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Borden, Kent, England


Small location : Latitude: 51.334312, Longitude: 0.7004269999999906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOAKES, Charles Frederick  Abt 1873Borden, Kent, England I10394
2 BOAKES, Marjorie  Abt 1901Borden, Kent, England I10395
3 CLINCH, Mary  Abt 1821Borden, Kent, England I21935
4 COOPER, James  Sep Q 1839Borden, Kent, England I3784
5 COVENEY, John William  9 Sep 1912Borden, Kent, England I33854
6 DUTNALL, Harriet  Jun Q 1854Borden, Kent, England I22862
7 DUTNALL, Henry William  Mar Q 1849Borden, Kent, England I25011
8 EPPS, Carrie  25 Apr 1862Borden, Kent, England I28718
9 FENTIMAN, William Arthur  Sep Q 1859Borden, Kent, England I24281
10 GILES, Elizabeth Greensted  Abt 1839Borden, Kent, England I22185
11 GILLINGHAM, James  Jun Q 1870Borden, Kent, England I680
12 GOODHEW, Thomas  Jun Q 1843Borden, Kent, England I21932
13 GOODHEW, William  Abt 1782Borden, Kent, England I21936
14 GOUGE, Elizabeth  Abt 1808Borden, Kent, England I4540
15 GRENSTED, Jane  Abt 1848Borden, Kent, England I21978
16 HADLOW, Charles  Sep Q 1869Borden, Kent, England I24134
17 HADLOW, Edward John  Dec Q 1872Borden, Kent, England I24135
18 HADLOW, Mary Ann  Abt 1843Borden, Kent, England I24131
19 HADLOW, Sarah Edith  23 Jun 1866Borden, Kent, England I519
20 HUNT, Albert  28 Dec 1846Borden, Kent, England I1953
21 HUNT, Charles  Abt 1838Borden, Kent, England I627
22 HUNT, Edward  26 Jun 1850Borden, Kent, England I2314
23 HUNT, Edwin  14 Jul 1845Borden, Kent, England I4163
24 HUNT, Frances  Borden, Kent, England I4161
25 HUNT, Frank  29 Sep 1876Borden, Kent, England I5598
26 HUNT, George  Abt 1898Borden, Kent, England I3503
27 HUNT, Herbert  Abt 1894Borden, Kent, England I3501
28 HUNT, Ivy Amy Katherine  1902Borden, Kent, England I5591
29 HUNT, Jane  7 Sep 1837Borden, Kent, England I4162
30 HUNT, Jane Ann  28 Sep 1848Borden, Kent, England I2313
31 HUNT, Jessica Ethel  1904Borden, Kent, England I5592
32 HUNT, John  17 Dec 1838Borden, Kent, England I2311
33 HUNT, Laurence  Abt 1896Borden, Kent, England I3502
34 HUNT, Maria  Sep Q 1843Borden, Kent, England I1952
35 HUNT, Richard  Abt 1835Borden, Kent, England I2309
36 HUNT, Rowland  1900Borden, Kent, England I3504
37 HUNT, Sarah Ann  17 Dec 1840Borden, Kent, England I2312
38 HUNT, Springfield  26 Jun 1850Borden, Kent, England I1954
39 HUNT, William  17 Dec 1838Borden, Kent, England I2310
40 INGRAM, Elizabeth Frances  Sep Q 1857Borden, Kent, England I6055
41 JORDAN, Albert Edward  Sep Q 1885Borden, Kent, England I22888
42 JORDAN, Alfred John  Sep Q 1881Borden, Kent, England I22886
43 JORDAN, Arthur William  Dec Q 1889Borden, Kent, England I22891
44 JORDAN, Edith  Jun Q 1892Borden, Kent, England I22892
45 JORDAN, Ellen (“Nellis”) Elizabeth  Sep Q 1887Borden, Kent, England I22890
46 JORDAN, Lawrence  20 Feb 1896Borden, Kent, England I3545
47 JORDAN, Lily  Jun Q 1880Borden, Kent, England I22885
48 JORDAN, Louisa (“Ada”)  Jun Q 1883Borden, Kent, England I22887
49 JORDAN, Maurice Leonard  Mar Q 1895Borden, Kent, England I22893
50 KEMP, Harry Frank  Mar Q 1872Borden, Kent, England I24044
51 LAW, Ethelbert James  Dec Q 1884Borden, Kent, England I5603
52 LETTIS, Ambrose  Borden, Kent, England I621
53 MILLINGTON, Frank Ernest  Sep Q 1876Borden, Kent, England I28490
54 MILLINGTON, Herbert James  Sep Q 1874Borden, Kent, England I28489
55 MILLINGTON, Minnie Caroline  2 Dec 1878Borden, Kent, England I28491
56 SAYWELL, Caroline  Dec Q 1870Borden, Kent, England I29475
57 SAYWELL, Minnie  Jun Q 1869Borden, Kent, England I29474
58 STEVENS, Mary Ann  Abt 1841Borden, Kent, England I21940
59 TASSELL, Amy  Mar Q 1862Borden, Kent, England I3500
60 WALTER, Mary Ann  Abt 1856Borden, Kent, England I32672

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 FENTIMAN, William Arthur  16 Aug 1859Borden, Kent, England I24281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HODGES, Joseph Gilbert  4 Dec 1875Borden, Kent, England I21960
2 HODGES, William  19 Sep 1880Borden, Kent, England I21962
3 HUNT, Edwin  Jun Q 1849Borden, Kent, England I4163
4 HUNT, Jane  27 Sep 1837Borden, Kent, England I4162


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BOTTLE, Mary Ann  1852Borden, Kent, England I24133
2 GOODHEW, Edwin  1891Borden, Kent, England I2255
3 GRIGSBY, James  1851Borden, Kent, England I6527
4 HARRIS, George  1846Borden, Kent, England I7955
5 HODGES, Caroline  1871Borden, Kent, England I21961
6 HUNT, Mary Ann  1901Borden, Kent, England I1785
7 PEARSON, Stanley  1918Borden, Kent, England I6151
8 WHITEHEAD, Frank  1853Borden, Kent, England I4773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HUNT, Charles  From 1881 to 1891Borden, Kent, England I579
2 MILLEN, Elizabeth  Jan 1851Borden, Kent, England I29889