My Devonshire ancestry is in two parts – the eighth of my ancestry from my maternal grandmother, and the eighth for my maternal grandfather.

This is for the former, and until 2016 I hadn’t found any direct ancestors in this part of my tree outside the South Hams (except for recent generations who all lived there at some point). Then I found a gateway and now they’re everywhere!

Actually, the majority are still in Devon, but include the Tavistock area, i.e. the same area as my other Devon eighth. Since people who share chunks of my ancestry are likely to find it more helpful, they are included in the list here, rather than with those for my other Devon eighth.

I include in this list wills for close relations of my South Hams eighth, even if they moved away.

So far those for direct ancestors for this eighth from outside of Devon almost all died in Somerset or Dorset, so I have added a page with the ‘Dorset and Somerset branch’ list.