John Halke is, I think, likely to be the son of Sampson (d. 1488), who I suspect may be a brother of my 13 x great grandfather John, and if not almost certainly a fairly close relation of some sort.

Line breaks are as in the register copy.

Draft transcription – not checked for typos and other errors – and not yet linked to tree

 In the name of god Amen The yere of

oure lorde god Mli vC xviii The xxiiii daie

of Decembr I John Halke of Wye beyng

of hoole mynde and of good remembrannce

make my testament and last Will in this

wise First I bequethe my soule to god

almyghty or Ladie Seynt Marye and to all

the seyntes of heven And my body to be

buried in the churche yarde beside the body

of Agnes my wif Itm I bequeth unto

the hoole qwere to have v masses the

masse of Requiem and dirige soleply [solemnly?]

by mete iii s x d As muche at my monethis

mynde And as muche at my yeris mynde

Itm I bequethe to the high auter xii d

And to Seynt Clements light iiii d Itm

I bequeth to Seynt Katrine light iiii d

this my p[re]sent testament wth all other charge and my detts to be fulfillid and

paied I wull myn executours shall sell

or cause to besold my ketill my led [bed?] and

my cheres with other my moveables that

be moost nedefull to be sold The residue

of all my goods I give and bequeth to


to xpofer my sonne and Thomasine my

doughtr to be dlyv[er]ed unto theym When

thei come to thage of xviii yeris by

equall portions ev[er]eche of theym like

muche And ev[er]y of theym to be others

heire And if it shall fortune both theym

to dye I wull these goods be disposed for

my soule my Frends soules and all casten [Christian]

soules in masses dirigs and almesse delx?

in the churche of Wie to be don[e] after

the discretion of Richard C?olf and

Katrine Atwood whome I ordeyne and

make myn executours And to ev[er]y of

theym I bequeth for their labor and

besnesse vi s viii d witnesse herof ?

John Yong p[ar]ishe prest xpofer Standishe

With other ?? ??

Probatum fuit p[er]us testau[ ] z viio Febrii

Anno Dni Millimo CCCCCXVIIIo Ac …

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury and is viewable on microfilm at the CCA or KHLC.

This is a transcript of the register copy of the will, archives ref: PRC/17/13/129b (more details about source to be added to John’s page)

The original will appears not to have survived.


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