John Halke is, I think, a 2nd cousin 10 x removed of mine.

Line breaks are as in the register copy, not indicated by ‘/’ which are as in the document.

Draft transcription – not checked for typos and other errors – and not yet linked to tree

In the blessed Name of God Amen:

I John Halke Clerke of the Parish of Kensington in the Countie of Middx

being at present this Eighth day of September one thouand six hundred seventie

eight in perfect health of bodie and of sound memorie, Blessed be God, doe make

and constitute this my last Will and Testament in maner and forme following

First I commend and committ my pretious Soul into the hands of Almightie

God my most loving and tender Father in Christ Jesus, verely believing through

the only Merits and Mediation of my onely Saviour Jesus Christ to obtaine a full

free and universall Remission of my Synns And doe returne most due humble

and heartie Thankes unto my God for his revealing the Lord Jesus (the Lord of

life and Glorie) to mee, and for his Preserving mee safe from making Ship=

=wrack from all those dangerous Rockes of plaine Poperie, and all the disguizes

thereof under the nation and name of any Sect whatsoever; And as for my

Bodie (if soe that it shall please God that I shall breath out my last in the

Countie of Kent) I will it to be layd and intombed in the Parish Church of

Petham in the same Countie (without Ceremonie or service if it may be)

But if soe be an End be put unto my dayes in any Continent out of the County

of Kent, then my bodie to be buried in whatever^{re} place my Executors hereafter

mentioned shall think fit; And to the Poore of that Parish where my Bodie

shall be buried I give five pounds And to my Kinsmen Thomas Pemble [have will] of London

Clement Tipp of Ashford, Henry Impet of Brabourne, and to my Kinswomen

Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Pemble and Martha the wife of Luke Cullen of

Dover Agnes Strowd of Brabourne Elizabeth Mantle Alice Shipwash

Mary Spencer Joan Gibs and to Anne Cawton of Westminster widdow five

Pounds a peece, or each one: Alsoe I give One hundred pounds to such poore men

Widdows and Orphans in and of the Countie of Kent, to be distrubuted to them


according to my Schedule appertayning to this my Will, its direction, The wch

I will not to be opened till this my Will be proved, These Legacies to be payd

by the readie moneys that I may have by mee at the day of my dissolution, and by

debts then due unto mee; Alsoe unto these my Tenants (if soe they contynue

Tenants to mee to my death) Matthew Jacob of Bocton under the Bleane,

John Hodgman of Bocton=Aluph _ Jones of Saltwood Thomas Bull of

Mersham, and Thomas Roberts of Wye I doe bequeath the next halfe yeares

Rent that shall grow due to mee from them from the Lands and Tenemts. of myne

that they shall have in occupation; Readie moneys falling short for the payment

of these Legacies I will that my Farme at Saltwood call’d Slarbrooke be sold;

And my Goods houses hereditamts. and chatells lying and being in the Parishes

of Wye, NewChurst, Saltwood, Mersham Bocton under the Bleane in the

Countie of Kent, Together with the Advowson in gross of the Rectorie in Essex=

=Countie, I doe bequeath to my kinsman Richard Halke of Hastingly yoman

and to his Sonns Abraham and William and to their heires males forever, And

in default of such issue the inheritance of all these houses and Lands I will

to devolve to my kinsman Thomas Halke of Petham yoman and to his Heire

or Heires to contynue forever; And the said Richard Halke and Thomas

Back of Blackwall the’lder I doe constitute for the Executors of this my

Will and Testament, and doe give unto Thomas Back tenn pounds for his

paines and care in his seeing this my Will fulfilled; And in assurance that

I would have this to stand for my last Will and Testament I have written it

with my owne hand throughout (the yeare and day above-written) and

signed it and subscribed it: John Halke : / in the presence of these witnesses:

Tho: Paleman: Samll; Morris; John Wells: /

These are to acquaint my Executors

that I give my whole Librarie printed Bookes and Manuscripts unto

Henry Halke’s Sonn, whome hee intends to make a Scholar of, Except one

Manuscript upon the twentie fourth of Ezekiel thirteene verse, And one

Manuscript on the one hundred thirtie nyne Psalme the fourteene verse, As

alsoe a Manuscript on the third of John the third fourth fifth verses, Which

I bestowe upon my Brother Mr Pateman, As alsoe my will is, that John

Richardson have twentie shillings given him by my Executors as a Legacie

from mee, and to Mrs. Herne of Ashford I give give pounds, and to Mrs. Barly of

Dover five pounds, shee is Ministers-widdowe: I allowe of this: Witness my

hand: Joh: Halke:/ Witnes. Frances Forke: Memorandum, the two last women

I set downe by Mr. Halke’s will after that hee had set his hand ^ {un}to what went before.

But I asked him, whether his hand should goe or serve for this alsoe, And

hee sayd, I:/

[Probate granted 4 Nov 1678]

Probatum fuit Testamentum suprascriptum apud London unacum

Codicillo eidem annesco quarto Die mensis Novembris Anno Domini millesimo

sexcentesimo septuagesimo octavo coram venerabili et egregio Viro domino Leolino

Jenkins milite legum doctore Curiœ prrogativæ Cantuariensis Magistro

Custode suie Commissario legitime constituto juramentio Richardi Halke et

Thomæ Beck seniocio Executorum in hujusmodi Testamento nominatorum quibus

commissa fuit Administratio omnium et singulorum Bonorum jurium et creditoru

dicti defuncti de berie et fideliter administrando eadem ad sancta Dei Evangelia

vigore Commissionis juratorum : …

PCC will, TNA ref. PROB 11/358/214


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