  Sep Q 1877Plymouth, Devon, England I30750
125 PARSONS, Arthur Ernest Henry  4 Nov 1896Plymouth, Devon, England I302922
126 PARSONS, Elsie May  29 Apr 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I300474
127 PARSONS, Ernest Albert  29 Nov 1893Plymouth, Devon, England I302921
128 PARSONS, Florence Emily  Jun Q 1891Plymouth, Devon, England I302920
129 PARSONS, Frank  Dec Q 1889Plymouth, Devon, England I302919
130 PARSONS, Henry James  Sep Q 1858Plymouth, Devon, England I302915
131 PARTRIDGE, John Walter  22 Nov 1894Plymouth, Devon, England I17542
132 PEPPERELL, Doris Eliza  Mar Q 1897Plymouth, Devon, England I2720
133 PEPPERELL, Edith Elizabeth Oldreive  Jun Q 1866Plymouth, Devon, England I27752
134 PEPPERELL, Gladys Emily  Sep Q 1905Plymouth, Devon, England I5650
135 PEPPERELL, William  Abt 1857Plymouth, Devon, England I13235
136 PITTS, Charles  Abt 1852Plymouth, Devon, England I17586
137 PITTS, Elizabeth  Abt 1860Plymouth, Devon, England I17587
138 PITTS, Ellen  Abt 1889Plymouth, Devon, England I17594
139 PITTS, Francis  Abt 1893Plymouth, Devon, England I17593
140 PITTS, George  Abt 1854Plymouth, Devon, England I17584
141 PITTS, George  Abt 1883Plymouth, Devon, England I17591
142 PITTS, Thomas  Abt 1886Plymouth, Devon, England I17592
143 PITTS, William  Abt 1857Plymouth, Devon, England I17583
144 PITTS, William  Abt 1881Plymouth, Devon, England I17590
145 POOLEY, Mary  Abt 1813Plymouth, Devon, England I2291
146 RATTENBURY, Elizabeth Ann Arthurs  Abt 1839Plymouth, Devon, England I1137
147 REED, Arthur George  Mar Q 1900Plymouth, Devon, England I302618
148 RICHARDSON, Kenneth Walter  14 May 1905Plymouth, Devon, England I30741
149 ROGERS, Edward John Trant  Abt 1842Plymouth, Devon, England I9792
150 ROGERS, Eva  Abt 1857Plymouth, Devon, England I9799
151 SEXTON, Ellen Maud Mary  Jun Q 1879Plymouth, Devon, England I9085
152 SMITH, Elizabeth Jane  20 Jun 1861Plymouth, Devon, England I305196
153 SMITH, Glanvill James William  10 Mar 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I305200
154 SMITH, Jane Hannah (“Annie”)  Sep Q 1845Plymouth, Devon, England I304040
155 SMITH, Mary Johanna  2 Oct 1859Plymouth, Devon, England I300074
156 SMITH, Thomas John  11 Feb 1863Plymouth, Devon, England I305198
157 SPURRELL, Albert Edward  1890Plymouth, Devon, England I10795
158 SPURRELL, Alfred  Abt 1838Plymouth, Devon, England I11573
159 SPURRELL, Alfred John  Dec Q 1879Plymouth, Devon, England I12525
160 SPURRELL, Alphonso Edgar  27 Oct 1830Plymouth, Devon, England I11572
161 SPURRELL, Amelia  Abt 1845Plymouth, Devon, England I10767
162 SPURRELL, Archibald Norman  Mar Q 1889Plymouth, Devon, England I12530
163 SPURRELL, Beatrice Mary  Abt Jan 1881Plymouth, Devon, England I12526
164 SPURRELL, Edwin Matthew  3 Jan 1828Plymouth, Devon, England I11571
165 SPURRELL, Emma  Abt 1844Plymouth, Devon, England I10901
166 SPURRELL, Florence Maud Mary  Mar Q 1869Plymouth, Devon, England I12469
167 SPURRELL, John Edwin Harris  Mar Q 1854Plymouth, Devon, England I22251
168 SPURRELL, John Harris  20 Dec 1825Plymouth, Devon, England I11570
169 SPURRELL, Joseph J.  Abt 1890Plymouth, Devon, England I10996
170 SPURRELL, Lydia Gertie  Mar Q 1884Plymouth, Devon, England I10793
171 SPURRELL, Richard Stanley  Abt 1885Plymouth, Devon, England I10794
172 SPURRELL, Sidney George  Dec Q 1886Plymouth, Devon, England I12529
173 SPURRELL, Thomas  Abt 1877Plymouth, Devon, England I12527
174 STEPHENS, James  Abt 1836Plymouth, Devon, England I18257
175 STOWER, Brenda Ann  19 Nov 1933Plymouth, Devon, England I5704
176 STOWER, David Thomas  4 Oct 1928Plymouth, Devon, England I5699
177 SYMONS, Ænæas  Abt 1683Plymouth, Devon, England I2015
178 TAMLIN, Louisa Sophia  Abt 1855Plymouth, Devon, England I305252
179 TAPSCOTT, Eli  Sep Q 1856Plymouth, Devon, England I305251
180 TAPSCOTT, Sarah Sophia  17 Jul 1879Plymouth, Devon, England I303459
181 THOMAS, Jane  Abt 1822Plymouth, Devon, England I17585
182 TOZER, George  Abt Nov 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I27714
183 TOZER, Samuel  Abt 1835Plymouth, Devon, England I1128
184 TRANT, John  1805Plymouth, Devon, England I10165
185 UREN, Cecil  Mar Q 1904Plymouth, Devon, England I27158
186 UREN, Dorothy Violet  6 Feb 1910Plymouth, Devon, England I27170
187 UREN, Elsie May  Sep Q 1899Plymouth, Devon, England I27166
188 UREN, Ernest Bertie  5 Feb 1906Plymouth, Devon, England I27169
189 UREN, Ivy Lilian  Mar Q 1908Plymouth, Devon, England I27159
190 UREN, Percy  Sep Q 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I27157
191 UREN, Winifred Mabel Ellen (“Mabel”)  Dec Q 1892Plymouth, Devon, England I27181
192 VOGWELL, Albert  Abt 1878Plymouth, Devon, England I13136
193 VOGWELL, Albert Edward  Jun Q 1898Plymouth, Devon, England I14017
194 VOGWELL, Arthur James  Abt Sep 1909Plymouth, Devon, England I14056
195 VOGWELL, Bessie May  1890Plymouth, Devon, England I13665
196 VOGWELL, Charles Sidney  Abt 1896Plymouth, Devon, England I14016
197 VOGWELL, Elizabeth Jane  Jun Q 1889Plymouth, Devon, England I13664
198 VOGWELL, Florence Minnie  Mar Q 1900Plymouth, Devon, England I14018
199 VOGWELL, Helen Louisa Margaret  Abt Oct 1890Plymouth, Devon, England I14015
200 VOGWELL, Hilda Lucy  Mar Q 1906Plymouth, Devon, England I13657
201 VOGWELL, Ivy Gwendoline  Jun Q 1907Plymouth, Devon, England I14055
202 VOGWELL, Susan  Abt 1856Plymouth, Devon, England I14001
203 VOGWELL, Violet Churchward  Mar Q 1895Plymouth, Devon, England I13654
204 VOGWELL, Violet Elizabeth  Jun Q 1899Plymouth, Devon, England I14049
205 VOGWELL, William Albert James  Dec Q 1887Plymouth, Devon, England I14013
206 VOGWELL, William Henry  Mar Q 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I14050
207 VOGWELL, William Jonas James  Abt 1858Plymouth, Devon, England I14002
208 WHITE, Henry Erving Harker  Abt 1825Plymouth, Devon, England I11017
209 WHITEHEAD, Alice Maud  2 Dec 1903Plymouth, Devon, England I27428
210 WILLIAMS, Mary Ann  Abt 1850Plymouth, Devon, England I10893
211 WINDSHIP, Elizabeth  Abt 1815Plymouth, Devon, England I305265
212 WOODMAN, Arthur George  Abt May 1910Plymouth, Devon, England I303550
213 WOODMAN, Elsie Evelyn  10 Nov 1898Plymouth, Devon, England I303546
214 WOODMAN, Herbert Charles  Sep Q 1902Plymouth, Devon, England I303548
215 WOODMAN, Hilda Mary Eugenia  17 Oct 1907Plymouth, Devon, England I303544
216 WOODMAN, Rosina Catherine  29 Jul 1896Plymouth, Devon, England I303545
217 WOODMAN, Stanley William  Dec Q 1900Plymouth, Devon, England I303547
218 WOODMAN, Wilfred Bernard  Jun Q 1905Plymouth, Devon, England I303549
219 WOOLDRIDGE, Mary Ridge  Abt 1861Plymouth, Devon, England I1141
220 WOTTON, Margery  29 Mar 1899Plymouth, Devon, England I2911
221 YELLAND, Henry  Abt 1842Plymouth, Devon, England I13243


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 SPURRELL, William  24 Apr 1782Plymouth, Devon, England I10939
2 WINCHELSEY, John  20 May 1722Plymouth, Devon, England I14607
3 WINCHELSEY, William  12 Jan 1722/23Plymouth, Devon, England I14606


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Dec 1685Plymouth, Devon, England I20643
2 Rebecca  Sep 1712Plymouth, Devon, England I20639
3 BASTARD, Alice  Nov 1715Plymouth, Devon, England I19946
4 EVANS, Mavis  2017Plymouth, Devon, England I32043
5 FARNHAM, William Edward Kerswill  7 Oct 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I1103
6 GOTHAM, Donald  28 Sep 2009Plymouth, Devon, England I300067
7 GOTHAM, Frederick William  22 Oct 2007Plymouth, Devon, England I300498
8 JURY, Richard  1922Plymouth, Devon, England I797
9 JUSTHAM, Susanna Thomas  15 Sep 1870Plymouth, Devon, England I1083
10 NORTHMORE, Mary Ellen  Jun Q 1841Plymouth, Devon, England I19023
11 PAGE, William  11 Feb 1590/91Plymouth, Devon, England I22378
12 PEPPERELL, Albert  5 Nov 1940Plymouth, Devon, England I2719
13 PEPPERELL, Edith May  23 Jan 1961Plymouth, Devon, England I5648
14 SKELLY, Olive  4 Aug 2010Plymouth, Devon, England I303751
15 STANNING, Maud Jane  6 Aug 1958Plymouth, Devon, England I13048
16 STOWER, David Thomas  Jan 2003Plymouth, Devon, England I5699
17 STOWER, William ("Bill")  Aug 1955Plymouth, Devon, England I5694
18 SYMONS, Andrew Gent.  Feb 1685/86Plymouth, Devon, England I20642
19 SYMONS, Andrew  Jan 1696/97Plymouth, Devon, England I20638
20 SYMONS, Ænæas  Sep 1762Plymouth, Devon, England I2015
21 TRANT, William  24 Nov 1877Plymouth, Devon, England I12649
22 VOWLES, Selina Emma  Jun Q 1898Plymouth, Devon, England I2730
23 WELLINGTON, Reginald ("Reg")  1964Plymouth, Devon, England I5707


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprenticeship    Person ID 
1 SKIRRETT, Henry  1713Plymouth, Devon, England I21838

Civic Office

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civic Office    Person ID 
1 GOTHAM, Samuel  1678Plymouth, Devon, England I300017


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 COLE, Laura Augusta Grace  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I9798
2 NORTHMORE, Jane  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I14677
3 NORTHMORE, Mary Jane  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I15473
4 NORTHMORE, Samuel James  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I14406
5 NORTHMORE, Sarah Ann  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I14405
6 NORTHMORE, William George  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I14407
7 PEPPERELL, John  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I16445
8 SPURRELL, Albert Edward  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I10795
9 SPURRELL, Bessie Ellen  1881Plymouth, Devon, England I10790
10 SPURRELL, Edith Jane  1891Plymouth, Devon, England I12528
11 SPURRELL, Edith Mary  1881Plymouth, Devon, England I10789
12 SPURRELL, Florence Esther  1881Plymouth, Devon, England I10791
13 SPURRELL, Lydia Gertie  1891Plymouth, Devon, England I10793
14 SPURRELL, Richard Stanley  1891Plymouth, Devon, England I10794
15 VOGWELL, Charles Edwin  From 1871 to 1881Plymouth, Devon, England I13662
16 VOGWELL, Ethel  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I13655
17 VOGWELL, Mary Ann Susan  1871Plymouth, Devon, England I14003
18 VOGWELL, Violet Churchward  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I13654
19 VOGWELL, William Jonas James  1871Plymouth, Devon, England I14002


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigrated    Person ID 
1 CREW, Henry  Plymouth, Devon, England I269


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 SYMONS, Brendon  1559Plymouth, Devon, England I26416

In the Dock

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    In the Dock    Person ID 
1 VOGWELL, Mary Ann  1838Plymouth, Devon, England I10231
2 VOGWELL, William Jonas James  May 1880Plymouth, Devon, England I14002

Military Service

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 JUSTHAM, Isaac  From 1854 to 1863Plymouth, Devon, England I1116
2 PERROTT, Thomas Montgomery Young  1822 to 1838Plymouth, Devon, England I11495


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 PODE, John Spurrell  10 Sep 1803Plymouth, Devon, England I11844
2 TRANT, John Smith  From 1808 to 1812Plymouth, Devon, England I804


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BURROWS, Thomas  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I18333
2 BYERLEE, Paul Birkhead  1891Plymouth, Devon, England I11001
3 CHANDLER, Elizabeth Jane  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I300493
4 CHAPPLE, Jacob  1844Plymouth, Devon, England I11533
5 CHUBB, John  1785Plymouth, Devon, England I300566
6 COLE, Fanny Maria  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I9795
7 COLE, George  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I9794
8 COLE, Harriet Ann  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I9797
9 CORNISH, Richard Fox  From 1839 to 1861Plymouth, Devon, England I15225
10 DOIDGE, Arthur Lewis  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I13599
11 DOIDGE, Arthur Lewis  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I13599
12 EVANS, Jacob Godfrey Hodge  From 1881 to 1891Plymouth, Devon, England I9699
13 FOGWELL, Robert  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I17854
14 FOX, John  Plymouth, Devon, England I15568
15 GOTHAM, Henry John Pearn ("John")  1881Plymouth, Devon, England I300033
16 GOTHAM, Walter Ernest  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I300095
17 HASLETT, Thomas  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I302898
18 KERSWELL, Samuel Robert  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I17500
19 LANDS, Charles Albert Pitts  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I5527
20 MATTACOTT, Bartholomew  From 1811 to 1820Plymouth, Devon, England I10504
21 MATTHEWS, Ephraim  From 1891 to 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I11360
22 MOUNCE, Solomon  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I14453
23 NORTHMORE, James  1841Plymouth, Devon, England I11229
24 NORTHMORE, James  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I11229
25 NORTHMORE, John  1837Plymouth, Devon, England I11275
26 NORTHMORE, John  From 1861 to 1881Plymouth, Devon, England I12590
27 NORTHMORE, John Sleeman  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I12811
28 NORTHMORE, Reginald John  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I12400
29 NORTHMORE, Richard  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I12805
30 NORTHMORE, Solomon  From 1841 to 1871Plymouth, Devon, England I11253
31 PAINTER, Daniel Marshall  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I18339
32 PEPPERELL, Timothy Norris  1788Plymouth, Devon, England I15592
33 PEPPERELL, William  1871Plymouth, Devon, England I13235
34 PUTT, Philip  Plymouth, Devon, England I19540
35 RODLIFF, Percival Molesworth  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I9764
36 SOPER, Mary Ann  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I4713
37 SOPER, Mary Ann  From 1871 to 1881Plymouth, Devon, England I4713
38 SPURRELL, Kate Florence  1924Plymouth, Devon, England I12554
39 SPURRELL, Lydia Gertie  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I10793
40 SPURRELL, Richard  From 1891 to 1911Plymouth, Devon, England I10783
41 SPURRELL, Richard Stanley  1901Plymouth, Devon, England I10794
42 SPURRELL, Richard Stanley  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I10794
43 SPURRELL, Thomas  1891Plymouth, Devon, England I12527
44 SYMONS, Ænæas  1706Plymouth, Devon, England I2015
45 TRANT, Emma  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I17966
46 TRANT, Harriet  1861Plymouth, Devon, England I9790
47 TRANT, Philip Reeve  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I17989
48 UREN, John Richard Justham  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I15332
49 VOGWELL, Elsie Emma  1911Plymouth, Devon, England I14048
50 VOGWELL, Emma Ellen  1871Plymouth, Devon, England I14000
51 VOGWELL, Susan  1871Plymouth, Devon, England I14001
52 VOGWELL, William George  From 1901 to 1911Plymouth, Devon, England I13135
53 WARREN, Ann Reeve Ellis  1841Plymouth, Devon, England I12814
54 WELLINGTON, James ("Jim")  Plymouth, Devon, England I5706
55 WINCHELSEY, Samuel  From 1712 to 1718Plymouth, Devon, England I14594


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LAVERS  1842Plymouth, Devon, England I12616
2 LAVERS, Susan  1844Plymouth, Devon, England I12622
3 NORTHMORE, John  1825Plymouth, Devon, England I18998
4 SKIRRETT, Henrie  1652Plymouth, Devon, England I21727
5 SLOGETT, Amy  1821Plymouth, Devon, England I18999
6 STEPHENS, John  Bef 1833Plymouth, Devon, England I13023
7 SYMONS, William Gent.  to 1625Plymouth, Devon, England I20649
8 THOMAS, George  1829Plymouth, Devon, England I300711
9 TOZER, Maria  1852Plymouth, Devon, England I300988
10 TRANT, John  1851Plymouth, Devon, England I17962


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Retired    Person ID 
1 CHANDLER, James  From 1891 to 1901Plymouth, Devon, England I302183


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax    Person ID 
1 GOTHAM, Stephen  1674Plymouth, Devon, England I300105


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KNIGHT / SOPER  3 Sep 1730Plymouth, Devon, England F8562
2 PEPPERELL / VERCOE  1927Plymouth, Devon, England F713
3 SOPER / WINSON  24 Nov 1697Plymouth, Devon, England F8560

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 NORTHMORE / ROE  16 May 1746Plymouth, Devon, England F5941