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Margate, Kent, England


Good account of Margate history

Another account:

There is a good selection of photos of Margate in the late C19th and early C20th on the Francis Frith website, although a lot are of holiday makers rather than scenes of the life with which those who lived and worked in the town would be more familiar.

Town / City : Latitude: 51.389030222344424, Longitude: 1.3818740844726562


Wills (transcripts)
The will of Robert Goatham (1765 - 1847)
The will of Robert Goatham (1765 - 1847)
(a 3rd cousin 6x removed of mine)

I can't imagine he had a lot to leave; given that he had appealed for aid to Trinity House.


Matches 1 to 131 of 131

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  Abt 1784Margate, Kent, England I3522
2 ADAMS, Martha  Abt 1816Margate, Kent, England I28999
3 ANDREWS, Hannah  Dec Q 1850Margate, Kent, England I3520
4 ANDREWS, Jane  Abt 1826Margate, Kent, England I3527
5 ANDREWS, Jane  Dec Q 1853Margate, Kent, England I3528
6 ANDREWS, John  1824Margate, Kent, England I3518
7 ANDREWS, Robert  Sep Q 1849Margate, Kent, England I3519
8 ANDREWS, Sarah  Abt 1871Margate, Kent, England I25939
9 ANDREWS, Thomas  1829Margate, Kent, England I3524
10 BAX, Ann  Jun Q 1840Margate, Kent, England I9493
11 BAX, Sarah Ann  Sep Q 1845Margate, Kent, England I9502
12 BAX, William Pettet  2 Sep 1794Margate, Kent, England I416
13 BAX, William Pettit  Margate, Kent, England I9492
14 BISHOP, Frederick William  Jun Q 1868Margate, Kent, England I5772
15 BISHOP, George Bennett  Jun Q 1859Margate, Kent, England I5770
16 BISHOP, James  Dec Q 1856Margate, Kent, England I5773
17 BISHOP, Rosetta Amelia  Mar 1861Margate, Kent, England I5771
18 BISHOP, Thomas  1 Aug 1841Margate, Kent, England I3776
19 BRASIER, John  11 Jun 1709Margate, Kent, England I30198
20 BUSHELL, John Baker  Abt 1850Margate, Kent, England I9633
21 DENTON, Elfrida Florence  Jun Q 1906Margate, Kent, England I27841
22 DIGGES, Dudley  18 Mar 1654/55Margate, Kent, England I19400
23 DIGGES, Elizabeth  27 Jan 1656/57Margate, Kent, England I19423
24 EASTLAND, George Edwin  Sep Q 1886Margate, Kent, England I24277
25 FOAT, Hannah  Abt 1829Margate, Kent, England I8035
26 FOREMAN, Stanley Robert  Dec Q 1892Margate, Kent, England I25860
27 GOATHAM, Anne  17 Apr 1756Margate, Kent, England I3208
28 GOATHAM, Edward  26 Dec 1757Margate, Kent, England I1653
29 GOATHAM, Elizabeth  1 Jun 1754Margate, Kent, England I3207
30 GOATHAM, Herbert Frank ("Bert")  20 Sep 1885Margate, Kent, England I384
31 GOATHAM, John  20 Nov 1752Margate, Kent, England I3206
32 GOATHAM, Mary  29 May 1762Margate, Kent, England I1655
33 GOATHAM, Robert  2 Dec 1765Margate, Kent, England I3154
34 GOATHAM, Victor John ("Vic")  23 Mar 1887Margate, Kent, England I356
35 GRANT, Ada Emily  Jun Q 1870Margate, Kent, England I24294
36 GRIGGS, Charles Sladden  21 Jul 1775Margate, Kent, England I8800
37 GRIGGS, Frank  Abt 1843Margate, Kent, England I29032
38 GRIGGS, George Michael  Sep Q 1871Margate, Kent, England I24250
39 GRIGGS, Mary Ann  2 Sep 1804Margate, Kent, England I411
40 GRIGGS, Mary Ann  Abt 1849Margate, Kent, England I29033
41 GRIGGS, Robert  Abt 1842Margate, Kent, England I29031
42 GRIGGS, Sarah  Jun Q 1839Margate, Kent, England I29030
43 GRIGGS, Verona Martha  Mar Q 1869Margate, Kent, England I28995
44 GRIGGS, William  Abt 1743Margate, Kent, England I27977
45 HINES, Mary  Abt 1818Margate, Kent, England I28222
46 HOLMANS, Charles Valentine  Mar Q 1874Margate, Kent, England I1950
47 HOLMANS, Ellen  Sep Q 1857Margate, Kent, England I29449
48 HOLMANS, Sophia  Abt Oct 1860Margate, Kent, England I29450
49 HOLMANS, Stephen  Sep Q 1854Margate, Kent, England I29448
50 HOLMANS, William Kirby  20 Oct 1852Margate, Kent, England I563
51 HOLMANS, William Kirby  13 Jan 1872Margate, Kent, England I1949
52 HUCKSTEP, Emily  Abt 1853Margate, Kent, England I29478
53 HUGHES, Annie Eliza Florence  Dec Q 1896Margate, Kent, England I4268
54 HUGHES, Josephine  Abt 1899Margate, Kent, England I4270
55 HUGHES, William Frederick  1898Margate, Kent, England I4269
56 HUGHES, Winifred Eva  28 Feb 1910Margate, Kent, England I3009
57 HURST, Albert E.  Abt 1866Margate, Kent, England I4288
58 HURST, Clara E.  Abt 1863Margate, Kent, England I4287
59 HURST, Edward Joseph  Abt 1826Margate, Kent, England I4284
60 HURST, Mary Ann Margaret  1840Margate, Kent, England I425
61 HURST, Thomas Edward Cow  Abt 1859Margate, Kent, England I4286
62 HURST, William Francis  1 Apr 1898Margate, Kent, England I25863
63 HYDE, Ada Sophia  6 Mar 1879Margate, Kent, England I4250
64 HYDE, Caroline Elizabeth  Mar Q 1871Margate, Kent, England I4248
65 HYDE, Clara Beatrice  Jun Q 1879Margate, Kent, England I4254
66 HYDE, Edward Joseph  Jun Q 1872Margate, Kent, England I4252
67 HYDE, Ellen (Helen) Elizabeth  Jun Q 1860Margate, Kent, England I408
68 HYDE, Ellen Maria  21 Dec 1864Margate, Kent, England I4243
69 HYDE, Emily Elizabeth (“Minnie”)  1 Jan 1881Margate, Kent, England I4251
70 HYDE, Emily Jane  15 Jun 1869Margate, Kent, England I4246
71 HYDE, George Robert  27 Nov 1868Margate, Kent, England I409
72 HYDE, John  Sep Q 1868Margate, Kent, England I4245
73 HYDE, Maria  1826Margate, Kent, England I419
74 HYDE, Maria  1834Margate, Kent, England I422
75 HYDE, Maria  13 Oct 1866Margate, Kent, England I4244
76 HYDE, Mary Jane  Mar Q 1864Margate, Kent, England I4238
77 HYDE, May Edith  14 Nov 1882Margate, Kent, England I4256
78 HYDE, Minnie  Jun Q 1875Margate, Kent, England I4253
79 HYDE, Phyllis Ann  22 Feb 1859Margate, Kent, England I360
80 HYDE, Robert  11 Jul 1802Margate, Kent, England I410
81 HYDE, Robert  20 May 1832Margate, Kent, England I358
82 HYDE, Robert Edward John  7 Sep 1894Margate, Kent, England I4272
83 HYDE, Robert H.  15 Sep 1863Margate, Kent, England I1495
84 HYDE, Sarah Ann  14 Mar 1861Margate, Kent, England I427
85 HYDE, Stanley Victor  20 Mar 1908Margate, Kent, England I11896
86 HYDE, Theodora Kathleen Minnie  3 Jan 1897Margate, Kent, England I4273
87 HYDE, William Robert  27 Feb 1875Margate, Kent, England I4249
88 HYDE, William Robert  31 Aug 1902Margate, Kent, England I4279
89 JACOBS, Maria  Abt 1834Margate, Kent, England I11906
90 JACOBS, Thomas  14 Feb 1832Margate, Kent, England I11905
91 KIRBY, Elsie Mabel  Mar Q 1897Margate, Kent, England I24386
92 KNIGHT, Hagar  28 Feb 1854Margate, Kent, England I1906
93 MANNING, Zillah Rosina  Mar Q 1876Margate, Kent, England I8054
94 MARTIN, Charlotte Ann  Sep Q 1857Margate, Kent, England I4292
95 MARTIN, Edwin Walter  Mar Q 1874Margate, Kent, England I4298
96 MARTIN, Ellen Louisa  Dec Q 1876Margate, Kent, England I4299
97 MARTIN, Francis Henry ("Frank")  Jun Q 1871Margate, Kent, England I4297
98 MARTIN, Frederick Alfred ("Fred")  Sep Q 1865Margate, Kent, England I4295
99 MARTIN, John Robert  Jun Q 1869Margate, Kent, England I4296
100 MARTIN, Maria Ann  Dec Q 1855Margate, Kent, England I4291
101 MARTIN, Mary Jane  Mar Q 1859Margate, Kent, England I4293
102 MARTIN, William John  Sep Q 1862Margate, Kent, England I4257
103 MARTIN, William John  Dec Q 1890Margate, Kent, England I4259
104 MARTIN, William Thomas  1832Margate, Kent, England I4234
105 MASLIN, Annie Marie  Dec Q 1869Margate, Kent, England I9504
106 MILLER, Ellen Rose Magdaline  21 Apr 1890Margate, Kent, England I4261
107 MILLER, Frederick George  23 Sep 1865Margate, Kent, England I4260
108 MOODEY, Annie Laura  Dec Q 1875Margate, Kent, England I32476
109 MOODEY, Emily Rhoda  Mar Q 1877Margate, Kent, England I32477
110 MOODEY, John William  Dec Q 1869Margate, Kent, England I32473
111 NEWING, Elizabeth Isobel  26 Jul 1885Margate, Kent, England I362
112 NEWING, Hilda Phillis  27 May 1891Margate, Kent, England I9491
113 NEWING, John William Robert  21 Mar 1888Margate, Kent, England I363
114 OSBORN, Eric Thornton  Dec Q 1883Margate, Kent, England I4844
115 OSBORN, Ethel Wood  Jun Q 1874Margate, Kent, England I4841
116 OSBORN, Herbert Meredith  Dec Q 1885Margate, Kent, England I4845
117 OSBORN, Hilda May  Dec Q 1876Margate, Kent, England I4842
118 OSBORN, John Alfred  Jun Q 1879Margate, Kent, England I4843
119 OSBORN, Leo Ira  Mar Q 1888Margate, Kent, England I4846
120 OSBORN, Walter Dorne  1881Margate, Kent, England I333
121 PAY, Ann Cowell  Abt 1831Margate, Kent, England I4285
122 PRITCHARD, Harriett Mary  Dec Q 1868Margate, Kent, England I24314
123 RILEY, George William  1910Margate, Kent, England I9246
124 SAUNDERS, William Charles  Abt 1884Margate, Kent, England I23239
125 TOMLIN, Phyllis May  19 Nov 1904Margate, Kent, England I6162
126 TWYMAN, George Henry  Mar Q 1883Margate, Kent, England I22696
127 WARREN, Herbert William  23 Aug 1906Margate, Kent, England I25821
128 WINKWORTH, Maria  Abt 1816Margate, Kent, England I28218
129 WOOD, Violet Hilda  26 Jul 1910Margate, Kent, England I11921
130 WOOLLARD, Caroline Sybella  Jun Q 1866Margate, Kent, England I1944
131 WOOLLARD, Tryphena Maud  Jun Q 1868Margate, Kent, England I1945


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 GRIGGS, Robert  18 Sep 1842Margate, Kent, England I29031
2 PEELE, John  17 Dec 1600Margate, Kent, England I30173


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BISHOP, Elizabeth  Jun 1829Margate, Kent, England I3210
2 DIGGES, Anne  Oct 1770Margate, Kent, England I1650
3 HURST, Mary Ann Margaret  14 Jul 1934Margate, Kent, England I425
4 OSBORN, Walter Dorne  9 Sep 1923Margate, Kent, England I333


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Charles Robert ("Charlie")  Margate, Kent, England I126
2 HUGHES, Annie Eliza Florence  Margate, Kent, England I4268
3 HUGHES, Josephine  1911Margate, Kent, England I4270
4 HURST, Mary Ann Margaret  1851Margate, Kent, England I425
5 HYDE, George Robert  1881Margate, Kent, England I409
6 JACOBS, Hannah  1851Margate, Kent, England I11908
7 MASLIN, Annie Marie  1881Margate, Kent, England I9504

In the Dock

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    In the Dock    Person ID 
1 HYDE, Robert  12 May 1869Margate, Kent, England I358


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Edward  1801Margate, Kent, England I1653


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BAX, Ann  1861Margate, Kent, England I9493
2 BAX, William Pettet  From 1823 to 1840Margate, Kent, England I416
3 BISHOP, James  1841Margate, Kent, England I3778
4 BISHOP, James  1851Margate, Kent, England I3778
5 BISHOP, James  From 1851 to 1871Margate, Kent, England I3781
6 BISHOP, James  1861Margate, Kent, England I3778
7 BISHOP, Thomas  From 1861 to 1891Margate, Kent, England I3776
8 BISHOP, Thomas  1901Margate, Kent, England I3776
9 GARDNER, Richard  1641Margate, Kent, England I19415
10 GOATHAM, Herbert Cecil ("Herbie or Bert")  Margate, Kent, England I405
11 GOATHAM, Herbert George ("Bert")  1911Margate, Kent, England I338
12 GOATHAM, Robert  1841Margate, Kent, England I3154
13 GRIGGS, Charles Sladden  1841Margate, Kent, England I8800
14 GRIGGS, Henry  1813Margate, Kent, England I28009
15 GRIGGS, James  1862Margate, Kent, England I28970
16 GRIGGS, James  1871Margate, Kent, England I28970
17 GRIGGS, William James  1881Margate, Kent, England I28980
18 HUGHES, Joseph Charles  1911Margate, Kent, England I4267
19 HURST, Mary Ann Margaret  1911Margate, Kent, England I425
20 HYDE, Edward Joseph  From 1891 to 1911Margate, Kent, England I4252
21 HYDE, Minnie  1901Margate, Kent, England I4253
22 HYDE, Sarah Ann  1881Margate, Kent, England I177
23 JACOBS, Hannah  1861Margate, Kent, England I11908
24 JACOBS, Maria  1861Margate, Kent, England I11906
25 MARTIN, William Thomas  From 1861 to 1901Margate, Kent, England I4234
26 MILLER, Frederick George  From 1891 to 1911Margate, Kent, England I4260
27 OSBORN, Walter Dorne  From 1901 to 1911Margate, Kent, England I333


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 PHILPOTT, Roger  5 Jan 1788Margate, Kent, England I8795


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HUNT, Stephen  1656Margate, Kent, England I19419
2 HYDE, Ann  From 1871 to 1881Margate, Kent, England I415


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Volunteering    Person ID 
1 HYDE, William  1910Margate, Kent, England I428
2 HYDE, William Robert  1910Margate, Kent, England I4249


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Miscellaneous    Family ID 
1 HYDE / HURST  1860Margate, Kent, England F309