So far I know little about my ancestors from Surrey.

On my mother’s side …

I have traced one line of the quarter of that side that I usually refer to as “of Sussex” (the Courts) back to Kirdford and then across the county border into Surrey, with ancestors living in Chiddingfold, with some family events in the neighbouring parish of Dunsfold.

On my father’s side …

The connection with Surrey here is more recent but I know even less. My great grandmother’s mother, Martha Field, was born in Wallington, Surrey in 1816, but her father came from Buckinghamshire. Had he moved down as a single man and married in Surrey, or had he married Martha’s mother in Buckinghamshire before they moved together? All I know so far is that she was another “Martha”; she died when her daughter Martha was a baby so didn’t make it to the censuses.


Some useful links

With some of Surrey now in Greater London, and two family history societies covering the county resources and information about them are somewhat scattered.

East Surrey

The Wallington / Carshalton area that my Dad’s ancestors lived in is in East Surrey, now in Greater London.

West Surrey

My mother’s ancestors in West Surrey are in the Surrey County Council area.

The Surrey History Centre – another summary of info. here


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