Charles is a 4 x great uncle of mine

This is the last Will and Testament of me Charles George Hambling of No 9 Delamere Street Paddington in the County of Middlesex Builder I confirm the Settlement bearing date the Eleventh day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty two made on my marriage with my wife Caroline and I bequeath to my said wife all my household furniture plate linen china pictures and other household effects for her own use absolutely I bequeath to my friend Nathaniel Ellis hereinafter named ten guineas as a small acknowledgment of the trouble he will have as one of my trustees I direct the payment of my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses as soon after my decease as convenience will permit

I bequeath to my mother the interest arising from the mortgage of freehold property at Milcombe in Devonshire made to me by my late father William Bartlett Hambling during her life and I direct that the principal of the said mortgage shall not be called in until after her decease I devise all my real estate and I bequeath all my leasehold houses and the residue of my personal estate unto and to the use of my said wife my son Charles Mitchelson Hambling and the said Nathaniel Ellis of Goldhawk Road Shepherds Bush Middlesex upon trust to sell and convert into money either immediately after my decease or at such future time or times as the trustees for the time being of my Will shall in their his or her discretion think proper and invest the net produce and proceeds arising from such sale or sales pursuant to the general direction for investment hereinafter contained And until the same shall be sold and converted into money I direct that the actual annual produce and income of my real and residuary personal estate however constituted shall be treated as annual income for the purpose of this my Will I empower the said trustees or trustee to reserve biddings and to buy in any lot or lots and rescind or vary any contract for sale of all or any part of my trust property upon such terms and conditions in every respect as they he or she shall think proper I direct that during the life of my said wife the annual income of my real and residuary personal estate shall be applied and disposed of in manner following that is to say) so much of such annual income as with the rents of the leasehold houses included in my said marriage settlement will make up the net annual sum of two hundred pounds shall from time to time be paid to my said wife during her life and the residue of such annual income after payment of and provision for rents repairs insurances and other outgoings shall be divided into three equal parts for the use and benefit of my three children Charles Mitchelson Charlotte Mitchelson and George John and in case at the time of my decease any of the said children shall be under age I direct that the trustees or trustee for the time being of my Will shall apply the income arising from the one third share of such minor child or so much thereof as shall be requisite for this or her maintenance and education until he or she shall attain his or her age of twenty one years I direct that all investments of my trust property shall be made by the trustees or trustee for the time being of my Will in their his or her names or name in or upon any of the public stocks funds or securities of Great Britain or in or upon any English Government securities or any freehold copyhold or leasehold securities in England and I empower the said trustees and trustee to vary and change all any such securities and investments into or for any others of a like nature as often as may be convenient I direct that on the decease of my said wife the whole of my trust estate however the same may happen to be constituted or invested shall be divided equally between my said three children I also direct that all benefits hereby intended for my said wife and daughter respectively shall be for her separate use and shall be free from all marital control or liability I appoint my said wife Caroline Hambling my said son Charles Mitchelson and Nathaniel Ellis to be Executors in trust of this my last Will and Testament And I declare that every vacancy occurring in the trusteeship of my Will by death disclaimer unfitness or unwillingness to act of my trustees herein named or of any other of my trustees or trustee for the time being shall be supplied as soon as may be by the appointment of a fit substitute or substitutes such appointment to be made by my said wife during her life and after her decease by the surviving or continuing or retiring trustees or trustee of my said Will if any or if none by the executors or administrators of any deceased trustee and such new trustees or trustee shall have full power to act in the execution of the trust of this my Will as well before as after the vesting of my trust property in them I declare it to be my Will that in case my son George John shall be living and of age on the occasion of any such vacancy in the trusteeship of my Will that he my said son George John shall fill such vacancy I empower my trustees and trustee to retain and also to allow to each other all costs charges and expenses incidental to the trusteeship

In witness whereof I have set my hand this twenty third day of January one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven. — C. G. Hambling.

Signed and declared by the said Charles George Hambling the testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of us both present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. — Henry C. Darlington 110 Cannon Street London Ann Scarbrough 104 Portsdown Road Maida Vale

Proved at London 27th June 1878 by the oaths of Caroline Hambling Widow the Relict Charles Mitchelson Hambling the son and Nathaniel Ellis the Executors to whom Admon was granted.


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