Bradford, Yorkshire, England



Latitude: 53.793853, Longitude: -1.7524422


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEGG, Arthur  Abt 1867Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4887 Teresa's tree 
2 CLEGG, Emma  1899Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4889 Teresa's tree 
3 CLEGG, James Arthur  Dec Q 1897Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4888 Teresa's tree 
4 CLEGG, Martha Alice  1905Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4890 Teresa's tree 
5 DEVITT, Martha Ellen  9 Sep 1872Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4210 Gothams 
6 HARRISON, Thomas  Abt 1837Bradford, Yorkshire, England I1774 Teresa's tree 
7 HODGSON, Florence  Abt 1875Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4879 Teresa's tree 
8 HODGSON, John  1842Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4877 Teresa's tree 
9 HODGSON, Sarah Ellen  Abt 1868Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4878 Teresa's tree 
10 INMAN, Harriet  Abt 1858Bradford, Yorkshire, England I1776 Teresa's tree 
11 RAISTRICK, Dinah  Mar Q 1889Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4873 Teresa's tree 
12 RAISTRICK, Edith  Jun Q 1895Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4875 Teresa's tree 
13 RAISTRICK, Frederick  Dec Q 1886Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4872 Teresa's tree 
14 RAISTRICK, George  Mar Q 1893Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4874 Teresa's tree 
15 RAISTRICK, Harriet  Mar Q 1898Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4876 Teresa's tree 
16 RAISTRICK, James  Mar Q 1882Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4870 Teresa's tree 
17 RAISTRICK, Jane  Mar Q 1884Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4871 Teresa's tree 
18 RAISTRICK, William  Jun Q 1880Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4869 Teresa's tree 
19 TARRAN, Arthur  Mar Q 1896Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8340 Teresa's tree 
20 TARRAN, Fred  Mar Q 1900Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8341 Teresa's tree 
21 TARRAN, James  Dec Q 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8339 Teresa's tree 
22 TARRAN, William  Jun Q 1893Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8338 Teresa's tree 
23 THORNTON, Florence Elizabeth  Mar Q 1899Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4881 Teresa's tree 
24 YOUDS, John William  Mar Q 1883Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8113 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAWTHRA, Jonas  Sep Q 1883Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4882 Teresa's tree 
2 CLEGG, James Arthur  Sep Q 1903Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4888 Teresa's tree 
3 INMAN, Elizabeth  Abt 1900Bradford, Yorkshire, England I137 Teresa's tree 
4 INMAN, Ellen  Dec Q 1889Bradford, Yorkshire, England I1772 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEGG, Martha Alice  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4890 Teresa's tree 
2 THORNTON, Florence Elizabeth  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4881 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAWTHRA, James  1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4885 Teresa's tree 
2 CAWTHRA, Jonas  1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4882 Teresa's tree 
3 CLEGG, Arthur  1901Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4887 Teresa's tree 
4 CLEGG, Arthur  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4887 Teresa's tree 
5 CLEGG, Emma  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4889 Teresa's tree 
6 HEANEY, Alice Louisa  1892Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8337 Teresa's tree 
7 HEANEY, Alice Louisa  1901Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8337 Teresa's tree 
8 HODGSON, Florence  1891Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4879 Teresa's tree 
9 HODGSON, John  1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4877 Teresa's tree 
10 INMAN, Ellen  1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I1772 Teresa's tree 
11 INMAN, Mary Ann  1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4884 Teresa's tree 
12 INMAN, Mary Ann  1891Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4884 Teresa's tree 
13 INMAN, Mary Ann  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4884 Teresa's tree 
14 TARRAN, George  1892Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8336 Teresa's tree 
15 TARRAN, George  1901Bradford, Yorkshire, England I8336 Teresa's tree 
16 THORNTON, Harry  1901Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4880 Teresa's tree 
17 THORNTON, Harry  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4880 Teresa's tree