(a 5xgt grandfather of mine)

I have tried to keep capitals and spelling as in the copy the transcription was made from (transcribed by my Mother – so that assumes I can read what she wrote correctly!)

The line breaks are mine, to aid readability

This is the last Will and Testament of me James Hambling of the Parish of Blackawton in the County of Devon Gunsmith which I publish and declare in the form and manner as follows=I give and bequeath to my son William Hambling the houses smiths shop Orchard and Herb Garden and Appurtenances thereof and the ?[fee simple and Inheritance] thereof situated at Milcombe [1] in the said parish of Blackawton

I also give and bequeath to my son aforesaid the house and shops with the garden and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging held under Lease by me during the life of my Daughter Ann Burwood the wife of James Burwood now in his Majesty’s ?? Service on condition that the aforesaid William Hambling do pay or cause to be paid to his sister the aforesaid Ann Burwood the sum of four pounds sterling annually during her natural life and also that he the said William do pay to the four children of his deceased sister Mary the late wife of William Hodge of the Parish of Slapton in the said County Blacksmith the sum of five pounds apiece in the manner following at the end of twelve calendar months after my decease five pounds to be paid to the eldest of them of the name of Mary Evans by marriage At the end of two years to the second daughter Susan Hodge the like sum of five pounds At the end of three years to John Hodge the Brother the life sum of five pounds And at the end of four years to Angelina Hodge the youngest Daughter the like sum of five pounds

I also bequeath to my Grandson William Hambling all my working tools of every description except my little turning lathe which I give to my Grandson James Hambling And to my two Grandsons John and Charles Hambling all my wearing apparel to be equally divided between them

the wearing apparel of my late wife to be divided into 4 equal parts as near as can be and lots to be drawn for each share by my Granddaughter Mary the daughter of my son William and the 3 daughters of my deceased daughter Mary Hodge and each of them to have one share

All my household furniture I bequeath to my daughter-in-law Elizabeth Hambling the wife of my son William and their two children James and Mary except the bed in the little room which I give to my Grandson William Hambling the remainder to be equally divided between Elizabeth her Son James and Daughter Mary

In witness whereby I have to this set my hand and seal this 5th day of February in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty seven.  James Hambling (SS)

Witnessed sealed and published and
declared by the Testator as and for
his last Will and Testament in the
presence of us and in the presence of
each other –

William Lamble
William Watson
Elizabeth Hambling

Died 14th July 1837
Sworn 13th October 1837    W. B. Hambling

?? , Surrogate

Archdeaconry of Totnes, Effects under £100

[1] Milcombe

A Robert Hambling was farming there in 1815, who I suspect may have been a 1st cousin of James. Robert ended up as an ag. lab. Maybe when he was struggling James bought the land to help his cousin out, or saw the chance of investing in hope of better times to come.The property described here in James’ will is similarly described in his son’s will, although William and his family do not appear to have lived at Milcombe.


The will of James Hambling (c.1762 – 1837) — No Comments

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