Richard is an 11 x great grandfather of mine

Memorandum That upon or aboute the Twenty eighth Day of  August in the yeare of our Lord Christ One thousand six hundred fifty fower Richard Narramore of Edeford in the Countie of Devon Yeoman being weake of Bodie but of perfect memorie did by word of mouth declare his last Will and Testament in manner and forme following or to the like effect First he gave and bequeathed unto his sonne John all the goods that were betweene them and not divided Item he gave to Joane the daughter of John Narramore one white headed heifter and two Ewe sheep [possibly word or 2 missing because of poor image quality]

Andrew the sonne of the said John he gave two Ewe sheepe Also he gave to Richard the sonne of the said John one brasse pott one brasse panne or Kettle and two Ewe sheepe Also he gave to George Sweeteland his young trees in the Nursery Also he gave to Elizabeth the Daughter of the said George Sweetland tenne poundes in money to be paid within three monthes after his decease Also he gave to Thomazine the Daughter of the said George Sweetland one yearland Heifer and to Richard the sonne of the said George Sweetland the black milch heifer also he gave to his brother John his best suite of Apparrell and to Nicholas Leaker one suite of Apparell Also he gave to Joane Codner fortie shillings in money Also he gave to Elizabeth Sweeteland his Daughter the bedd he lay upon after his Wives Decease and to the poore of Edeforde he gave six shillings eight pence And the residue of all his goods not formerly given he did give and bequeath unto Joane his wife whome he did ordaine to be his whole and sole Executrix of this his Nuncupative Will and Testament All which he declared in the presence of Thomas Whitborne and Richard Pope Tho: Whitborne the signe of Richard Pope

This nuncupative Will was proved att London the Twentith Day of January In the yeare of our Lord God According to the Computation of the Church of England One thousand six hundred fifty and fower before the Judges for probate of Will and granting Administrations lawfully authorized by the Oath of Joane Narramore the Relict and sole Executrix named in the above written Will to whome Administration of all and singular the goods Chattells and debts of the said deceased was Committed he being first legally sworne by vertue of a Commission truly and faithfully to administer the same

Richard’s will was proved during the interregnum when there were no Bishops or Archdeacons, and all wills had to be proved centrally in London. There was no Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) either, as that was the Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, but the wills proved in London at that time are deposited with the PCC wills.

TNA ref: PROB 11/242/742 (more details about source on Richard’s page)


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