Richard Halke is a cousin, if I am right about where he fits on the tree then a 1st cousin 11 x removed. His will is of particular interest to me as he appointed his 'cosen' William Halke of Bircholt, my 9 x great grandfather, as his Executor. So far I have only transcribed his will; I hope to add William's accounts arising from being executor (which I have seen but not yet transcribed), if I can get permission, and also plan to add the inventory of Richard's goods soon. I also have copies of documents referring to disputes which arose concerning this will, but they are in Latin and at the time of writing I am able to understand almost nothing of what they say! I hope one day I will be able to understand them and will be able to add them too.


The line and page breaks are as in the register copy. What may appear to be underlining is actually overlining, used as far as I can as in the register copy, one of several ways in which the contraction of words (i.e. the omission of one or more letters) was shown.
In the name of God Amen the sevententh day of January in the yeare of or Lord God one Thousand six hundred Twenty & three And in the yeare of the Reigne of or Soverainge Lord James by the grace of God of England Scot= land, France & Ireland king defender of the faith &c vizt of England, France & Ireland the one & Twentith & of Scotland the seaven & fifteith I Richard Halke of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent yeoman, being of good & perfect memory thanks be to God therefore do ordaine & make this my last will & Testamt in manner & forme following First I comend my soule into the hands of Almighty God assuredly trusting to be saved by the death & merritts of my Lord & onely Saviour Jesus Christ Itm I bequeath my Body to the earth to be buried in the Church of Hastingleigh aforesd at the discretion of my Executor heerafter named Itm I do heerby nominate & appoint that the fower hundred pounds remaining in the hands of my Cosen Daniel Harvey shalbe paid unto my sonne Willm Halke according to the Condicon of one obligacon of eight hundred pounds bearing date the thirteith day of September last wherein my said Cosen Daniel Harvey, my Cosen John Harvey & my Cosen Eliab Harvey stand bound unto me for the paimt [payment] of the said fower hundred pounds Itm I do will & appoint that for the p[ro]ffits of the said money my Cosen Daniell Harvey shall pay five & Twenty pounds of good & lawfull money of England unto Alice my welbeloved wife according to the saide Indentures made betweene my said Cosen Daniell Harvey on the one p[ar]t & John Tayler of Hastingleigh aforesaid Clerke, my Cosen [p.2] Richard Morrs & my Cosen Willm Rigden on the other p[ar]te, bearing date the said Thirteith day of September whereof Twenty pounds is intended for her joincture made unto her by me and my father John Halke & the other five pounds is for the love I beare unto her Itm if my said sonne Willm Halke dy before his age of one & Twenty yeares having neither wife nor child at the time of his death Then I do heerby nominate & appoint that the said fower hundred pounds shalbe paid unto all my daugh= ters that shalbe living upon the Wednesday next after the end of three moneths next after the death of my said wife Alice According to the Condicon of the said Obligacon Also my will & meaning is that if my said wife Alice dy before my sonne William do attaine unto the age of fifteene yeares that my Executor heerafter named shall have the bringing up of my said sonne & the ordering of his portion for my sonnes best advantage & p[re]ferment And that in the meane time my said sonne shalbe kept by my wife at her owne Charge Itm I give unto the sd John Taylor three pounds to make him a gowne Itm I give unto my Cosen Michaell Halke xiid to buy a payer of Gloves And to the rest of my Brother Thomas Halkes Children tenne shillings a peece Itm I give unto my Brother Willm Halkes Children ten shillings a peece Itm I give unto my brother Harveyes Children wch he had by my sister his wife ten shillings apeece Itm I give unto Mrs(?) Taylor and her Children twelve pence a peece to buy them Gloves Itm I give unto my said Cosen [1] Gloves & to his wife & Children Twelve pence a peece to buy them gloves Itm I give unto my said Cosen Rigden & Children twelve [2] a peece to buy them gloves Itm I give unto my uncle Robert Simpson & to Richard Simpson & his wife & Children twelve pence a peece to buy them gloves Itm I give unto my sister Wells & to my brother Thomas Raines & his wife and to William Raines his sonne twelve pence a peece to buy them gloves Itm I give unto Richard Dally the younger and to Christopher Dally his Brother & to William Skilton five shillings a peece Itm I give to Goodwife Dally & Elizabeth Dally my Goddaughter & to Goodwife Skilton twelve pence a peece to buy them Gloves Itm I give unto my Godsone Richard Halke & to Jane Epps to each of them a payer of gloves xiid a peece Itm I give unto my said sonne Willm Halke my bible silver salt my great Chest & my great payer of iron(?) Brandirons Itm I give unto my said wellbeloved wife Alice the one halfe of all my houshold stuffe And the other halfe thereof I give unto all my daughters that shalbe living at the time of my death All the Residue of my goods Chattells & p[er]sonall estate my debts & legacies funerall Chargs & p[ro]bate of my will [p.3] being paid & discharged I give unto All my daughters wch shalbe living at the timeof my death equally to be devided between them by mine Executor presently after my death & to be imploied towarde their maintenance untill their severall m[ar]riags or ages of one & Twenty yeares wch shall first happen & every one to have her p[ar]t at such time as she shalbe married or come to such age Itm I give unto my Cosen Mr Willm Halke of Bircholt xxs And appoint & ordaine him my sole Executor, besides allowance of what he lay out in his travaile & paine about my Executorship in expenss Also I give unto my Cosen Halke his Wife & Children xiid a peece to buy them gloves And do heerby constitute & appoint him sole Executor of this my last will & Testament In witnes whereof I the said Richard Halke have heerunto put my seale And to every one of these to [two] sheetes of paper subscribed my name and published the same to be my last will & Testamt the day & yeare first above written Also my will is that my Executor abovenamed p[ro]vide to lay upon me a convenience tombstone Richard Halke. Sealed, subsrcibed, deliv[er]ed & publised in the presence of John Taylor Parson of Hastingleigh. Richard Morrs. William Skilton his m[ar]ke. William Watton his m[ar]ke./.
Probatum fuit ... 15o die xbrs [15 Dec] 1625 ... [to be transcribed]
[1] I guess a name was accidentally omitted here when the register copy of the will was made (or 'gloves' written instead of the name). It may be possible to work out by which cosen has been mentioned but not otherwise been left gloves, but I will try to see the original will on my next visit to Kent. [2] word 'pence' appears to be missing
The will was proved in the Consistory Court of Canterbury and both the original and register copy are viewable on microfilm at the CCA or KHLC. This is a transcript of the register copy of the will, archives ref: PRC 32/47 folio 116. The original will, filed in 1626, has ref. PRC 31/88 H/2 (more details about source on Richard’s page - to be added)


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