About the will

John Goatham was a 10 x great grandfather OR a 10 x great uncle of mine (not yet sure if a Richard I’m descended from was his brother or son – he had both with that name)

This will is unusual in not being in the first person (of the testator or textatrix). It is  a nuncupative will, i.e. John’s wishes were expressed on his deathbed, only written down after he had died.


A fairly short will, as is usual with nuncupative wills. After bequests to his 3 children. He left £4 to his son, but only £3 to each of his daughters – but the latter to inherit when they reached the age of 18 while his son would have to wait until he’d reached the age of 21.
Everything else, no detail specified, he left to his wife – who was also his Executrix. His brother Richard was appointed overseer and to see his children would receive their bequests should his wife remarry.


The line breaks are mine; as far as possible the spelling and punctuation are as in the copy I transcribed.

This is the last will and testament nuncupative of John Goatham late of the p[ar]ish of Herne in the countie of Kent mason Dece[ase]d by him made and declared the third daie of Februarie or thereabouts in the yeare of our lord god 1611 according to the Computacon of the Church of England, hee being then sicke of bodie but of good and p[er]fect rem[em]brance

Inpr.is hee gave and bequeathed unto his eldest daughter Sara Gotham three pounds of good and lawfull monie of England to bee paid unto her att her age of eighteene yeres.

Item he did give and bequeath unto his daughter Susan Goatham three pounds of lawfull money of England to be paid unto her at her age of eighteene yeres

Item hee did give and bequeath unto Richard Gotham his sonne the some of foure pounds of good and lawfull monie of England to be paid unto him att this age of one and twentie yeres.

Item all the rest of his goodes his deedes and legacies being paid hee gave and bequeathed unto Katherine his wife whome hee Named and appointed to bee sole Executrix of this his last will and testamt.

Item he willed that his brother Richard Goteham should bee his overseer to see this his last will and tesetamt Trulie executed and p[er]formed;

Item hee willed that if Katherine his wief should Contract and solemnize m[at]rimony with anie man, That then it should be lawfull for Richard Goteham his overseer to take sufficient bonds for the paymt of his childrens porcons And if that his wiefe should refuce to enter into bound as aforesaid, That then it should bee lawfull for his said overseer to take so much goodes as his said children there above bequeathed legacies do amount unto;

These being witnesses of the uttering of the words abovesaid or the like in effect and substance, Peeter Welbye Robert Seathe Michaell Nottingham; Robert Seathe, the marke of Michaell Nottingham


The will of John Goatham (c.1568 – 1611) — No Comments

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