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Sittingbourne, Kent, England


Town / City : Latitude: 51.3407304, Longitude: 0.7315563


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Amy Bertha  13 Jul 1900Sittingbourne, Kent, England I5000
2 ADAMS, Charles  Abt 1873Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4901
3 APPLETON, Edward Charles  6 Dec 1887Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2392
4 BATE, Frances Ann  1822Sittingbourne, Kent, England I7991
5 BEACON, Annie  Abt 1910Sittingbourne, Kent, England I16818
6 BOAKES, Charles Frederick  Abt 1902Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10396
7 BOAKES, Harold  Abt 1910Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10398
8 BOAKES, Hilda May  Abt 1906Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10397
9 BOX, Alfred  Abt 1891Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10392
10 BOX, Frederick  Abt 1899Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10393
11 BROADBRIDGE, Agnes  Dec Q 1868Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3143
12 BROADBRIDGE, Eleanor  Sep Q 1846Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3140
13 BROADBRIDGE, Eliza Ann  Dec Q 1848Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3141
14 BROADBRIDGE, Emma  4 Oct 1855Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3138
15 BROADBRIDGE, George E.  Abt 1817Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3137
16 BROADBRIDGE, Rosa  Mar Q 1858Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3142
17 BROADBRIDGE, Susanna  Sep Q 1844Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3139
18 BUSBRIDGE, Henry John  Mar Q 1855Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22811
19 BUTLER, Janette Cordelia  Dec Q 1859Sittingbourne, Kent, England I19773
20 CARTER, Annie Doris (“Doris”)  4 Nov 1906Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3870
21 CARTER, Roy Henry  22 Apr 1909Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3871
22 CHERRISON, Edward  Mar Q 1862Sittingbourne, Kent, England I25601
23 CHERRISON, Elizabeth Sarah  Dec Q 1856Sittingbourne, Kent, England I32544
24 CHERRISON, George Edward  Dec Q 1881Sittingbourne, Kent, England I32697
25 CHERRISON, Robert  Sep Q 1864Sittingbourne, Kent, England I32547
26 CHERRISON, William Henry  Dec Q 1854Sittingbourne, Kent, England I32543
27 COOK, Alfred  Sep Q 1858Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22875
28 COOK, Charles Henry  Jun Q 1855Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22874
29 COOK, Charlotte Cecelia  Dec Q 1876Sittingbourne, Kent, England I9183
30 COOK, Ellen  Jun Q 1853Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22879
31 COOK, George  Abt Aug 1850Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22873
32 COOPER, William Henry Thomas  Sep Q 1874Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3786
33 DARLINGTON, Gladys Oakley  Mar Q 1902Sittingbourne, Kent, England I28521
34 DARLINGTON, Graham Oscar  Jun Q 1906Sittingbourne, Kent, England I28522
35 DEAN, Charles Goatham [G-K]  Jun Q 1858Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2147
36 DEAN, Fanny  17 Dec 1854Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1644
37 DEAN, John  31 Jul 1831Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2888
38 DEAN, Mary Ann  31 Jul 1852Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2148
39 DEAN, Richard  4 Feb 1825Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1643
40 DENTON, James Alfred Spencer  Dec Q 1886Sittingbourne, Kent, England I27836
41 EXELL, Catherine  Abt 1838Sittingbourne, Kent, England I34941
42 FARQUHAR, Albert Ernest  24 Aug 1898Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4897
43 FARRINGTON, Matilda Harriett  Dec Q 1850Sittingbourne, Kent, England I23686
44 FEVER, Thomas William  Sep Q 1879Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22815
45 FEVER, William Thomas  Mar Q 1878Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22814
46 FISHER, Elizabeth Ann  Sep Q 1847Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2246
47 FISHER, Thomas  Abt 1810Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2251
48 FISHER, Thomas William  Sep Q 1844Sittingbourne, Kent, England I19771
49 FLETCHER, Edward  Dec Q 1872Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22243
50 FLETCHER, Eliza Ann  Sep Q 1861Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22241
51 FLETCHER, Emily Fanny  Jun Q 1870Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22253
52 FLETCHER, Harriet Amy Gunn  Mar Q 1866Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22252
53 FLETCHER, Oliver  Abt 1837Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22240
54 FRY, Harriet  Abt 1832Sittingbourne, Kent, England I5344
55 FRY, Susannah  Abt 1838Sittingbourne, Kent, England I5348
56 GOATHAM, Alfred George  1 Jul 1899Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1881
57 GOATHAM, Annie Maria  16 Jul 1888Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1878
58 GOATHAM, Beatrice Ruth  31 Dec 1889Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1886
59 GOATHAM, Benjamin Richard (“Ben”)  11 Jan 1887Sittingbourne, Kent, England I532
60 GOATHAM, Bertram John  28 Sep 1903Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3850

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 BARLING, John  26 Jul 1700Sittingbourne, Kent, England I21004
2 FARRINGTON, Matilda Harriett  17 Dec 1854Sittingbourne, Kent, England I23686
3 GOATHAM, Annie  18 May 1873Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1434
4 GOATHAM, Frederick Charles William  20 Dec 1910Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1666
5 GOATHAM, William  24 Aug 1871Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22467
6 SNELLING, Edith  13 Sep 1871Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1997
7 SNELLING, Ellen Louisa  1 Mar 1874Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROADBRIDGE, Walter  19 Oct 1859Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22964
2 BROADBRIDGE, William  18 Aug 1855Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22966
3 BUTLER, Kenneth Raynard  16 Feb 2011Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22971
4 COLEMAN, Norman Percival  27 Jan 1970Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4534
5 FAGG, Hazel Mary  7 Nov 2007Sittingbourne, Kent, England I28805
6 FOORD, Patricia June Morron  25 Aug 2014Sittingbourne, Kent, England I28804
7 HUNT, Harry  Sep Q 1855Sittingbourne, Kent, England I26102
8 HUNT, Jane Ann  Jun Q 1857Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2313
9 SNELLING, Ada Lilian  Jun Q 1954Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 WOOD, Christopher Goatham [G-K]  1921Sittingbourne, Kent, England I24907

Crime - Victim

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crime - Victim    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Emma  30 Nov 1867Sittingbourne, Kent, England I487


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, George  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1648
2 GOATHAM, Vera Mildred  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4529
3 THOMAS, Harry  1891Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3149
4 THOMAS, William  1891Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3150


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 EASON, Harriett Pemily  1877Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 HARPER, Caroline Elizabeth Hull  Abt 1895Sittingbourne, Kent, England I2235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BEACON, Abraham John  1901Sittingbourne, Kent, England I13307
2 BECON, Thomas  1751Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3450
3 BOX, Frederick Charles  1881Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10391
4 BOX, Frederick Charles  1891Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10391
5 COLEMAN, Frank  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4527
6 COLEMAN, Norman Percival  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4534
7 GOATHAM, Edward  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1432
8 GOATHAM, Edward Arthur  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1888
9 GOATHAM, Edwin  5 Aug 1901Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1463
10 GOATHAM, Edwin (“Edward”)  1871Sittingbourne, Kent, England I486
11 GOATHAM, Frederick William  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3819
12 GOATHAM, George  From 1851 to 1871Sittingbourne, Kent, England I455
13 GOATHAM, James William  1939Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3835
14 GOATHAM, Walter  Between 1891 and 1894Sittingbourne, Kent, England I493
15 GOATHAM, Walter  1901Sittingbourne, Kent, England I493
16 GOATHAM, Walter  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I493
17 HADLOW, Sarah Edith  Between 1921 and 1927Sittingbourne, Kent, England I519
18 JORDAN, Lawrence  1915Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3545
19 KING, Emily Rosamond  1871Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4899
20 SIMONS, Willis  From 1871 to 1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I22592
21 STEVENS, Henry Mildmay  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3546
22 THOMAS, Alfred  1901Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10388
23 THOMAS, Alfred  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I10388
24 THOMAS, Harry  1901Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3149
25 THOMAS, William  1901Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3150
26 THOMAS, William  1911Sittingbourne, Kent, England I3150
27 WHITEHEAD, Herbert William  1861Sittingbourne, Kent, England I4774
28 WHITEHEAD, Lily Daisy  1906Sittingbourne, Kent, England I35043
29 WHITEHEAD, Robert Frederick  From 1914 to 1964Sittingbourne, Kent, England I34016
30 WINCH, John  1780Sittingbourne, Kent, England I1613

Petty sessions

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petty sessions    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Emma  15 Feb 1869Sittingbourne, Kent, England I487


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Colin  to May 2019Sittingbourne, Kent, England I6326
2 GOATHAM, George Stephen  From 1957 to 1963Sittingbourne, Kent, England I531
3 GOATHAM, Peter Brian  2020Sittingbourne, Kent, England I6257


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FARRIS / WHITEHEAD  1887Sittingbourne, Kent, England F10788
2 PYSING / CARPENTER  23 Oct 1859Sittingbourne, Kent, England F8910
3 SELLEN / HUNT  Jun Q 1887Sittingbourne, Kent, England F480
4 WOOD / CORNWELL  15 Oct 1892Sittingbourne, Kent, England F2882