In the name of God Amen
the fourth day of October in the yeare of our Lord One
Thousand six hundred Eighty and three And in the xxxvth.
yeare of our most gratious Soveraigne Lord Charles the
second now king of England &c I Mary Devervaque of the
parish of St. Alphage within the City of Canterbury widow
being sicke and weake in body yett of sound minde &
perfect memory considering the uncertainty of this mortall
life & for the quieting of my minde and to prvent any
differences betwixt my Relacons I doe hereby make &
ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner &
forme following (that is to say) First I comend my
Soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator trusting
and faithfully beleeving for Salvacon through the
merritts of Jesus Christ my Redeemer And my body I
comitt to the earth to be decently buryed att the
discretion of my Executor hereafter named And for
my temporall Estate which it hath pleased God to
blesse me withall in this world I give and dispose
thereof as herein after is expressed vizt I give &
bequeath to the poor of the walloon Congregacon
in Canterbury the sume of tenne shillings to be paid
by my Executor within one month after my decease
into the hands of the Deacons or Collectors for the poor
of the said Congregacon to be distributed by them
amongst the said poor Item I give unto Mary Potton
Daughter of John John[1] Potton my neece one large
joyned chest to be delivered unto her by my Executor
within one month next after my decease And alsoe I
give ^ {to} the said Mary Potton two of my largest peeces
of God to be delivered to her by my said Executor
hereafter named within one month next after my
decease Item I give & bequeath unto my Godsonne
Peter Leggle son of Christopher Leggle decea[se]d one
silver cup with two ears now in my possession to be
delivered to him by my Executor herein afternamed
within one month next after my decease Item I give
and bequeath unto my Nephew Isaac Wantier of the
parish of All Sts. Canterbury one third parte of ^ {all} the Rest
of my goods chattles credits ready mony household stuffe
or personall Estate whatsoever the whole being in three
parts equally divided, Alsoe I give & bequeath unto my
neece Mary Potton aforesaid one other third part of
all my goods chattles credits ready mony householdstuffe
and personall Estate whatsoever the whole being divided
into three partes as a foresaid, Alsoe I give & bequeath
unto my two neeces Mary Dulplanch wife of Lewis
Dulplanch and Margaret Pravo to be equally devided
between them two, the other ^ {third} part of all my goods chattles
credits ready mony householdstuffe & personall Estate
whatsoever the whole being devided into three parts as
aforesaid All which partes and shares shalbe devided
& deliv[er]ed to each partye within three monthes next
after my decease by my Executor hereafter named
Item it is my minde & will that my Executor hereafter
named shall before any division be made ^ {of} my said
personall Estate be allowed my funeral expences
Probate of this my will my debts which I owe to any
person or persons whatsoever and all other charges:
he shall necessarily be putt to in the due Execucon of
this my will And it is my further minde & will And I doe
hereby order and appoint my Executor hereinafter
named to pay and deliver into the hands of my good
friend Mrs. Magdalen Manneke widow all such parte
or share as upon the division to be made as aforesaid
shalbe the proportion of my aforesaid neece Margaret
Pravo within three monthes next after my decease as
aforesaid, And she the said Mrs. Manneke to give it
to the said Margaret Pravo as she in her best
discretion shall judge fitt and as her wants require it
And of this my prsent last will and Testament contained
in three sheetes of paper I make & ordaine constitute
& appoint my aforesaid nephew Isaac Wantier my
whole and sole Executor and earnestly desire & charge
him to be faithfull in the Execucon thereof And I doe
hereby revoke disanul frustrate & make void all
former wills either by word of mouth or in writeing by
me att any time heretofore made And doe publish &
declare this onely to be had & taken for my last will
& Testament In witnesse whereof I have hereunto
sett my hand and seale dated the day & yeare before
first written The marke of Mary Defervaque ^ {the Testatrix} Signed
sealed published and declared to be the last will and
Testament of the said Mary Defervaque the Testatrix in the
pr[e]sence & sight of us Phillip Manneke Madelinne
Manneke Will: Browning Not publiq


[Probate statement to be added; it shows probate was granted on 2 Feb 1684/85 to Isaac Wantier]


The will of Mary de Farvaques (née Wantier) (d. 1685) — No Comments

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