My second particular interest, although I am much more remotely connected to the name than to the name Goatham. My closest direct ancestor born an Issell was Florence, a 2 x great grandmother. but of course I am just as likely to have genes from her as from my Goatham 2 x great grandfather.

This name has actually died out in England, though there is a healthy population in Australia and New Zealand, all descended from a second cousin of the above-mentioned Florence, Thomas Efford Issell (the link between the two can be seen on this relationship chart).

I have and am concentrating on the English family though if there is a website with a tree of Antipodean Issells I would be pleased to add a link, or I would be happy to add them to the tree here if anyone wished to send me a gedcom file. (I do know of a site or 2 with a few of them and will be adding links)

More notes to be added here soon


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