In this section

At the moment if you select a place from the link by an event on a person’s page or if you search on a place mostly you just get a list of people / events there and possibly a map. A few (very few) places have some links and info.

Adding info about a place to the pages listing events etc. is not ideal – so I plan (and have started) adding separate pages in this section and will crosslink to the place events pages.

I won’t be doing this for every place on the tree – but ideally I will for every place my direct ancestors have lived or that have otherwise been significant in the lives of direct ancestors, plus a few other places that are of particular interest for some reason.

The places

The places will be listed by English counties / other countries. Where necessary, i.e. to stop drop-down lists  being too long, I will break down the counties / countries into sub-sections.  If you find the drop-down menu difficult to use there should be a static menu on the parent page(s).