Darwen, Lancashire, England


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Town / City : Latitude: 53.70233660785366, Longitude: -2.470722198486328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AINSWORTH, Alfred Ostick  Mar Q 1862Darwen, Lancashire, England I5010 Gothams 
2 AINSWORTH, Annie  Sep Q 1865Darwen, Lancashire, England I1131 Gothams 
3 AINSWORTH, Florence  Jun Q 1875Darwen, Lancashire, England I5013 Gothams 
4 AINSWORTH, Henry  Dec Q 1877Darwen, Lancashire, England I5014 Gothams 
5 AINSWORTH, John William  Mar Q 1864Darwen, Lancashire, England I5011 Gothams 
6 AINSWORTH, Richard  Abt 1836Darwen, Lancashire, England I1132 Gothams 
7 FAWCETT, Nancy Alice  15 Nov 1878Darwen, Lancashire, England I5808 Gothams 
8 GOTHAM, Francis Ernest  16 May 1898Darwen, Lancashire, England I1129 Gothams 
9 GOTHAM, Mabel  18 Mar 1896Darwen, Lancashire, England I1128 Gothams 
10 HOLT, Elizabeth  Abt 1861Darwen, Lancashire, England I5012 Gothams 
11 MAYOH, John  Abt 1846Darwen, Lancashire, England I1228 Gothams 
12 MAYOH, William Thomas  Dec Q 1871Darwen, Lancashire, England I4366 Gothams 
13 WALMSLEY, David  Abt 1837Darwen, Lancashire, England I1127 Gothams 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 FAWCETT, Nancy Alice  From 1901 to 1939Darwen, Lancashire, England I5808 Gothams