(a 10 or 11 x great grandfather of mine)

In the name of god amen  the ixth day of aprull in the
xxviith yere of the raigne of our sovergne lady Elizabeth
by the grace of god Quene of England France and
Ireland defender of the faithe &c Anno a thousand five
hundrethe fowre score and five [1585] of Richard Gotham of
the parishe of Chartham sick in body but of p[er]fecte
memory praised by god doe make this my last will and
testament nu[n]cupative following First I Comend my
sowle into the hande of god and my body to the grounde
from whence yt came therto continew untill the coming
of christe to judgement at which tyme I beleve that
body and sowle joyned together I shall enjoy eternall
liffe by christe   Item I give unto Cicely my wiffe
my howse at mystole with the appurtencs during her
naturall liffe and after her decease to my fowre sonnes ~
John John Nicholas and Richard Item I will that my
wiffe shall have my whole howsholde stuff towards the
bringing up of my Children witness hereof Thomas
Bunker Nicholas George Henry Foad


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