John Halke is a 12 x great uncle of mine, if I am correct about where he fits in the tree (I am by no means sure about this).

Line breaks are as in the register copy, not indicated by ‘/’ which are as in the document.

In the name of god Amen The iiide daye of June
the yere of our lorde god mo CCCCC xix [1519] I John
Halke of Hastynglegh make and ordeyne my
testament and last Will yn forme folowing
First I comend my soule to Almyghty god and
my body to be buried in the churche of Hastinglegh
within the high Channcell / And I bequeath to
the high aut[e]r ther for my tithes forgotten iii
leeders / Also I bequeath to the torche ligh xxd
Also to the making of a bell ther vi s viii d / Also
I wull that myn executour cause to be song for
my soule at the day of my buriall v masses
And other v at my monethis daie / Also I bequeth
to Johane my wif xii owes [ewes] and ii keyne [cows] / And the
residue of my goods not bequethid I put to the
Disposition of my Fadre Richard Halke whome I
make and constitute myn executour Wittnesse
Sir[1] Herry Crosley p[ar]ishe pr[i]est
Probatum fuit … [9 July 1519]
[to be transcribed]

[1] ‘Sir’ does not imply that Herry Crosley was a knight, but was simply the title given to priests as this time, like ‘Fr’ is sometimes now.

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury and is viewable on microfilm at the CCA or KHLC.

This is a transcript of the register copy of the will, archives ref: PRC 17/14 folio 94b (more details about source to be added to John’s page)

The original will appears not to have survived.


The will of John Halke (d. 1519) — No Comments

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