I'd never got around to looking for post 1858 wills until recently. Unfortunately I seem to have decided to do so just after a price increase. But that didn't seem a good reason to put off getting them so I bought 7, 6 being the wills of Devon (South Hams) direct ancestors (3) or close relations (3), the seventh being the will of John Swan, a 2 x great grandfather of mine on my Dad's side. So far I have only transcribed and added the will of a 4 x gt grandfather Robert Kellond. Like too many wills it's frustrating - why did he omit one of his daughters? If only there were a comment - "I no longer consider Hannah my daughter", "It saddens me to omit Hannah but I know her husband would spend it on drink which would do her no good", "I'm not forgetting my much loved daughter Hannah but she had plenty and wouldn't notice the little I could leave her", or whatever. As it is I can guess at these very different possible scenarios.

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