(a 5xgt grandfather of mine)


With most Devon wills having been destroyed by enemy bombing in WW2, Inland Revenue copies were subsequently sent to the Devon Record Office rather than being destroyed. This is one such will; being an IR will explains the comments on the ‘cover’.

It can be found at the Devon Record Office (aka Devon Heritage Centre) under ref. 1078/IRW/V/179


I had hoped this will would confirm my believes re the structure of this family and maybe add to it. Instead it proved to be one of the most boring and least helpful I have seen!

In his will John Vogwell left just 2/6 to each of his children living at the time of his death, who he did not name, to be paid to them a year after his death, leaving everything else to his second wife (who was not the mother of any of his children.
Whether this small amount was a way of showing them disapproval, or whether he had made provision for them in his lifetime and felt he couldn’t give them more than this token when he died, that his widow needed what he then left, I don’t know.
I think 6 children were living when he wrote his will, aged only 9 to 23, though another (my ancestor) died after the will was written but before his father. It is hard to imagine that he had by then made provision for them all, or that he could have fallen out at least with the younger ones. He wrote his will in November 1805, only a few months after remarrying (in July 1805). I think it most likely that his second wife wish to reassured that adequate provision was being made for her. What does strike me as strange is that he didn’t make lifetime provision for his widow, with a stipulation that his estate go to his children on her death.

The / in the following transcription indicate line breaks

This is the last Will and Testament of me / George Vogwill of the Parish of Whitchurch in the County of Devon Yeoman made / published and declared the fifteenth day of November One thousand eight hundred / and five, when of sound perfect and disposing mind memory and understanding / in manner following (that is to say) I give devise and bequeath to each and / every of my Children that shall be living at the time of my death the Sum of / Two Shillings and six pence to be paid to them at the expiration of one year / next after my decease All the rest residue and remainder of my Effects / debts Chattels and Testamentary Estate whatsoever I give devise and bequeath / the same and every part and parcel thereof unto my dear Wife Ann Vogwill / she paying and discharging all my just debts Funeral Expenses and the said / Legacies and I nominate and appoint my said Wife sole Executrix of this my / Will hereby revoking and making void all former Wills be me made In / Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and / Year above written:
Signed sealed and delivered by the above named }
Testator George Vogwill in presence of us _         }      George Vogwill
Thomas Jope
Thomas Spencer
The above cotains a true Copy of the
Original Will of George Vogwill late of
Walkhampton but formerly of Whitchurch
Devon Yeoman deceased the same having
been carefully examined therewith by us
Clerks to Walter Prideaux Deputy Registrar
of the Archdeacon’s Court of Totnes.

Nicholas Gidley     }
Jno. Wm. Hodges. }

‘cover’ shows:

In the Stamp Office
Copy of the Will of
George Vogwill late of
Walkhampton Devon Yeoman
(but formerly of Whitchurch)

Sole Executrix
Ann Vogwill of Walkhampton
aforesaid Widow

Proved in the Archdeacon’s
Court of Totnes 25th May 1826

Effects Sworn under 100 £

Walter Prideaux Deputy
[Stamped: ]
June 9
N. 2 Reg U2 1826
Folio ?? FOL 423
[to the right of the stamp] 1 : 6 [I think this was the amount of death duty]


The will of George Vogwill (1752-1826) — No Comments

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