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Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England


Covering Gravesend and Milton next Gravesend and originally called "Gravesend & Milton", the boundaries in 1851 can be seen on this map; these remained unchanged from 1837 to the abolition of the district in 1941, when it became part of Chatham district. It was recreated in 1980 by renaming Dartford district, and abolished again in 2003 to form part of Kent district. The coverage and changes are detailed here.

Registration District : Latitude: 51.42899058314809, Longitude: 0.3632354736328125


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADDY, Albert Edward  Dec Q 1925Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I9072
2 ADDY, Gordon Stanley  5 Sep 1930Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22751
3 ADDY, Roy Charles  4 Mar 1927Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22750
4 BIGG, Jean Iris  4 Apr 1928Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I6182
5 BIGG, Norman Arthur  3 Sep 1933Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22494
6 CHARRISON, Mabel  Dec Q 1878Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I27331
7 DARLINGTON, Alma Audrey  Jun Q 1913Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I28523
8 GOATHAM, Bertram Roy  14 Jan 1930Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I4948
9 HOOKER, Harry Thomas  3 Nov 1917Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I30957
10 HUGHES, Edith Mabel Annie  4 Dec 1911Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I17672
11 HUGHES, Elsie Dorothy  24 Jun 1913Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22720
12 HUSSEY, Alfred Henry  Jun Q 1916Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22744
13 HUSSEY, Edwin Arthur  Sep Q 1913Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22742
14 HUSSEY, Harold Grainger  Dec Q 1918Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22745
15 HUSSEY, Nina Rosina Lilian  22 Jan 1920Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22746
16 LAY, Mary-Ann  Mar Q 1862Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I24141
17 PALMER, Albert Harry  27 Sep 1924Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22715
18 PALMER, James Victor  27 Sep 1924Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22714
19 PALMER, John William James  21 Nov 1920Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22712
20 PALMER, Kathleen Mary  27 Jan 1932Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I6256
21 PALMER, Thomas James  21 Jul 1922Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22713
22 PARKER, Jane Emma  30 Sep 1891Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22740
23 PLUMMER, Leslie Ivan  1 Aug 1903Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22579
24 ROGERS, Iris Harriett  Dec Q 1904Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22988
25 ROGERS, William James  Mar Q 1907Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22987
26 TOULSON, Ronald John  3 Apr 1925Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I25867
27 WATTS, Violet  Jun Q 1899Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I34533
28 WEBSTER, Ada Elizabeth  2 Jul 1901Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I25865


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AVIS, Ronald William  Oct 1986Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I23158
2 BEACON, George  Jun Q 1875Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I7686
3 BOLTON, Edward  Dec Q 1935Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I31492
4 CARTER, Gladys  14 Sep 1998Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22819
5 CHARRISON, Mabel  Dec Q 1878Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I27331
6 DENNIS, Elizabeth  Mar Q 1904Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I34532
7 DUNNING, Elizabeth Emma  Jun Q 1895Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I23899
8 FOREMAN, Harriet Ann  Jun Q 1938Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I25799
9 GOATHAM, Ronald George  8 Jan 1982Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I6255
10 GROWNS, Frances Jane  30 Dec 1987Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I6252
11 HOUGHTON, Mercy  Dec Q 1905Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I459
12 HURST, William Francis  Mar Q 1983Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I25863
13 HUSSEY, Harold Grainger  Sep Q 1919Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22745
14 LAMBKIN, Rosanna Eliza  Jun Q 1987Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I19678
15 OSBORN, Emily Mary  Mar Q 1940Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I24993
16 PLUMMER, Leslie Ivan  4 Apr 1991Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I22579
17 WEBSTER, Ada Elizabeth  Mar Q 1986Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I25865
18 WOOD, Frances Elizabeth  Dec Q 1936Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England I523


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADDY / PARKER  Jun Q 1923Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England F8952
2 BIGG / NAYLOR  Jun Q 1927Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England F8867
3 HOOKER / HUSSEY  Sep Q 1939Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England F11890
4 PARSONS / REYNOLDS  Sep Q 1935Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England F9724
5 SIMONS / RUFF  Jun Q 1858Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England F9060
6 UPSHER / HUGHES  Sep Q 1934Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England F10116