Richard Halke appears to be related to the Halkes on my tree, as he is described in the will of a relative, John Halke, as a kinsman. I am not sure where he fits in, though I think he may be the son of this William Halke, which would make Richard a 4th cousin 9 x removed of mine.

Line breaks are as in the register copy, not indicated by ‘/’ which are as in the document.

Draft transcription – not checked for typos and other errors – and not yet linked to tree

 In the name of God Amen

I Richard Halke of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent

Gent. being of sound and perfect memory doe make

and ordeine this my last will and Testamt. as followeth

First I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my wife my

messuage and lands which I now live in lyeing in

Hastingleigh aforesaid with the appurtencs together

with the Stock and crop which shall be thereon att

the time of my death To have and to hold to her and

her assignes dureing her natrueall life, and after

decease I give and bequeath the said messuage and

Lands with the appurtencs to William Halke my

younger sonne and to his heires for ever, Hee the

said William paying out of the same messuage and

Lands the Legacies and bequests herein after men=

=tioned (to witt) To my eldest daughter Susan wife

of Thomas Butcher thirty pounds of lawfull mony

of England To be paid at three equall yearely paymts.

after my decease (vizt. Ten pounds at each yearely

paymt. the first yearly paymt. to begin and to be made

within one yeare next after my decease, To Sarah

my younger daughter wife of John Penvolt the like

sume of Thirty pounds to be at three equall yearely

paymts. as aforesaid To the three children of Elizabeth

late wife of Godfry Cheeseman decd. five pounds a

peice to each of them and to Thomas Whitewood

sonn of the said Susan now wife of the said Thomas

Butcher the like sume of five pounds to be paid to

them and to every of them respectively att their


respective ages of one and twenty yeares, and if

the said Thomas Whitewood shall happen to dye

before he shall attaine his age of one and Twenty

yeares, then I will that the said five pounds be paid

James Butcher son of the said Thomas Butcher at

his like age of one and Twenty yeares, And alsoe to

Elizabeth Halke daughter of my sonn Richard Halke

decd. the like sume of five pounds to be paid to her

at her ages of one and Twenty yeares in full of her

whole porcon and claime of in and to all my reall

and personall Estate whatsoever And my will

and meaning is that my said wife shall have the

use of my householdstuff and implements of husbandry

dureing her natureall life, And after her decease my

will and meaning is that the same housholdstuffe and

implements of husbandry together with the stocks

and crop which she shall have upon the said messuage

and lands shall be revert remaine and come to my

said sonne William and to his assignes Alsoe I give

to my elder sonne Abraham Halke the sume of five

shillings to be paid to him within two months next

after my decease by my Executor. herein after named

All the residue of my goods Chattells moneys plate

and personall Estate not heerin before given and

devised I hereby give and devise to the said William

Halke my younger sonne and his assignes he paying

Satisfieing and discharging the Legacies and bequests

aforesaid, And of this my last Will and Testamt. I make

ordeyne and appoint the said William Halke my sone

sole Executor. And doe revoke and renounce all

former Wills and Testamts. by me made, and doe

declare this to be my last Will and Testamt. and none

other In Witnes whereof to this my last Will and

Testamt. conteyned in one sheet of paper I have

set my hand and seale Dated the two and twentieth

day of January in the two and Thirtieth yeare of

the Raigne of or. Sovereigne Lord Charles the second

by the grace of God of England Scotland France and

Ireland King defender of the faith &c Anno Dom.

1680 the make [mark] of the said Richard Halke, Sealed

Published and declared in the presence of Henry

Coulter Jon. Handfield Margaret Handfield ./.



Probatum fuit humoi suprascript[um]

Testamentum Richardi Halke nuper de

Hastingleigh Arthinat Cant defuncti

undecimo die Januarii Anno Dom 1681

[i.e. probate granted 11 Jan 1681/82]

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury and is viewable on microfilm at the CCA or CKS.

CCA ref: PRC/17/75/258 (more details about source to be added on Richard’s page)

The original will also survives (CCA ref: PRC/16/305 H/19); I have not yet viewed this.


The will of Richard Halke (c. 1607-1681) — No Comments

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