Susanna Rickson was the second wife of Michael Rickson, Michael probably being a 7 x great grandfather of mine.

(line breaks and page numbers as in the register copy simply to make it easier to refer back to that copy if necessary)

There is no underlining in this document – anything that looks like it is overlining, and is my attempt to show where there was overlining in the register copy of the will, one way of indicating letters were omitted.

In the name of God Amen
I Susanna Rixon wife of Michael Rixon of
Faversham in the County of Kent Marriner the
first day of March in the three and thirtieth yeare
of his Majesties reigne that now is Annoq3 Dom 1680.
being sick of body but of sound and perfect minde and
memory praise bee therefore given to Almighty God
doe make and ordeyne this my pr[e]sent Last Will and
Testament in manner and forme following that is to
Say First and principally I comend my Soule into the
hands of Almighty God hopeing through the meritts
death and passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to have
full and free pardon and forgivnes of all my Sinns
and to inheritt everlasting life And my body I comitt
to the earth to be decently buried at the discrecon of my
Executor hereafter And as touching the disposition of
all such Temporall Estate as it hath pleasd Almighty
God to bestowe upon mee I give and dispose thereof
as followeth First I will that my debts and funerall
Charges shall bee paid and dischardged Alsoe I give
devise and bequeath unto my Sonne John Austen all &
Singuler my goods Chattells and Householdstuffe p[ar]ticulerly
menconed and specified in a schedule annexed unto a
certain Indenture of Covenants made betweene my
said Loving Husband Michaell Rixon of the first part
my brother William Homersham of the second part
and my Selfe of the third part concerninge the disposicon
of the said goods and Chattells by my Last will and
Testament But my Will and minde is that my said
Loving Husband Michaell Rixon shall have the use
of all my said goods and Chattells & householdstuffe
except that Linnen and plate untill my said Sonne
John shall attaine and been of the full age of one
and Twenty yeares But if my said Husband shall
happen to dye before my said Sonne ^ {John} shall attaine
unto the age as aforesaid then the said goods Chattells
and Householdstuffe to remaine come and be unto
my said Sonne John as aforesaid And alsoe I give
and devise unto my said ^ {Sonne} John Austen all & singuler
such debts Sume and Sumes of money as are any
wayes due and oweing unto mee the said Susanna
Rixon or any other waies oweing unto mee as Adminis=
=tratrix of Mathew Austen my Late husband deceased
Alsoe I make and ordaine my said Sonne John Austen
Sole Executor of this my Last will and Testament &
my Loveing Husband Michaell Rixon and my Loving
brother William Homersham I make and ordayne as
Overseeres of this my Last will and Testament
requireing them in the name of God to see my last
Will and Testament performed accordingly And I
doe utterly revoake all former Wills and Testaments
by ^ {me} in any waies heretofore made or declared And
further my Will and desire & minde is That in case
my said Sonne John Austen shall dye before he come
of age as aforesaid that then my minde is that the
Executor or Administrator of my said sonne John shall
pay unto Elizabeth Daughter of my said brother William
Homersham the sume of Tenn pounds wch I give unto
her as a Legacy And Likewise that the executor or
Administrator of my said sonne John Austen in case
he dye before he comes to age as aforesaid shall give
and deliver unto John Homersham sonne of my said​
brother William Homersham my Silver Tankard
marked with M:A:S [I guess this means Mathew Austen Susanna] which I give unto him as a
Legacy and for the rest residue and remainder of
all such goods Chattells and Householdstuffe in case
of the death of my said sonne John as aforesaid
my Will and desire therein is that they may bee
equally divided and then shared and distrubuted
to and amongst the Children of my brothers Henry
Austen William Austen Thomas Austen Thomas
Dann and William Homersham In Witnesse
whereof I the said Susanna Rixon have to this
my pr[e]sent Last will and Testament Sett my marke &
Seale the day and yeare first above written. The
marke of Susanna Rixon. Sealed and delivered
published and declared by the said Susanna Rixon
to bee her Last Will and Testament in the pr[e]sence of us
The marke of Mary Arther widdow the marke
of Mary Neale Tho: Waterman ./. Exacatir (?)
Probatum fuit Testamentu
humoi suprascriptum Susanna Rixon
nup[er] de Faversham defunct Septimo die
May Anno Dom: 1681 Coram Mr: Willimo
Lovelace …

I will attempt to transcribe and translate the Probate statement in full. It refers to William Homersham teacher and John Austen minor – I think probate was granted to William deputising for John because the latter was too young to be granted probate directly.

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury and is viewable on microfilm at the CCA or CKS.

CCA ref: PRC17/75/315 (more details about source on Susanna’s page)

The original will also survives (CCA ref: PRC16/306 R/8); I have not yet viewed this.


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