Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England



Town / City : Latitude: 51.4401925, Longitude: 0.7640643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ACRES, Ellen Mary  20 Feb 1896Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I19797 Teresa's tree 
2 APPLETON, Edward Charles  Mar Q 1872Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I24352 Teresa's tree 
3 APPLETON, Sarah Ann  Dec Q 1868Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I24351 Teresa's tree 
4 BARBER, Ada  5 Jul 1885Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I23201 Teresa's tree 
5 BARNABY, Annie  Jun Q 1859Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I1444 Teresa's tree 
6 BARNABY, Elizabeth  Sep Q 1869Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I26018 Teresa's tree 
7 BARNABY, Mary Ann  Sep Q 1864Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I3158 Teresa's tree 
8 BARNABY, Robert John  Mar Q 1861Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I1696 Teresa's tree 
9 BARNABY, Sarah Ann  Jun Q 1862Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I26017 Teresa's tree 
10 BOORMAN, Blanche Emily  Dec Q 1906Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I3305 Teresa's tree 
11 BOORMAN, Violet Lilian ("Vi")  1916Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I3308 Teresa's tree 
12 BOORMAN, Winifred Lilian  Mar Q 1909Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I3306 Teresa's tree 
13 BRISLEY, Stephen  Abt 1817Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I9169 Teresa's tree 
14 BURRUS, George  Abt 1819Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I19813 Teresa's tree 
15 BURRUS, Mary Ann  11 Dec 1816Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I1446 Teresa's tree 
16 BURRUS, Thomas  Abt 1823Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I4906 Teresa's tree 
17 CHANDLER, Elizabeth Jane  25 Dec 1884Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I493 Gothams 
18 EVANS, Mary Hodge  Mar Q 1842Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I9697 Teresa's tree 
19 FOWELL, Beatrice (“Beatty”)  Sep Q 1890Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I19741 Teresa's tree 
20 GOATHAM, Mary Ann  30 Jan 1840Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I682 Teresa's tree 
21 GORING, Lilian  14 Jan 1881Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I22308 Teresa's tree 
22 HOWARD, William John James  Jun Q 1849Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I23064 Teresa's tree 
23 HOWARD, William John James  28 Dec 1900Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I2155 Teresa's tree 
24 HUNT, Henry  Abt 1815Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I2357 Teresa's tree 
25 HUNT, Henry  Abt 1834Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I2359 Teresa's tree 
26 JARRETT, George Eric  Jun Q 1908Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I4925 Teresa's tree 
27 JENNER, Alice Maude  Mar Q 1865Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I23066 Teresa's tree 
28 KEANE, Charles  Dec Q 1872Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I22825 Teresa's tree 
29 NORRIS, Jane  Abt 1810Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I19821 Teresa's tree 
30 PAVETT, George  Abt 1811Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I19820 Teresa's tree 
31 PAVETT, Samuel  Abt 1820Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I19818 Teresa's tree 
32 ROBERTS, Alfred  Abt 1866Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I22568 Teresa's tree 
33 ROSS, Hugh  12 Jul 1910Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I6173 Teresa's tree 
34 ROSS, Mabel Lily  6 Jul 1906Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I23202 Teresa's tree 
35 TRANT, Elizabeth Ann  Dec Q 1840Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I17965 Teresa's tree 
36 TRANT, John Thomas  Abt 1837Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I12699 Teresa's tree 
37 TUCKER, Lilian Mary  Abt 1886Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I3304 Teresa's tree 
38 WHITEHEAD, Grace  5 Mar 1838Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I4776 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Accident    Person ID   Tree 
1 GILBERT, John  29 Jun 1872Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I4481 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 APPLETON, Alonzo Ceptris  1871Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I2391 Teresa's tree 
2 APPLETON, Edward Charles  1881Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I24352 Teresa's tree 
3 APPLETON, Emily Clara  1871Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I24350 Teresa's tree 
4 APPLETON, Sarah Ann  1881Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I24351 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEACON, George  From 1814 to 1818Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I7686 Teresa's tree 
2 PRITCHARD, Henry J.  1881Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I5349 Teresa's tree 
3 PRITCHARD, John  From 1871 to 1889Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I4208 Teresa's tree 
4 TODD, Edward Ernest  1911Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I17913 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  1835Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I13747 Teresa's tree 
2 DANCE, Yvonne  2013Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I9023 Teresa's tree 
3 GOATHAM, Elizabeth  1834Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent, England I1610 Teresa's tree