Huguenot ancestors

A contact a week or so before my holiday in Kent led me to realise I had neglected getting up-to-date with the research of the ancestry of my 2 x gt grandmother from the Elham Valley, Ann Fuller. Using KFHS CDs, census entries and the new Family Search website (aka IGI) I was able to extend her tree quite quickly - though in most cases the original PR entries (or images of them) have still to be checked. Most interesting in this line was to discover I am descended from a Huguenot family in Canterbury. Given the closeness of Bridge, where I knew the family were, to Canterbury, and the number of Huguenots / Walloons who settled in the city it's not really surprising, though I hand't really thought about the possibility. From the work of other researchers I can see that the Charrosin family came from Puy Sec, about 30 miles from La Rochelle, in France. But a couple of generations at least married into other Huguenot or Walloon families in England, and I have yet to learn anything about those families (other surnames being Beann, Desfavaques and Halloue).

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