Anthony Becon is a first cousin 10 x removed, son of Theodore, who was the brother of my 9 x great grandfather Basil Becon.
Above the copy of the will I have a date is written: this is not the probate date of the will immediately preceeding this one, so I think it must be the date the will was written, December 25o 1628.
In the name of God Amen I Anthony Beacon of the parish of Erwarton Minister knowinge its ordained for all men once to dye and nothinge more uncertaine then the hower of death expectinge howerly the time of my dissoluson wherein I shalbe translated out of this vale of misery to raigne with my best blessed Saviour being somthinge weake in bodie but in good dispositon of mynde (Christ Jesus be thanked for it) I do ordaine my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge first I bequeath my soule into the handes of my most mercifull father in assurance of the Salvaion thereof by his mercy and Christe onlie merritte Also I doe bequeath my bodie to the earth assuringe my self that at the last daie I shalbe clothed againe with my flesh, and that I shall se god with theis Eies, In confidence whereof I will that this my bodie be decently buried in the Churchyard Alone concerninge those Temporall blessinge where= with it hath pleased god to ?? me, I moste willinglie leave them to them I love, and leave in the world. First I bequeath to my eldest Sister Elizabeth Beacon a hundred poundes, which she shall have paid her by John Inniver of Braysteed in five years Twentie poundes a yeare. Item I give to my Sister Isabella Beacon the reversion of a lease of a house in Cambridge nowe in the handes of my Aunt Smith[1] as by the said lease shall (appeare?) Nowe(?) if it shall please god to take awaye either of my said Sisters without issue of her body lawfully begotten, her part soe dyinge shalbe imployed to the buyinge of land towards the maintenance of a poore godly Scholar of Canterbury Schoole in the Universitie of Cambridge for Seven yeares, if he shall soe longe contynue in the Universitie And if it shall please god  ?? to take awaie my other sister without issue of her bodie lawfully begotten my mynde and will is that her part shalbe imployed in like manner toward the maintenance of an other poore godlie Scholler of the said School in the said Universitie And if it please god that they have issue, and the said yssue dye before marriage Then my will is that theis legacies shalbe imployed as it above specified And I desire and give authoritie to the Master and Usher of Canterbury Schoole to they see it accordinglie performed Item I will my Executor to give a pott of Sixteene ounces of Silver that my father in his will bequeathed to Saint Johns Colledge in Cambridge accordinge as he shall se in my fathers will Item I give five poundes to the godlie Religious poore at the discrecion of my Executor twentie shillings whereof I bequeath to the poore of Erwarton Item I give to Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge Thirtie shillings to be bestowed by my Executor on some Divinitie Books to the use of the colledge Other thinges which I bequeath I have ?? sett downe in a noate under my hand and Seale which I have caused to hereunto annexed ?? of this my last will and Testament I ordaine my dearr frind Mr Christopher Burrell Minister my sole Executor willing and requiringe him accordinge to the trust I ?pose in him that all theis thinges maie be faithfully performed, and my debts paid, and the rest I bequeath to him In wittnes hereof I have sett to my hand and Seale Anthony Beacon Signed published and delivered in the presence of us Phil: Parker – Robt Wickes A noate of those things which I will my Executor to bestowe in manner followinge Inprimis I give to Sr. Phillipp Parker Ainsworth? And ?? worke and fower of my best Pictures, and twentie shillings to buy a Ring. Item to his Ladie, Mr. Rogers seaven ??, and a paire of my best Sheets and Table cloth. Item I give Mr. Daniell Rogers tenne shillinges to buy a Booke. Item I give to Mr. Faircloth tenne shillings to buy a Booke. Item to my cosen Yong of Canterbury twentie shillings. Item to two Religious poore Schollers all my Schoole bookes, that are ordinary learned in the Schooles. Goodman Perkins sonne of Walden to be one of the two, and Goodman Borralls sonne of the little Bardfield the other. Item to Mr. Wickes of Erwarton ?? Harmony and Pavens(?) on the Romans. Item to Misters Browne, Mr. Greenhamb(?) worke and Furnins(?) Bible. Item to my Sisters, my Grandfather Beacons works. Item to Mr. Tocke(?) of Wenham Medulla Amesy(?) which I have lent him. Item to Joel Turner Mr. Heirons works, a paire of Sheets, a Table Cloth, a Towell, my pillows and Mattres, my best ??, two of my best Ruffs, my Cushions one Truncke. Item I give all my Divinitie noats to my Executor; and tenne of my best divintie Bookes, he shall please to choose. And all my Phisicke Noats to my cosen Yong of Canterbury Item I give twentie shillings to be bestowed in books on the Servants of this family by the discrecion of my Executor. Item I will my Executor to bestowe twentie shillinge in Divinitie Books to give to my uncle Smiths[1] grandchildren, and two my Mr. Rogers Doctrine of faith, one to my uncle, another to his Ladie. Item I give to my Executor my newe Cloake, Coate, and best Gowns and my newe Stuffe Suite. Item my other apparel (except tynnois?) to religious poore Scholers. Item to Nurse Galliard my featherbed. Item to Joel Turner my two Blancketts, Coverlett, Velvett Cushion. Item I give Joel Turner my seale Ringe. Item to my cosen Yongs wife my other little Ringe. Item to Jane Scott a Table cloth and Dodd on the Comandements. Item I give to Mr. Eusin of Emanuell Collidge ?? of ?? Cartwright on the ?? Testament. Item to Mr. Rogers of Dedhan the Turkish ?? Cartwrights Harmony. Item to Mr Hopkins of Wenham Bellar?? ?? Item to Mr. Wards sonne of Ipswich my Scapula. Item to my cosen Rayners children xx.s to be Bestowed on Bookes by my Executor Item the rest of my Divinitie bookes, all my other legacies being discharged and paid I give to my Executor to bestowe on some godlie godlie religious Ministers, Mr Kenitie(?) to be one. Item I give to Joel Turner All my lynnen unbequeathed, pillows, pictures, Cushions, Bookes, my Phisicke Bookes, Historie books and other things unbequeathed to my Executor to paie debts if there be any  In wittnes hereof I have sett my hand and Seale Anthony Becon Phil Parker Robert Wickes. Item I will my money Legacies to be paid two yeares after my decease and none but my sisters to be paid presently unless my Executor will. And that he take bonds of my sisters to performe my will about their legacies. Item I give to my uncle Beacons children Eighteene shillinge to buy each of them Mr. Rogers Doctrine of faith, and some other good books.
Probate statement in Latin - date is 27 August 1629.
[1] Anthony's mother was one Dorcas Smithe; presumably Anthony's "uncle Smith" was her brother. The aunt Smith referred to earlier could be the wife of this uncle, or another of his mother's brothers, or a sister of his mother.


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