Christopher Halke is, I think, a 13 x great uncle of mine, the brother of Richard Halke, my 12 x great grandfather.

Line breaks are as in the register copy.

Draft transcription – not checked for typos and other errors – and not yet linked to tree

In dei n[o]m[in]e Amen The xv Day of Marche the yere of

oure lord god Ml ccccc xiiii [15 Mar 1514/15] I Cristefer Halke of Pethm

make my testament and last will as folowith First I bequeth

my soule to god to oure lady to all the company of hevyn

my body to be buried in the church yard of pethm besythis

my wif Itm I bequeith to the high auter for my tithies

forgoten a shepe Itm to the crosse light there xiid Itm to ev[er]y of

the lights of oure lady saynt Margarete and saynt Kateryn

viiid Itm I bequeth xx s to have {made} a cloth for the sepulter to be cov[er]ed

in the church of pettha[m] Itm I bequeth to Johanne my wife all

suche stuff of howsold as is yet remaynyng that she brought

with her Itm I wull the residue of myn owne stuff of howsold

be disposed to the sayd Johanne my wif John and Richard

my sons after the distrecion of my bredern John colman

and Richard Hake Itm I bequeth to Johane my wif ii kene

Itm I bequeith to Johane my daughter – liii s iiii d Itm I bequeith

to Margery my dought xxvi s viii d Itm to Alice my

dought xiii s iiii d Itn I wull have expendid at my burying

Monthis myn and yeris myne lx s after The distrecion

of myn executors and my ov[er]sears Itm I bequeith to an honest

preest for a quarter to syng for my soule in the church of petham

xxxiii s iiii d Itm I wull that my sowne whete and barley and

malt betwene my wif and John and Richard my sonnes

after the distrecion of myn ov[er]sears Itm I bequeith to John

my son my bale horse the yong horse and ii spones Itm

I bequeith to my wif all my pultre The Residue of all

my movabyll goods not bequeith and my detts payd I

bequeith to John and Richard my sones equally to be


devided betwene them after the distretion of myn

ov[er]sears which John and Richard I make my exexutors

and Master John Colman and my bother Richard Halke


This is the last Will of me the sayd Crastofer made

the day and yer above witen and in he vi yere of

the reigne of kyng henry the viiith First I wull that

Sr(?) John colma[n] and Nicholas petit my feoffezs of all

my landis and ten[emen]ts within the p[ar]ishis of pethm and uppar

hards [Upper Hardres] shall delyver to John my son my place with all

thappurtenncs at Garlynche and my lands at Stonestrete

lying within the p[ar]ishe of petham to have and to hold to

hym his heiris and assignes for ever / Itm I wull that

my sayd feoffeis deliver to Richard my son all my tents

in petham strete with apprtenancs somtyme Samson Coppyns(?)

and John Whites to have to hym his heires and

assignes for ever / Itm I wull that Johan my wif have

for tme of her lif my teneures(?) somtyme Olphamts? and after

her deseace I wull if remayne to John my son and to

his heirs and assignes for ever / Itm I wull that my sayd

feoffeis sell all my lands that I have at stonestrete in the

p[ar]ishe of upper hards the sume of xiiii acres or ther upon

to p[er]forme and content my legacis and the residue of the

money ther[e]of comyng if ony be to have it expended yerly

apon an obite [1] of iii s iiii d be yere as long as it wull endureis

Probatum fuit suprascriptu[m] testamentum ultimo die mens[is]

Junii Anno Dni Millimo quigen xvmo [30 Jun 1515] …

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury and is viewable on microfilm at the CCA or KHLC.

CCA ref: PRC/17/12/418 (more details about source will be on Christopher’s page)

The original will appears not to have survived.


The will of Christopher Halke (d. c. 1515) — No Comments

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