Jonn Halke is a 2nd cousin 12 x removed of mine.

Line breaks are as in the register copy

Draft transcription – not checked for typos and other errors – and not yet linked to tree

In the name of God Amen the
five and Twentith daye of May. And in the
yeare of the Rayne of Our souvraigne Lord James
by the grace of god king of England France and
Ireland defender of the Faithe &c the second and of
Scotland the seaven and thirtithe I John
of garlinge in the p[ar]ishe of Petham in
the County of kent yeoman being in good healthe
and Remembrance (god be praysed therefore) doe make
this my last will and Testament in forme as followeth
Firste I Comend my soule unto allmighty god
hoping assuredly to be saved and to ?? the kingdome
of heaven by the deathe and Resurrection of my lord
and savior Jesus Christ and by no other meanes And
my will is that after my decease my bodye be desently
buried in the [church?] yarde of Petham aforesaide neere
unto the grave of my sonne Chrystopher Hawke ?
Firste I give unto everyone of the Children of the
saide Christopher Christopher Hawke my sonne sixe
shillings and eight pence a peece to be paid unto them
as theye shall severally atteyn to the sage of One and
Twenty yeare And if any of them shall chaunce
to dye in the meane time Then my will is that one
of them shalbe the other heire Item I give unto
Elizabeth Odden ^ {the daughter of Joane Odden} my daughter Fortye shillings of
good and lawfull money of England to be paid unto
her at the daye her marriage Item I give unto
the saide Joane Odden twelve pence Item I give
unto my Daughter Sushan Rigdon twelve pence Item
I give unto Anne Randall my Duaghter twelve pence
Item I give to my Daughter Mary Vaws[e] twelve
pence Item I give unto the pore people of Petham
aforesaid six shillings and eight pence Item I give unto
Elizabeth Hawke my wife all that my p[ar]te of in
and to one Tenement Called Brookes in Petham
aforesaid with the Barne and lands with thappurtencs
thereunto belonginge in the said p[ar]ishe of Petham To
be had and holden unto her and her heires in fee simple
towards the payement of my debts Item I give
unto the said Elizabeth my wife my Tenement
wherein I now dwell in Petham aforesaide withall
the b?? and lands what soever thereunto belong-
ing in the saide Parrishe of Petham during her
Naturall life keepinge the Repracons thereof winde
tight and water tight and payeing the Quittrents
yerely And after her decease I give and bequethe
the same tennemt buildinge and lands with thappurtenaces
unto Stephen Hawke and John Hawke my
sonnes To be had and holden unto them and to theire
heires in fee simple in equall p[ar]tes The residue
of all my goods corne and Cattle debts and other goods
what soever my debts and legacies being paid I give
and bequeathe unto the saide Elizabeth my wife whome
I make sole Executrix of this my last will and
Testament In Wittnes whereof I that this is
my true last will and Testament I have hereunto
sett my seale and my usuall hand marke the daye
and yeare First above written Wittnesses hereof
Thomas Ventyman his marke and of mr John
Kenards Notary Ambrose Cobb John Hawk
his marke

Probatum fuit hmoi testamtu Johis
Hawke nuper de Petham defuncti; …

… xxiiiio Januarii 1606 [24 Jan 1606/07] …

The will was proved in the Consistory Court of Canterbury and is viewable on microfilm at the CCA or KHLC.

CCA ref: PRC/32/41/132b (more details about source will be on John’s page)

The original will also survives (CCA ref: PRC/31/52 H/6); I have not yet viewed this.


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