Thomas Rose is probably my 12 x great grandfather, possibly the father of a wife of my 11 x great grandfather William Halke before William married my 11 x great grandmother. And possibly it wasn’t my ancestor William Halke who married Agnes Rose, but a different William, though this is looking increasingly unlikely.

This was the first pre-reformation will I looked at closely and I find of interest for the bequests of money for masses, candles etc.

Having looked at several more since the details given and requests for diriges etc. as well as masses is unusual, at least amognst my ancestors and their close relations.

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In the name of god amen The xiiiith Day of February In the yere //
of our Lord god a thousande fyve hundred twenty and six And the xviii yere of the Reigne of //
king Hnery the eight I Thomas Rose of Wye in the Countie of Kent yoman being hole of mynde //
and in good memory make and ordeyn this my present testament and last will in maner //
and fourme folowing First I bequeth my soule to almighty god our blissed Lady saint mary and //
to all the holy company of hevyn my body to be buried in the Church of Wye aforsaid bitwene //
the sepulture of my father and my late wife Also I bequeth to the high awter of the said Church //
for my tithes and offerings nechgently forgotten or witholden iii s iiiid Item I bequeth to the //
Rode light there xiid And to ev[er]y other light wtin the said Church iiiid Item I bequeth to the rep[er]acons //
of the Church of Wye fourty poundes of laufull money of England the said rep[er]acons to be begom //
at the stone wallys of the South Ile of the said Church and so forth as nede requirith of the //
which xlli six poundes restith in the handes of my sister Alice Serlylls for that entent only //
Item I will that myn executiours geve and deliverat my burying to the marster of the College //
of Wye and to every prest of the said College to fett me from my house to the Church and so //
singe Dirige and masse by noote for my soule and all xpen [1 – Christian] [[ xp symbol ]] soules viiid And to every Clerk of //
the said College iiiid Item I will that myn executours bestowe for me at that tyme to ev[er]y may //
and woman taking dool id and to ev[er]y Childe oon loof of bred Item I will that there be beftowed //
at my moneth Day to every prest there singing or saying dirige and masse dirige and masse iiiid //
And to ev[er]y man and woman at that tyme taking dool id and oon loof of bred And to ev[er]y Childe //
oon lofe of bred Item I will that there be by myn executours and overseers a honest prest p[re]pared //
and ordeyned Immediatly after my decesse to singe masse at all tymes that he is dispoased by //
the space of an hole yere next after my deceas wtin the parishe Churche of Wye at the awlter //
of saint John Baptist for the soule of me my father mother my Wife and all xpen soules //
And as often as the said prest or Chapleyn wtin the said yere singith masse at any other – //
place out of the said Church than I will that by the oversight and labour of my said executors //
and overseers the said Chaplayn after the ^ {yer} ended at the said awter shall accomplisshe and //
fulfill the Daies that lack of the said yere Ordynary and reasonable eexebses except And I Will //
further that my said Chapleyn soe appoynted and assigned shall say every Twesday and Thursday wtin //
the yere at after nowe durige with x lessons Lawdes and comendacions and I will in that Daies folowing //
that is to say every weke wtin the yere Wensday and fryday to say masse of Requiem And I will further //
that the said Chapleyn every day that he so saithe masse as on Wensday and fryday as is a forsaid //
during the said terme he Immediatly after his masse celebrated and saide shall in his albe say at the //
Sepulcure or grave of me the said Thomas De profundis wt the Colect absolve quaesumus et fidelium //
for the soules abovesaid, and then he to spryng holy water there for the which salary and other //
things the premisses well and truely of his parte to be observed executed and fulfilled, I will //
and geve to the said Chapleyn vii li. vi s. viii d. Item I will that there bye an yerely obite kept in the //
said Church of Wye for my soule and other my frends soules abovewritten by the space of twelve //
yeres next and immediatly after my decesse wherunto I will geve yerely xs to be bestowed yerely //
to prests and Clerks to pour people of the said p[ar]ishe by the discrecion of myn executors Overseers //
their deputies or assignes Item I bequeth to every house of Freres of Canterbury saying dirige //
w[i]t[h] ix lessons and masses for my soule and my frendes soules avore specified vis viiid Item I geve //
to the brethern and sisters of Harbaldown and saint Johns house of Canterbury to pray for every //
soule and all xpen soules vi s viiid that is to say to every house iiis iiiid egally to be devided amongst //
them Item I will to Avisse Jancoke my svunt at the tyme of her mariage iii li vi s viii d And to //
Elizabeth my serunt at the tyme of her mariage xx s And to Thomasyn Jancoke at the tyme of //
her mariage vi s viii d And if it fortune the said Avys Elizabeth or Thomasyn all or any of them //
to dye before their mariage Then I will that that parte or parts so to theyin or either of them //
bequeathed to be voide Item I will to the Childe of Thomas Payne and of Joane my daughter //
at the tyme of hir mariage xxs upon condicion that the said Thomas his executors nr assignes //
nor no other in his nr in their names troble vex or sue my said executours nor their assignes //
yf he or they do the contrary or if the said Child dye before hir mariage then I will that the //
said xxs to her assigned remayne in the handes of myn executorrs to be bestowed in fowle wayes //
or otherwise after them diserecion Item I geve and bequethe to the two daughters of Robert Tildey //
and Alice my daughter vi li xiii s iiii d of laufull money of England that is to say to either of them //
at the tyme of therr mariage iii li. vi s. viii d. to be paid to theym of and wt the money that the //
said Robert Tyldey and his brother owe unto me the said Thomas as by their obligacions more //
playnly apperith the residue of that dett in the said obligacion to be due I geve unto the said //
Robert And if any of the said two daughters decesse before their mariage Then I will that parte //
to her assigned so departed or decessed Remayn to her sister then lyving And I will further that //
if both decesse before their mariage Then I will all the said debts of the hole obligacion Remayn //
unto the said Robert Tylden Item I will to John Tylden my servnt when he comyth to the age of //
xxii yeres xls And if he dye before that age then that said money to be bestowed and disposed //
by my said executors and overseers in the fowle wayes bitwene my house and Dampsoestone(?) Item //
I will to Giles Jancoke my svunt at the age of xxii yeres xs And if he dye before that age then //
I will the said xs be bestowed by myn executorrs and overseers in the said place of Dampsiestone(?) //
Item I geve to that said fowle wayes there xls Item I geve to the amending of high wayes at //
Harfelds Crosse xs which said ls I have delivered in the handes of old Thomas Serlys for that //
entent oonly Item I will there be bestowed upon the Cawsey bitwene my house and may he west //
crosse xxs by the oversight of my said executioncs and Overseers And yf that wilnat suffice then //
I will my executors bestowe more upon the same for the fynysshing of the same at their discrecon //
Item I will to Thomas Awsten Chanon of Combewell xxd Item I will to every of godchildern //
that will come and aske it of myn executorrs iiiid The Residue of all my goodes nat willed bequeathed //
me assigned my debts bequeths and Legacies doon fulfilled content and paid I geve and bequeth unto //
John Rose my sonne the whiche John and James Edynden I make and ordeyn to be myn executorrs //
of this my present testament and last will And I ordeyn and make Richard Walker master of the //
College of Wye and Willm Seryles of London mercer my overseers of the same .f.

This is the last Wille of me the forsaid Thomas Roose made the Day and yere above //
said of and upon a feoffament by me made of all my Landes tenements and services with //
thappurtenncs which I have in the parishe of Wye or elleswhere wtin the Countie of kent //
wherein William Halke Thomas Serylls sonne of Thomas Allard be enfeoffed First I will that //
John Roose my sonne shalhave all my Landes and Tenements Rents and services wt thapprtenncs //
within the said Countie to him and his heires forevermore except oon tenement and a gardyn //
which late was Robert Jekyns glover wherin Richard Colphin nowe dwellith which tenement and //
gardyn I will to Symond Goldfynch and his heires forever under condicion that he paye to Willm //
Goldfynche his brother iii li vi s viii d And that the said Richard Colphin be not put from the same //
during his terme of vii yeres which he holdeth of me by covennt made bitwen him and me And if it //
fortune the said John Roose my sonne to dye sodenly wtout making of any Wille or wtout Issue as god forbid //
Then I will that my house which I dwell in wt all the landes therto belonging to Richard Haulke my //
daughters Childe nowe lyving and to Thomas Haulke his brother all my landes and Tenements at Beampford //
and at Bylting And to John Tylden my daughters sonne my tenement at Frogbroke wt all my landes therto //
belonging In witnesse of this my present testament and last wille being present at that tyme the said master //
of the College of Wye sir Thomas Deykyn p[ar]ishe prest of Wye aforsaid Walter Essex Richard Colphin Sampson Fowle with diverse other

Probatum … tercio die mensis Aprilis Anno Dni Milli? quingett? xxvii … [3 April 1527]

The will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and is held at TNA.

This is a transcript of the register copy, TNA ref:  – PROB 11/22/303 (more details about source to be added to Thomas’s page)

(viewable online for a small charge from Discovery, or through a subscription to Ancestry or TheGenealogist).

This will led to several disputes that were taken to the Court of Chancery in the period 1538-44.
I have seen and photographed all the documents to be found through online indexes (as at 2015), but have not yet had time to transcribe them, and I have not yet searched for any decrees and orders resulting, etc. which are only in paper or parchment indexes at TNA.

  • Richard HALK, grandson and heir of Thomas Rose, brought a bill of complaint against his cousin John Tylden and Richard Glover, the steward and bailiffs of the court of Wye.
    This document is quite dirty and some parts are worn and will probably not be decipherable, but I hope to read most of this. A bill but no answer or reply seem to survive.
    (TNA ref: C 1/1002/8)
  • Richard HALK brought another bill of complaint against John TYLDEN, John BAYLY, John WYTHYER alias Bocher, and Thomasyn his wife (I think the sister of John Tylden).
    A bill, answer, reply and rejoinder all survive, and in good condition.
    (TNA ref: C 1/1002/4-7)
  • John WITHER, Thomasyn his wife, and John TYLDEN brought a bill of complaint; it is in poor condition with parts missing but I hope that enough survives to be of interest. The National Archives catalogue entry shows it was for a Commission to examine witnesses as to the bequest of lands in Bromford, Bilting (in Wye and Godmersham) and elsewhere, by Thomas Rose of Wye, Thomasyn and John Tylden being heirs.
    (TNA ref: C 1/1092/56)


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