Introduction to the village

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Family connections

1704 – 1727 (and earlier?)

I only know of ancestors in Wormshill from 1704, when 6 x great grandparents William Springfield and Elizabeth Moore married there. But since I don’t know where either of them came from it may be that I had ancestors living in Wormshill for generations before that.

Although they had 2 children baptised there in 1707, including my 5xgt grandfather Edward, and William was probably buried in Wormshill in 1727, the Springfield family subsequently left the village, Edward’s children all being baptised in Wichling, while he was “of Lenham” when he wrote his will (in 1781).

1810 – 1870

It was not until around 1810 that the family returned to Wormshill, when Richard Hunt, grandson of the above Edward and my 3x great grandfather moved there with his young family. Richard had already had 6 children baptised in 3 different parishes, but life, or more likely work, in Wormshill seems to have suited him better as 5 more children born over the following 10 years were all baptised in Wormshill, including my gt gt grandmother Sybella. Sadly Richard died there the year following the last of these baptisms.

Bereft of their husband / father, the Hunts seem to have continued to live in the village – several of the children married here, and Richard’s widow Mary re-married to Wormshill-born John Milgate. Mary was living in Wormshill at the time of the 1851 census and died here later the same year, although the 1841 census shows she and John were living in Frinsted at that time, so she had not lived continually in Wormshill. Frinsted is an adjoining parish, though, so they need not have moved far.
I haven’t had direct ancestors living in Wormshill since Mary died.

Many more Hunt family births, baptisms and marriages are recorded over the half century following Richard’s death, including the births of the 4 eldest children of the above-mentioned Sybella and her husband Charles Goatham. The last of these was in December 1839; they were in Faversham by the time of the 1841 census.

Sybella’s niece Emily Hunt may have been the last close relation to live in the village; her 3rd child was born here in 1869 but the family were living in Rainham by 1871.

A list of all events on my tree marked as occuring in Wormshill can be found here, together with a map.

St. Giles’ Church

Where a number of family baptisms, marriages and burials took place.

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Where my 3 x gt uncle, Richard Hunt, was living from at least 1851 – 1861.

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