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Stokenham, Devon, England



Stokenham is a large parish with a number of settlements besides the main village.

The extracts from the logbook of Stokenham National School (transcribed by Jane Hill) for 1862-1874 (available as a PDF from the GENUKI site) give an insight into what life was like in Stokenham and the surrounding hamlets in the middle of the C19th, not just for the children, with the weather, illnesses, picnics and ship wrecks mentioned.

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I have also added some notes / links / photos to the page for Stokenham Parish Church.

*Stokenham on GENUKI

Small location : Latitude: 50.273773, Longitude: -3.676095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlott  Abt 1811Stokenham, Devon, England I5296
2 BASTARD, Agnes  1748Stokenham, Devon, England I876
3 BASTARD, Anne  Abt 1739Stokenham, Devon, England I872
4 BASTARD, Elizabeth  1742Stokenham, Devon, England I873
5 BASTARD, Elizabeth  1743Stokenham, Devon, England I874
6 BASTARD, Joanna  1756Stokenham, Devon, England I879
7 BASTARD, John  Abt 1683Stokenham, Devon, England I14315
8 BASTARD, John  1753Stokenham, Devon, England I878
9 BASTARD, Joseph  Abt 1641Stokenham, Devon, England I14331
10 BASTARD, Joseph  1757Stokenham, Devon, England I880
11 BASTARD, Mary  1746Stokenham, Devon, England I875
12 BASTARD, Susanna  1759Stokenham, Devon, England I881
13 BASTARD, Susanna  1760Stokenham, Devon, England I80
14 BASTARD, William  Abt 1715Stokenham, Devon, England I81
15 BASTARD, William  1751Stokenham, Devon, England I877
16 BLANK, Nicholas  Abt 1587Stokenham, Devon, England I15909
17 BLANK, Nicholas  Abt 1663Stokenham, Devon, England I66
18 BLANK, Robert  Abt 1632Stokenham, Devon, England I15893
19 CHAMPERNOUN, Michael  Abt 1633Stokenham, Devon, England I17004
20 COLE, Ann Gillard  Mar Q 1847Stokenham, Devon, England I18028
21 COOKER, Agnes  Abt 1685Stokenham, Devon, England I14302
22 COOKER, Ambrose  29 Oct 1654Stokenham, Devon, England I14328
23 COOKER, Michael  Abt 1613Stokenham, Devon, England I15971
24 COVE, Eva  Abt 1849Stokenham, Devon, England I16442
25 COVE, Maria S.  Abt 1840Stokenham, Devon, England I16438
26 COVE, Mary Jane  Abt 1842Stokenham, Devon, England I16439
27 COVE, Sarah E.  Abt 1844Stokenham, Devon, England I16440
28 COVE, William E.  Abt 1846Stokenham, Devon, England I16441
29 DIAMOND, William  Abt 1828Stokenham, Devon, England I16408
30 DISTIN, John  Abt 1810Stokenham, Devon, England I10077
31 EDMONDS, Frederick James  Abt 1881Stokenham, Devon, England I5248
32 EDMONDS, James  Abt 1855Stokenham, Devon, England I5245
33 EWEN, Willmot  Abt 1663Stokenham, Devon, England I67
34 GARLAND, Mary  Abt 1690Stokenham, Devon, England I30
35 GILLARD, Susanna  Abt 1785Stokenham, Devon, England I9778
36 HEXT, Elizabeth  Abt 1720Stokenham, Devon, England I82
37 HEXT, John  Abt 1590Stokenham, Devon, England I15947
38 HEXT, John  19 Oct 1653Stokenham, Devon, England I14324
39 HEXT, John  Abt 1684Stokenham, Devon, England I14301
40 HEXT, Thomas  Abt 1626Stokenham, Devon, England I15945
41 HOBBS, Sarah  Abt 1789Stokenham, Devon, England I10103
42 HOLLOCK, Joan  Abt 1690Stokenham, Devon, England I5807
43 HOLLOCK, Nicholas  Abt 1658Stokenham, Devon, England I14322
44 HOLLOCK, Timothy  21 Dec 1656Stokenham, Devon, England I15982
45 ISSELL, Betsy  1813Stokenham, Devon, England I696
46 ISSELL, Betty  1765Stokenham, Devon, England I709
47 ISSELL, Caroline  1828Stokenham, Devon, England I699
48 ISSELL, Cresswell Robert  1861Stokenham, Devon, England I689
49 ISSELL, Eliza  Abt 1828Stokenham, Devon, England I2624
50 ISSELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1758Stokenham, Devon, England I2634
51 ISSELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1781Stokenham, Devon, England I751
52 ISSELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1823Stokenham, Devon, England I2635
53 ISSELL, Florence  11 Sep 1854Stokenham, Devon, England I9
54 ISSELL, George Mitchelmore  1837Stokenham, Devon, England I727
55 ISSELL, Hugh  Abt 1719Stokenham, Devon, England I83
56 ISSELL, Jabez  14 Jul 1830Stokenham, Devon, England I725
57 ISSELL, Joanna  Abt 1768Stokenham, Devon, England I721
58 ISSELL, Joanna  Abt 1775Stokenham, Devon, England I3735
59 ISSELL, John  Abt 1688Stokenham, Devon, England I87
60 ISSELL, John  1753Stokenham, Devon, England I79

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 ISSELL, Elizabeth  31 Aug 1851Stokenham, Devon, England I728
2 ISSELL, Jabez  25 Jul 1830Stokenham, Devon, England I725
3 PEPPERELL, Caroline  Abt 1847Stokenham, Devon, England I16385
4 PEPPERELL, Robert  6 Mar 1782Stokenham, Devon, England I16342


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna  Jul 1635Stokenham, Devon, England I15912
2 Jane ("Jenny")  Oct 1785Stokenham, Devon, England I78
3 Joane  Nov 1653Stokenham, Devon, England I15948
4 BASTARD, Joseph  Oct 1670Stokenham, Devon, England I15995
5 BASTARD, Joseph  Dec 1715Stokenham, Devon, England I14331
6 BASTARD, Susanna  18 May 1830Stokenham, Devon, England I80
7 BEYNON, Benjamin Griffiths  Stokenham, Devon, England I7635
8 BEYNON, Mary Dyer  1797Stokenham, Devon, England I7640
9 BLANK, Nicholas  Abt Nov 1661Stokenham, Devon, England I15909
10 CADMER, Elizabeth  1783Stokenham, Devon, England I8396
11 COOKER, Agnes  Feb 1730/31Stokenham, Devon, England I14302
12 COOKER, Ambrose  Feb 1728/29Stokenham, Devon, England I14328
13 COOKER, Michael  Stokenham, Devon, England I15971
14 DARE, Mary  30 Nov 1815Stokenham, Devon, England I8411
15 HEXT, John  Abt Mar 1662Stokenham, Devon, England I15947
16 HEXT, John  Apr 1712Stokenham, Devon, England I14324
17 HEXT, John  Jan 1770Stokenham, Devon, England I14301
18 HEXT, Thomas  Abt Nov 1675Stokenham, Devon, England I15945
19 HOLLOCK, Michael  Dec 1693Stokenham, Devon, England I15946
20 HOLLOCK, Nicholas  Jan 1717/18Stokenham, Devon, England I14322
21 HUMBERSTONE, Sarah  1833Stokenham, Devon, England I5725
22 ISSELL, Hugh  Dec 1793Stokenham, Devon, England I83
23 ISSELL, Jabez  26 Jul 1830Stokenham, Devon, England I725
24 ISSELL, John  Aug 1638Stokenham, Devon, England I15713
25 ISSELL, John  Dec 1693Stokenham, Devon, England I15707
26 ISSELL, John  20 Mar 1829Stokenham, Devon, England I79
27 ISSELL, John  29 May 1865Stokenham, Devon, England I73
28 ISSELL, Thomas  Apr 1713Stokenham, Devon, England I15710
29 ISSELL, Thomas  22 Dec 1878Stokenham, Devon, England I72
30 ISSELL, Thomas Efford  24 Mar 1836Stokenham, Devon, England I724
31 KELLOND, Samuel  14 May 1845Stokenham, Devon, England I8412
32 KELLOND, Tryphena  22 Feb 1909Stokenham, Devon, England I10
33 KING, Susanna  May 1798Stokenham, Devon, England I84
34 NICHOALS, Sarah Edwards  19 Jun 1871Stokenham, Devon, England I11
35 PHILIPS, Jonas  Feb 1706/07Stokenham, Devon, England I14327
36 PHILIPS, Sarah  Sep 1760Stokenham, Devon, England I88
37 PIKE, William  Abt 1768Stokenham, Devon, England I77
38 PINN, Elizabeth  14 Jul 1847Stokenham, Devon, England I8415
39 POPE, Joane  Oct 1678Stokenham, Devon, England I15996
40 PRITIJOHN, Margret  Feb 1695/96Stokenham, Devon, England I15983
41 PUTT, Margery  Abt Mar 1704Stokenham, Devon, England I16000
42 ROBERTS, Mary  Stokenham, Devon, England I14316
43 WAKEHAM, Honour  Abt Apr 1713Stokenham, Devon, England I14323
44 WINTER, Peter  Nov 1642Stokenham, Devon, England I15901
45 WINTER, Peter  Jan 1664/65Stokenham, Devon, England I15728


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprentice    Person ID 
1 ISSELL, John  1828Stokenham, Devon, England I73


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 COVE, Maria S.  1851Stokenham, Devon, England I16438
2 COVE, Mary Jane  1851Stokenham, Devon, England I16439
3 COVE, Sarah E.  1851Stokenham, Devon, England I16440
4 ISSELL, Thomas  Bef 1840Stokenham, Devon, England I2662
5 MCCLEMENTS, Elsie  1881Stokenham, Devon, England I11942
6 PEDRICK, Leah  1871Stokenham, Devon, England I11939
7 PEDRICK, Mary Jane  1871Stokenham, Devon, England I11937
8 PEDRICK, Nathaniel  From 1871 to 1881Stokenham, Devon, England I11940
9 PEDRICK, William  1871Stokenham, Devon, England I11938


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeholder    Person ID 
1 SHATH, Samuel  1783Stokenham, Devon, England I14506


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 ISSELL, Thomas  27 Sep 1873Stokenham, Devon, England I72
2 KELLOND, Tryphena  Stokenham, Devon, England I10


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 CHAMPERNOUN, Francis  1632Stokenham, Devon, England I17009
2 GLUBB, The Rev. Peter [Father uncertain]  2 Feb 1664/65Stokenham, Devon, England I17938
3 ISSELL, Cresswell Robert  1884Stokenham, Devon, England I689
4 ISSELL, Florence  1871Stokenham, Devon, England I9
5 ISSELL, John  Stokenham, Devon, England I73
6 ISSELL, John Pike  1841Stokenham, Devon, England I1283
7 ISSELL, Thomas  1861Stokenham, Devon, England I732
8 ISSELL, William Pike  1841Stokenham, Devon, England I697
9 JEFFERY, John  1861Stokenham, Devon, England I5295
10 JEFFERY, John  1861Stokenham, Devon, England I5242
11 JEFFERY, Richard Arthur  1901Stokenham, Devon, England I5241
12 JEFFERY, William Henry  From 1901 to 1911Stokenham, Devon, England I5237
13 KELLOND, Samuel  to 1789Stokenham, Devon, England I8402
14 KELLOND, Tryphena  1850Stokenham, Devon, England I10
15 KELLOND, Tryphena  1881Stokenham, Devon, England I10
16 MAY, George  From 1814 to 1816Stokenham, Devon, England I5718
17 PEDRICK, James  1841Stokenham, Devon, England I9781
18 PEPPERELL, Robert  1777Stokenham, Devon, England I16253
19 PEPPERELL, Samuel  From 1817 to 1850Stokenham, Devon, England I16292
20 SUMPTER, William  Stokenham, Devon, England I816
21 WINTER, William  1743Stokenham, Devon, England I717

Poor Law

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Poor Law    Person ID 
1 ISSELL, Richard  1824Stokenham, Devon, England I5444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ISSELL, Thomas  From 1851 to 1891Stokenham, Devon, England I72
2 PROUT, Christopher  1833Stokenham, Devon, England I10053