John Luttrell was the second husband of my 12 x great grandmother Anne Morgan née Bampfield.

I have aimed to show line breaks, spelling, punctuation and capitals as in the register copy. [ ] show additions – mostly to show omitted letters in abbreviated or contracted words.

The Will

I devise to my Daughter Anne Luttrell for her marriage partion soe as
she be ruled and advised by my dere wife her mother and by Sir Amyas Bamfeild and my
brother Luttrell and William Franneys Esquire the somme of Eight hundred poundes
of lawfull english money. And yf she die before marriage then the partion to be bestowed
by my Executar in some living far my twoe sonnes : And further I give and bequeathe my
Interest and Tearme of yeres yet to come of Narthe Map[er]ton Farme to my twoe sonnes
John Luttrell and George Luttrell equallie betwene them and to the longest liver of
them so long as olde Crosse and his Sister which are nowe Tenantes or Occupyers of the
Farme of Avell in the Countie of Somersett or either of them shall happen soe long
to live and no longer. And after the decease of the sayed Crosse and his sister I give
and bequeathe the sayed Farme of Narthe map[er]ton to my Daughter Anne Luttrell
and to my sonne John Luttrell equallie betwene them during the life of the sayed
John Luttrell. And I likewise give and bequeathe my whole Interest and terme in
Avell Farme to my sonne George Luttrell nowe of Kynges Colledge in Cambridge
(paying to his sister Anne Luttrell the somme of twoe hundred poundes within
Fower yeres after the end and expiration of Crosses estate and his Sisters of
and in the said Farm of Avell before mentioned I further ordayne and appoyntt
my deere wife Anne Luttrell to be my Executrix of this my last will and testamt
John Luttrell. / ~ /

The Probate Statement

Probatum fuit testamentum suprascriptum apud London coram ven[erabi]li
viro D[omi]no Johanne Benett milite legum doctore Curie Prerogative Cantuar[iensis]
Magistro Custodes sive Commissario legitime constituto Decimo septimo die
mensis Novembris Anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo vicesimo Juramento Anne
Luttrell Relicte dicti Defuncti et executrices in eodem testamento nominat : Cui
commissa fuit Administrco bonorum Jurium et Creditorum dicti Defuncti De bne
et fideliter administrands &c ad sancta Dei Evangelia vigore Commissionis in ea
parte alias Emanat Jurat / ~ / ~ / ~ / ex[aminatu]r

Translation of the Probate Statement

[The above written will was proved at London before the worshipful
Sir John Benett knight Doctor of Laws, lawfully constituted Master, Keeper or
Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury the seventeenth day
in the month of November in the year of Our Lord one thousand six hundred and twenty by the oath of Anne
Luttrell relict of the said deceased and the executrix named in the same will To whom
was committed administration of the goods rights and credits of the said deceased, well and faithfully to administer etc. she having been sworn on God’s Holy Gospels, by force of a Commission in this regard issued at another time / ~ / ~ / ~ / It is examined.]

TNA ref: PROB 11/136/455


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