Tree: Gothams

Tree Name  Gothams 
Description  Part of the Go(a)tham One-Name Study A tree for all those Gothams for whom there is no obvious or probable link with the Goathams on my main family tree.

In England

The Goathams on my main family tree are broadly speaking the Kentish ones. In England, there seem to be 3 other main groupings with living or recent Gothams: the largest from Devon, one from Shropshire and a small one from Lancashire. In time DNA may show a link to one or more of these groups, but even if it does I doubt it will be possible to show how they relate, so I don't expect to combine the trees.

There are inevitably 'strays' in London and some who emigrated. It is possible that some people who start on this tree may be moved to 'my tree'; this will happen if a link to the Kentish Goathams comes to light.


So far this tree only includes Go(a)thams in other countries with a clear link to English ones. In time more will be added. Nearly all of these are from the USA, many, perhaps most, descending from one John who appears to have emigrated from England in the C18th. The big question is: should these be added to this tree or do they belong to with the Kentish Goathams? At the moment I consider the jury is out, and it may well not be easy to determine, so I am planning adding them in a way which will make it easy to correct should I add them to one tree then need to move them to the other!

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Individuals  5,367 
Families  1,672 
Sources  18 
Owner  Teresa Goatham 
Address  24 Lodbourne Terrace 
City  Gillingham 
State/Province  Dorset 
Zip/Postal Code  SP8 4DQ 
Country  England 
Phone  01747 823797 

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