Pretty well a quarter of my ancestry, so far as I know it, is from Kent, the quarter being that of my paternal grandfather Charles Robert Goatham, summarised in his ancestor chart.

Roughly speaking:

  • my grandfather’s father Herbert Goatham was from Faversham, and his ancestors spreading out from there
    • his father, Charles Goatham and his ancestors so far I’ve found in roughly a rectangle bounded by Bredgar and Sittingborne in the West, across to Herne and Canterbury in the East;
    • his mother,  Sybilla Hunt and her ancestors were from just to the south of this, from Wormshill, Wichling and other villages along the north downs, down to Marden in the West and Wye and Waltham in the East;
  • my grandfather’s mother, Sarah Ann Hyde, was from Margate –
    • her father, Robert Hyde and his ancestors were from the Isle of Thanet as far as I have tracted them;
    • her mother, Ann Fuller was from Bridge, and her ancestors were nearly all from the Elham Valley or nearby, including Canterbury, apart from one of her grandfathers, James Fuller, who was born in Hurst in Sussex, and her 5 x gt grandparents Isaac and Jael Charrosin came from France via London (as Huguenot refugees).

I will split up the pages about Kent villages and towns in several groups roughly representing those above, though splitting the area of the North Downs southwards to be the North Downs parishes and the Weald and South East Kent marshes. There will be some overlap in the pages which are of interest to the different main branches of my tree, I will try to keep the more specifically family info. to the surname pages.

I think. This site will evolve as I build it. Pages should eventually be tidy but I will probably publish them once I think they might be of wider interest than just to me.

If I find some interesting info. or a useful website about where an ancestor lived, I might as well put it straight on a page about that place as put it in my bookmarks and then get it from there later.


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