At Sea



At Sea
The East India Ship Ceres
near Morant Cayes, Jamaica
African Coast
On Board “Martha Ridgeway”, En Route For New Zealand
…" onclick="$(this).html($(this).attr('title'))">On board "Phantom"
En Route To Gibralter
Off Narvik, Norweigann Sea
On board “Spartan”
…" onclick="$(this).html($(this).attr('title'))">The ship "Royal Sovereign"
Off Algiers
Plymouth Sound

Primary Birth events within At Sea

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 CAWSE, Alfred I.Abt 1879At SeaYes, date unknown I5217
2 CAWSE, Maud M.Abt 1877At SeaYes, date unknown I5216
3 JORDAN, Louisa La GulahasAbt 1846At Sea5 Feb 1905 I3129
4 JURY, AnnieAbt 1846At SeaYes, date unknown I1383
5 SAYWELL, Martha23 Sep 1840On Board “Martha Ridgeway”, En Route For New Zealand, At Sea13 Jan 1841Petone, New ZealandI503

Primary Death events within At Sea

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 DOLLIMORE, Leslie Douglas1912En Route To Gibralter, At Sea14 Oct 1894Canvey Island, Essex, EnglandI4570
2 ELLIOTT, Benjamin Henry ("Henry")1 Jan 1862At SeaAbt 1839Thurlestone, Devon, EnglandI7650
3 ELSTON, Alfred Hiram8 Jun 1940Off Narvik, Norweigann Sea, At SeaJun Q 1917Bigbury, Devon, EnglandI9888
4 GOTHAM, WilliamBetween 23 Jul 1778 and 3 Sep 1778The East India Ship Ceres, At Sea1751 I8124
5 GOTHAM, William24 Jul 1778The East India Ship Ceres, At Sea  I700
6 HIGH, James4 Jun 1915At Sea3 Feb 1891Holywell, Northumberland, EnglandI4619
7 ISSELL, Thomas5 Jan 1870At Sea11 Aug 1825Stokenham, Devon, EnglandI2662
8 NICHOALS, William Henry1862African Coast, At Sea1828Slapton, Devon, EnglandI2006
9 PADDON, RobertAbt 13 Dec 1849Plymouth Sound, At Sea  I5467
10 SPURRELL, Benjamin William1877On board “Spartan”, At Sea4 Apr 1859Yealmpton, Devon, EnglandI11519
11 TRANT, Philip Steere23 Jul 1881…" onclick="$(this).html($(this).attr('title'))">On board "Phantom", At SeaJun Q 1856Stoke Fleming, Devon, EnglandI5682
12 VOGWELL, William1 Apr 1889near Morant Cayes, Jamaica, At SeaJun Q 1856Devonport, Devon, EnglandI13030
13 WHEELER, Douglas John ("Derek")9 Dec 1942Off Algiers, At SeaDec Q 1919Milton Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI3615

Primary Burial events within At Sea

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 GOATHAM, Walter George Henry At SeaSep Q 1889Sittingbourne, Kent, England11 Dec 1915 I533
2 MANWARING, HenryAbt 1690…" onclick="$(this).html($(this).attr('title'))">The ship "Royal Sovereign", At Sea    I944