Below is a map showing the possible origins of the name (discussed here) as well as places in which Issells, Eastleys etc. lived or (occasionally – probably just Exeter) where CMB events occurred, over time.

The map will open up showing the places where I am aware of Issells or Eastleys in the C15th or C16th centuries. This period in particular probably misses some parishes, with not all PRs surviving from this period, although a variety of other sources have been consulted, so it is considerably more complete, at least for the C16th century, than if it relied on PRs alone.

To view other data click on the small rectangle on the left of the map title bar to open the map sidebar. I recommend clicking first to see the ‘Possible origins’. Watch the map as you do this – the place which my currently favoured theory for the origin will appear, and you can see it’s position relative to these earliest known Issells / Eastleys.

To view the other places I consider the name may possibly originate you will need to zoom out a fair bit.

If you click on the options to see where Issells / Eastleys were in other centuries please note, at present I have only added one icon per place, so for example, Dartington where there were Issells by the C16th and to the C18th will not appear if you only have the C17th or C18th places ticked.

Please click on the down arrow at the top of the sidebar to see the other notes to get the most out of using this map. You may find it easiest to view the map in a separate tab to view it best for your screen size (click on the rectangle on the right of the map title bar, shown by four white corners). 



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