The will of my 10 x great grandfather, Thomas Becon. Given that Thomas seems to have suffered ill health for a number of years it is perhaps surprising that he left a nuncupative will. In his writings he made a number of references to his not having much money.

In the name of God Amen The
xxix daye of June in the yeare of our Lord god A
Thousand fyfe hundreds three score and seven and
in the nynght yeare of the most ?? Raynge
of our soverayne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of
god Queen of England France and Ireland
Defendor of the Faythe Etc :  Thomas Beacon comon
prebendar of Christchurch in Canterbury beinge
sicke of bodye, and never the less of good and perfyt mynd
and remembrance : after the declaration of hys lively
Faythe in Jesus Christe and continuall medytaton
of goddes most holly woord to the grate comfort and
consolacon of his soull hathe declaryd his wyll and
testament by woord of mought in fewe woordes as folowith
perceaving present deathe at hand to take hym out of
this myserable lyfe, That ys to saye I gyve to my
wyfe all my goodes, The portions of monye that
I have all redye for my children[1] appaynted and
assyned onely reservyd and allso I for gyve E??
Ryder xvsh(??sp) present witnesss here of Thomas Forde
Josua Hutton and others

(Probate in Latin – I think it was granted 18 July, 1567 to “Beconn Relict” i.e. Thomas’s widow)

[1] Thomas’s known surviving children at this time were Theodore, Rachel and Basil though there could have been others.


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