The will of George Wildbore (est. 1534 – 1606/07)

George Wildbore I believe to be one of my 11 x great grandfathers (one of 4096!)

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Quite a short and unsentimental will. There are no bequests to several of his children / probable children, but with most of those named being married those omitted have probably died rather than being omitted because they had received their share at marriage.

It is frustrating that he does not give any indication of how he was related to Joan Solly; I have linked her as a sister but am far from certain – on a pre-computer tree she would be linked with a dotted line. She could well be a niece, and I think it likely had been part of George’s household. See her page for more details of my thinking on this.

In the name of god amen the 23 day of februarye in the yeare of our lord god
1606 I Gorge Willdbor of the p[ar]ishe of mynster in the ehyll of theanete in the county
of kente husbanman beinge sicke in body but of good & p[er]fite Reme[m]brance I p[ra]yes
god do ordayne & make this my laste will & testament in maner & forme folowing
fyrste I give & bequeve my soull into the handes of almyty god my Creator & Redemer
& my body to be buryed in the Churche yard of the p[ar]ishe of mynster
Item I give & bequeve unto the pore of the p[ar]ishe of mynster iii s iiii d to begeven their
wth in vi monthes after my desese by my executors at ther discrescion
Item I give & bequeve unto Joone Solly the wife of Thomas Solly iii s iiii d to begiven
here with in vi monthes after my desese by my executors
I give & bequeve unto Jeorome Willdbore my sonne xxs to be given him by myn executors
wthin xii monthes after my desese
I give & bequave unto Ane Willdbore my dawghter xs to be payd her by my executors
wth in twoo yerres after my desese
Item I give unto Dennys Derricke my dawghter xs to be payd her wthin on year after
my desese by my executors
The Reste of all my goodes yeat unbequeved my detes beinge payd & my funurell
discharged I give unto alles my wife & Edward willdbor my son[n]e whom I do ordayen
& macke my howll executors of this my laste will & testament
& I do ordaine & make John fuller my overseere of this my laste will &
Witnes to this my testament
John fuller his macke
John brante

By me Gorge willdbar my marcke

Probate Statement

To be transcribed
Shows that probate was granted to Edward Wyldbore, one of the executors named in the will, on the 7 March 1606.

Fortunately a probate inventory also survives; this does not help at all with the genealogy but gives more of an insight into George’s life.

Transcription of the original will (KHLC ref. PRC/16/129 W/4) by me, Teresa Goatham.

(I have no copyright in this will, but if you use my transcript I would appreciate acknowledgement and a link to George’s page or some other relevant page on this website. This does not extend to my comments / footnotes, I do have copyright and you need my permission to reproduce.)

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