Mary Rickson was the third wife of Michael Rickson, Michael probably being a 7 x great grandfather of mine.

Mary was a widow when she married Michael, and I have not (yet) found her maiden name. If she was a similar age to Michael then her first marriage may well have been during the interregnum when their are gaps in many PRs. However, as she left bequests to quite a number of cousins it may be possible to identify a likely Mary from looking at these families.

(line breaks as in the register copy simply to make it easier to refer back to that copy if necessary)

There is no underlining in this document – anything that looks like it is overlining, and is my attempt to show where there was overlinging in the register copy of the will, one way of indicating letters were omitted.

In the name of God Amen
the 4th. day of May in the 7th. yeare of the Raigne
of our Sov[e]raigne Lord William the 3d. by the
grace of God of England Scotland France &
Ireland King Defender of the faith Annoq3
Dni 1695 I Mary Rickson wife of Michael
Rickson in the Towne of Fav[er]sham in the County
if Kent Marriner being of sound and p[er]fect mind
& memory praised be God for the same doe make &
ordaine this my Last Will & Testament in manner
and forme Followeing hereby anulling revokeing &
makeing void all other and former Wills by me made
at any tyme before Impis. I comend my soule into
the hands of Allmighty God my Creator assuredly
trusting by the meritts of my Saviour Jesus Christ
to be made p[ar]taker of eternall life And my body
to be devently buryed at the discretion of my
Loveinge husband whome I do appoint to pay the
suverall charges with the ten pounds in his hands &
other money which I order for that purpose Item I give
and bequeath to mysaid loveing husband the sume
of five pounds to be paid him by my Executrix
hereafter named Item I give & bequeath to my two
sons in Law Michael & Thomas Rickson the sume
of twenty shillings apeece Item I give to my three
daughters in Law as Followeth vizt to Amy
Goatham twenty shillings to Mary Mason five
pounds & unto Dorothy Vandipeer twenty shillings
And that these be paid in three years after my
Decease And I give my daughter Mary Mason one
whole suite of cloaths inward & outward to take
her choice out of all my weareing apparell Item
I give to my Couzens Edward & Stephen Russell
the sume of twenty shillings apeece Item I give
to my Couzen George Knight & his wife ten
shillings apeece to their two children John and
Susanna five pounds apeece & to theire son George
forty shillings & to theire son William forty shillings
Item I give to my Couzen Joseph Knight fifteen
pounds & to his wife ten shillings Item I give to
his daughter Susanna forty shillings Item I
give to my Cozen Susanna Gibbs daughter of
Thomas Gibbs and Mary his wife late decd
the sume of fifteen pounds & also one silver
spout pott Item I give to my cozen John Smith
Stephen Smith & George Smith sons of John
Smith & Susanna his wife the sume of ten pounds
apeece & to my cozen Thomas Knight son of
Thomas Knight decd the sume of ten pounds apeece
towards the putting him out apprentice in the
neare tyme my Will is that my Executrix pay
towards his schooling twenty shillings yearely
Item I give to Elizabeth Knight daughter of Tho:
Knight decd the sume of forty shillings Item I
give to Mrs. Sarah Salter the sume of five pounds
Item I give to twelve poor Widdowes forty shillings
to be equally divided between them Item I give
to my Executrix my diamond ring Item I give to
my cozen Elizabeth Jeakins ten shillings Item I
give to Mrs. Rebecca Weeks the sume of ten shillings
My Will is that after my daughter Mary Mason
hath made her choice of a suite of apparrell as
aforemenconed that then the other two sisters Amy
and Dorothy before menconed have equally divided
between them all the rest of my weareing cloathes
of all sorts And my desire is that my Loveing
husband and my Couzen Susanna Smith see them
divided & that the Legacyes & bequests herein menconed
be onely paid within the space of three months
next after my decease except to such as are under
the age of Eighteen years And my mind & Will is
that they be duely paid when they shall come to their
respective ages of Eighteen years or if any of them
shall happen to dye before or dep[ar]te this life ere they
attaine the age of Eighteen years And then it shall
be paid to the brother or brothers sister or sisters of
the decd at theire respective age of Eighteen But if
there be none such then I give & bequeath it to my
Cozen Susanna Smith wife of Mr. John Smith of
Fav[er]sham whome I make my sole Executrix of this
my Last Will & Testament And what money shall
be then in her said husbands hand or upon Bond I
give unto my said Executrix after all my Legacyes
are paid In Wittness whereof I the said Mary
Rickson unto this my Last Will & Testament have
subscribed my name & affixed my seale the day
& yeare above written Mary Rickson sealed &
deliv[e]red in the pr[e]sence Izard Coggan William
Grant Susanna Browne
… vicesimo quinto die
Februarii Anoq3 Dni 1696 … Susanna Smith & Johannis Smith Executriuis …

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury and is viewable on microfilm at the CCA or CKS.

CCA ref: PRC17/79/96 (more details about source on Mary’s page)

The original will also survives (CCA ref: PRC16/332 R/2); I have not yet viewed this.


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