John Rose is, I think, a 13 x great grandfather of mine.

Line breaks are as in the register copy, not indicated by ‘/’ which are as in the document.

Draft transcription – not checked for typos and other errors – and not yet linked to tree


In the name of god amen The xiiiith day of Marche The xviith yere of the

Reigne of kyng henry the viith I John Rose of the p[ar]isshe of Wy in the Countie of Kent beyng of goode

hole mynde make my testament in this man / First I bequeth my soule to almighty god and to all the

holy company of heven My body to be buried in the p[ar]isshe church of Wy in the Rowme bitwene my

pue and the qwer [quire] It I bequeth to the high awter ther for my tithes forgoten xxd. Ite to ev[er]yche off

the lights ther of the holy crosse / our lady / and seynt John / xiid. It to seynt Clements light vid It

to either light / of the p[ar]isshe torchys / and bachelers torchys xiid. It to ev[er]y other light of the said

church iiiid. It to the makyng of A cov[er]yng ov[er] the fonte in the said church vi s viii d. It to the rep[er]acions

of the church of Wy forsaid xxs. It to the p[ar]isshe preest ther xiid. And to the p[ar]isshe clerk vid. It to the

paving of the North Ile of the said church vi s viii d. It I bequeth to the rep[er]acion of fowle Weyes bitwene

the crosse of Westure and Damesarestone xx s. It I bequeth to margarete Fremans my s[er]vnt xx s / It to ev[er]y

godsone and goddaughter iiii d. if it be asked. It to William Rose my sone vi silv[er] sponys / It to Alys Serlys

my daughter Wif of John Serlis vi. silv[er] sponys/. It to Agnes my Wif v. silv[er] sponys / and A stonding

masur? the foote of silv[er] and gilt/. It to Thomas Rose my sone vi silv[er] sponys. It I will that all thos

my goods and catalls which be in the hands of Thomas Rose my sone shall remayne to the said Thomas

and to his assignez paying to me and to myn assingez to fulfill w[ha]t my Will xxx li / xii li / the which he oweth

me in this man[er] / First to Alice Rose his daught unto her mariage. v mrs / And to Johanne Rose his daughter

v mrks to her mariage And to Agnes his daught to her mariage / iiii mrs / And to Alys his younger daughter

to her maryage / iiii mrs / And if it fortune any of the said daughters Alice Johane Agnes or Alice Rose the young[er]

to dye or they be maried than I will that hir part or other parts so deying be equally divided betwene

theym or ev[er]y of theym then beyng a lyve/. It I will that all myn stuff of household except suche

stuffe of household as I have bequethed in this my said testament / And also all suche stuff of house con=

teynyng to the full value of xli / that is at the free choyes of Agnes my Wif be equally divided bitwene

the childern of the daughter of the said Agnes the childern of William Rose the childern of Thomas Rose and the

childern of John Serlis. The Residue of all my goodes and catalls not bequethed and also except

all suche goodes before assigned to my said Wif I give and bequeth to the said William Rose my sone and

John Serlis whom I make and ordeyne myn executors of this my present testament /.

Probatum fuit … xviiio. die mensis Aprilis Anno dni Millimo quinge[n]te qui[n]to …

[i.e. probate granted 18 April 1505]

PCC will, TNA ref.: PROB 11/14/526


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