Thomas is an 8 x gt grandfather of mine. (a bit of work still needed to read a few words and the line / paragraph breaks /emphasised words are mine)

In the name of God Amen. December the Eighteenth in the year of our Lord one Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Nine. I Thomas Becon the elder of Waltham in the County of Kent gentleman Do ordaine and make this my last will and Testament as followeth First I give and bequeath my soule unto the hands of Almighty God trusting to have pardon and forgiveness of my sinnes through my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Item I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Becon Fifty pounds to be paid into her within Seven years after my Decesase by my Executrix. And if in case that the said Fifty pounds be not paide unto her as before said that then my will is. That she shall have the little [?Quire Donnr?] to her and her heirs for ever.Item I give unto my first youngest children Clement Becon Basell Becon John Becon Thomas Becon and Ann Becon forty pounds a piece att the age of four & twenty years to be paid unto them by my Executrix. And if in Case that any of them happen to Dye before they come the said Age of four & twenty years that then his or their forty pounds shalbe equally Divided betwixt the rest of them. Item I give unto my sonne Thomas Becon the elder five pounds to be paid unto him within that year is after my Decease by my Executrix.Item I give unto my Sonne Theodor and unto my sonne William five shillings a piece to be paid unto them by my Executrix within One halfe year after my Decease Item I make my wife my whole Executor And Do give unto her And unto her heirs or assignes for ever Conditionally that she shall pay and Discharge all this my Ligatits which I have given in this my last will and all my Debts and funeral expenses the Rest unto. I the Aforenamed Thomas Becon Do sett to my hand and seale Dated this Day and year first about written. (And goods whatsoever) was ??? before the installing thereof Sealed in the presence of Thomas Becon Stephen Court
This will was proved att London the fourteenth day of Aprill in the year of our Lord One Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty before the Hon.ble the Judges for probat of wills And granting of Administrations by the Oath of Ann Becon the Relict and sole Executrix therein named to whom was Committed Administration of all and singular the goods Chattells and Debts of the said Deceased she being first sworn by ??? truly to Adminsister the same by ??? of a Comission in that behalfe ??? ??? ???


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